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Zeen Argan Oil Review

Best pure Argan oil

I have been trying out Zeen an Argan body and face oil, known as Morocco's liquid gold, made with 100% Argan oil,  which seems to be everywhere in the beauty world.

I have seen it in hair, facial, body, nail even mascaras.

For my birthday last week and I was even bought a large barrel brush infused with Argan oil, see its everywhere!! You may have heard of it also as Moroccan oil.
So what is Zeen oil, is it good, maybe you are saying priced at £20 it needs to be!
Is it any better than the thousands of argan oil infused products on the market, where is it from and is it any good for me?

Well 100% anything  natural is a pretty safe bet, (my research is part from Zeen, but a fair amount of googling Moroccan websites and Wikipedia) the Zeen oil is made from  the fruit from a Argania Spinosa tree, this tree also known as an Argan tree loved by goats as you can see,   takes 14 long years before it bears fruit even, a late starter by any standard. 

It reaches its prime of fruit bearing at 50 years.  The fruit is picked from the trees and ground, dried in the sun, then  the outer flesh is removed. The fruits are then cracked open by hand to reveal kernels that are manually ground to a paste. Then cold pressed to remove any impurities leaving the gold coloured oil that I received. This process takes 19 hours to gain just one litre of oil. 

Nora Belola herself from Morocco founded  Zeen  and works with Berber women  from rural villages who make the oil, this co-operative often giving people an opportunity to work for themselves, earn and learn to read, write and develop skills. The Berber people have been around for thousands of years and known once as traders now often farm and make crafts.

Furthermore this oil is made to Fair Trade standards, ECOCERT certified, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, 100% natural and organic, dermatologically tested safe for all skin types included those with acne, with all packaging recyclable, supportive of local communities and never tested on animals.

OK so its well made, helping peoples lives and kind all round.

So top marks so far from me, before I even get it out of the box.

Argan Oil benefits

Onto the packaging, its pretty, lots of natural, organic beauty products use simple dare I say have plain designs, lots of brown recycled cardboard, wrapped in sackcloth, you know what I mean.
The box gives the impression of a luxury product and the glass perfume style bottle adds to this. It looks good on a dressing table.

It looks as if it will spray, but it comes out in as if from a pump dispenser and the scent is unusual, no perfume, it smells fruity like good olive oil. Not unpleasant, not a wow this smells amazing, just different.

I was busy trying to take a photo of my first application which applies from the bottle well.

Applying to my arm and trying to make my skin look amazing and youthful  for the photo, (trials of a blogger) it was already soaking in, so that answers my first question does it absorb easily.

It is for an oil surprisingly not oily, I know it sounds strange but on my body applying small amounts at a time, it just soaked in and gave a lovely sheen.

My face is a little different, I was wondering if Argan oil is good for combination skin, so I applied at night just so I did not look all shiny faced. 

It again absorbed especially well into drier areas under my chin, along the side of my cheek, sat a bit longer on my forehead, around my nose. By morning it seemed to be still moisturising my skin. I have found my face is incredibly soft in the morning dry areas not dry and strangely oil on my oily skin areas are less so.

Other Argan Oil benefits

Argan oil for anti ageing. Lets face it, we are all ageing, so I slap on any products that help. I found Zeen to really nourish my skin, my fine lines less visible, this was just using it alone for 5 days while on holiday as I tend to have the time to look for results. My skin felt and did look plumper, a little firmer so with a good diet and lots of water, Argan oil benefits ageing skin. Zeen say on their site

"The high levels of essential fatty acids found in Argan oil such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 are quickly absorbed into the skin improving moisture, elasticity and skin firmness."

Argan oil is good for peeling skin.
 After my holiday, my back always peels first and a few sprays of Zeen  stopped the issue straight away.

Argan oil for hair. As mentioned it does come in shampoos, but in pure form it works just as well, I avoid my roots, but on the ends of my hair, again at night, a few drops blended in and a shampoo next day. I found  to really help the dryer hair and maybe it will even help with split ends over time.

Argan oil for acne  Zeen will be a great choice I would recommend it for any skin type and oily or dry it seems to tackle all the areas. Have a quick google to see the posts on Argan oil cures acne. The oil also helps the appearances of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone, as well as dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and is safe to use on all skin types.

Argan oil is naturally packed with goodies,  I used Vitamin E cream to prevent stretchmarks and avoid an episiotomy and Argan oil  is rich in Vitamin E, it has twice the amount that olive oil contains. It was not about then, but I would have used.
I would definitely use again, I am less worried by oil on oily skin and hair and super impressed by how Argan oil deals with dry skin.
Zeen’s Face and Body Oil is available in selected stores such as Fortnum and Mason, partnered with the Eve Branson Foundation and winner of the 2014 Highly Recommended Pure Beauty Awards.

Goats feeding on argan trees in Morocco thanks to Shutterstock

I was given Zeen to trial for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own 

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  1. The bottle alone looks gorgeous, and £20 isn't too expensive when the product is amazing.


    1. The price is not too bad when it does so much. Its been trialled for 5 weeks and I have combined it for body use with my usual lotion, so I still have a good amount left.

  2. I'd always associated Argan oil with hair- have never seen a skin Argan Oil before. My skin just doesn't like oils much :-(

  3. I like the picture of the goats in the tree. Wonder if the tree would grow in this country - where would I get the seeds? Have never tried the oil but sounds very good.

  4. Fantastic review and good to know that it works on acne prone skin. I'd never have thought of using it before.

  5. Looks like a pretty good, great review aswell! Defo looks like it's worth buying!