Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Sunday Photo 9th August

My picture this week is not pleasing in a photographic sense, but for me its truly fabulous as it means I am back online and not only online but with a new personal assistant Cortana. 

I asked her if she liked me and this was her reply, I feel it will be a fond relationship as long as she realises I am boss.

In regards to not being online, my laptop melted completely two weeks ago, still trying to retrieve files and other important bits.

Irritating enough you may say, but my tablet decided that a grey/black screen would be more preferable to the usual ones. So blogging at a standstill, online chats with friends also gone, but why not your phone I hear you say!

Well I dropped that two years ago when I first got it, my first ever proper chosen by me phone. I have never dropped one in all the years of having castoffs and cheap 'not very smart' phones, but with a broken finger, I was more clumsy and it slipped from my hand.

It still has worked but with a cracked glass, not screen, I lost the love for it a little.  I was using it to keep in touch with friends the last two weeks of no other means, until it mysteriously really shattered, nobody has admitted dropping it, so i think it was the extra usage. Its now a series of spider web type lines across the screen and rough under my fingers, so I think a full breakage is imminent. With a new laptop that I really needed, the phone will have to wait.

For now I am more than happy with my new laptop.

I am not in love with the 989 emails on my personal account and my 600+ work emails, so if I have missed yours feel free to nudge me here. I will be slowly working through them and still full time caring takes priority.

Hope you have had a good week too.



  1. Haha glad she knows her place!

  2. Welcome back! Being offline for so long is my worst nightmare.....Cortana is fab isn't she. I think my fella is a little in love with her.....She tells him what he wants to hear. lol

  3. I haven't trying Cortana yet...she keeps trying to tempt me

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Good luck with your new laptop. The number of emails makes me wince!

  5. Oh my goodness, I bet you feel like deleting that volume of emails en masse!

  6. Just back from 2 weeks in Turkey totally offline and I came back to 3500 emails *runs and hides* ! Down to "just" 1232 now ... slowly losing the will to live ! lol

  7. Love that reply.. I feel like I need a cortana in my life now. lol

  8. Hopefully you've got through all those emails by now? That's the worst part of any internet break

  9. Pam Francis Gregory14 October 2015 at 20:53

    Amazing how we come to rely on technology! Good luck with the new laptop.