Monday, 1 August 2016

Easy Baked Stuffed Mushrooms

I am trying to use up leftovers more and what I call fridge ends in a bid to a) cut food waste and b) save a little money.

Today I decided not to eat a sandwich for lunch. Yes its quicker to make, but I get a bit tired of bread with a filling. We had a few slices of pizza in the fridge and so decided to make up a salad and use that up, however a s I started to hunt for salad, I spotted the large flat mushrooms I had bought in Tesco's 4 for 60p, a bargain!! I had only intended to chop them up as a side for a meal or into a recipe. The salad tray was bare a few languishing spring onions and a tired lettuce.

 I decided instantly to make stuffed mushrooms. 

This is the simplest of recipes that makes a lunch special or a dinner party nicer as a side, even with a steak and salad, something about them just makes the meal tastier and a bit more special

Today though it was also a great chance to lessen food waste, stuffed mushrooms to buy are anything from £1.50 to £2.50 just for 2 in stores, the 60p for 4 and using up other near to or best before ingredients made these less than the cheapest bought goods and I believe nicer to eat.

Now you can add all manner of fillings. Using up fridge leftovers and rescuing a best before today wholemeal roll, half a tub of Philadelphia cream cheese, also incorporating  the mushroom stalks into the filling. A bit of old Parmesan this was becoming a rather promising lunch for pence! A few chopped chives from my garden to use in the filling and to garnish. Pizza was definitely not on the menu any longer.

To start I lined a tray with foil and sprayed  with Fillipo Berio Oil, its low calorie and stops the mushrooms sticking. Slimming World folk this will knock your socks off as you can easily make this Slimming World Stuffed Mushrooms a free meal just by using light Philly and the HEX A and B for your cheese and wholemeal bread.  Its great as a starter or as a side so try it a home or for a Slimming World evening meal.

I hope you make this recipe, what is good is you can throw in leftover ham, sausage pieces, an egg, onion, anything and so its money saving and not wasting food. Not so frugal is maybe using a sheet of foil, but I  wanted a special lunch, so I did not want to be washing trays.

4 Large Flat Mushrooms (stalks removed and chopped for filling.)
2 spring onions finely sliced.
 1 clove of garlic chopped finely.
Half a tub of Philadelphia Cream Cheese.
Parmesan a small chunk
Half a wholemeal roll.
Chives for flavour and garnish. (optional)

Lightly fry the mushroom stalks, spring onion and garlic until soft. Lower heat and add in the Philadelphia, stir until melted, removing from the heat if drying out.

 Dollop a portion in each mushroom.

Mix  the grated Parmesan and the wholemeal breadcrumbs together and cover the cheese filling.

Spray with a little oil if desired.

Bake 180 fan, 200C or gas 6 for 15 mins.

Garnish with chives and serve.