Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Easter!

I hope everybody has enjoyed the extra days off and maybe managed to get out in between the awful storms. We managed to get into the garden and tidy up the plants. My first daffodils planted in autumn are just starting to bloom.

Hoping that we have a warm spring and can all get out and about.

Thought I would add my pictures of spring and Easter, we have been enjoying far too much chocolate and cakes!

But an unusual Easter present came in the form of a spud!!

I will live you to giggle or ponder this gift!


  1. What a gorgeous picture of the lamb, the potato.......we'll say no more!!

  2. Who needs it, the anxiety of family and companions coming over for Easter, they all expect a fabulous Easter focus piece, flawless Easter blessing wicker container for every one of the visitors, an Easter egg chase for every one of the children, also the turkey supper with every one of the trimmings.