Thursday, 29 October 2015

Spicy Chicken and Rice Enchiladas.

Its been a while since I added any food posts, so it seems quite fitting that I start with a brand that happily shared my food invention last time , my delicious Chorizo and Chicken Egg Fried Rice 

Vettee have a lovely range of rice, from all over the world, from Mexico to Spain, India and many more. As the rice is already to heat and serve its very easy to use  if you are not great at cooking rice but it can also be incorporated into many recipes.

This time Veetee have challenged me to create a recipe using the ingredients which perfectly sums up a country’s cuisine and share it here. So I chose Mexico, home of the chilli con carne and fajitas. They sent the rice and a few Mexican inspired ingredients to assist me.

I could have easily made a dish and added it on top the rice, but I wanted to incorporate it into the dish. I was not quite sure it would work and my trusty husband was available to rush out and buy more ingredients if it failed, but happily it worked well.

I wanted enchiladas,  chicken, lovely kidney beans, veggies and rice all in a tortilla, wrapped and baked and it worked so well.

I have since tried a few different versions, the rice really works inside with any of our favourite meats or none at all.
I do usually make a lovely spicy sauce to bake enchiladas in using my homemade Cajun spice mix, passata,chicken or veg stock, garlic and onions.  
Blending it all up to make a smooth sauce, 

However Conor's girlfriend is not keen on spice and was eating with us, she had never tried tortillas as spice puts her off, so I used a jar of mild enchilada sauce, shop bought. 

For the spice lovers in the family I chopped a red chilli pepper and added my extra seasoning.

I will have to try to wean Jess gradually into our dinners!!

The ingredients can all be put into separate bowls so that anyone who dislikes a certain food, can just have it omitted from their portion. Handy if cooking for a large family with different likes and dislikes or maybe if catering for a vegetarian.

As you can see the filling has all the main contenders for a Mexican feast. The beauty is the entire meal is inside the rolled tortillas, using the Veetee, made this very fast to prepare.

The sauce then poured over the top, lots of cheese, its a must for our house and I use way more than any recipes state, I just grate until it looks right, enough to get a lovely ooze and taste. This was half way through the furious cheese attack.

I chopped spring onions inside uncooked and also over the top, to give a nice crunch. The benefit of the ingredients all being cooked, means it takes very little time in the oven, so the topping was melting with cheesy onion crunch.

I have no real amounts for this recipe, I will try and estimate it for you, but the joy of this is you can use as much as you want, an easy supper snack if you have leftover meat and rice or a main meal.

Tortillas I used 8 (2 went into a separate dish with less spice for our dinner guest)


6- 8 Tortillas
Half a cooked chicken meat shredded.
1 corn on the cob or small can of sweetcorn
1 can of kidney beans
Veetee Mexican Rice two packs
Homemade spice blend a few sprinkles or teaspoons depending on your heat liking.

(Salt and pepper if not using spice)
I red chilli pepper finely diced.
4-5 spring onions chopped.
About 250g of cheese. I used a mix of mozarella and cheddar.
One jar of mild enchilada sauce

Serve with homemade Guacamole, try my easy recipe here sour cream and salsa

Assemble your ingredients in to bowls 
Fry the chicken lightly with any seasoning you are using.

Lay out the tortillas and add the ingredients reserving some of the spring onion for the topping.

Add in the centre of the base, spreading out from the centre towards the edge in a thick line, Roll each tortilla tightly and lay in a baking dish, pushing them up together. Pour over the sauce, then add grated cheese, finally topping with the leftover spring onion.

Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until the cheese is golden and bubbling

I served with homemade Guacamole, try my easy recipe here sour cream and salsa.

Family verdict was that they were fab, the rice inside meant no extra cooking for me, in fact very little cooking at all. Jess loved her enchiladas with just the mild spice from the Veetee rice and sauce. So I aim to make these again for her and add all my homemade spices and homegrown chillis for the rest of us.

This is my entry in the Veetee bloggers dream destination competition to win £1000 worth of vouchers for a travel company of my choice. I was sent the ingredients to recreate the dish.

Why not submit your own recipe for your chance to win vouchers for your dream holiday? Competition details here  on the Veetee website. 


  1. Have never made Enchiladas before and yours look delicious

  2. Have never made Enchiladas before and yours look delicious

  3. I buy Veetee rice because it's so convenient and they are really tasty. I like this recipe & would love to try it.

  4. I like the fact that you can add the ingredients you like because I'm so fussy and would probably have it stripped down to just chicken.. but my partner is more adventurous

  5. This looks great for an evening meal in this colder weather.