Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator Treatment

I have just recently been trying out the Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator range.

 I tend to be particular about products for my coloured hair, I am lucky in having a hairdresser for a friend so get a few tips on what may not keep my highlights in tip top condition.

I was sent an assortment of products for the family to try . I spoke to my hair guru and she surprised me and said The Garnier Ultimate Blends are really good for a cheaper alternative.

So as she gets to redo my hair if she is wrong I felt pretty confident in ditching my Paul Mitchell for a bit.
I am concentrating on the treatment product first.

Garnier tell me its 'A dazzling blend with Moroccan Argan Oil, and North American Cranberry extracts'

Moroccan Argan Oil gives me even more hope that its a good hair product that will care for my hair, colored or not.

 I have reviewed the Morroconoil range in the past, also stay tuned for a gorgeous 100% pure and organic Argan Oil being reviewed soon.

The fragrance is fruity that is the cranberry extracts another fab natural addition, the fab little fruit is not just good for our bladders it is fab for skin and promotes hair growth, good for drinking for an extra shine to your hair.

I digress with my little bit of knowledge again.

The Colour Illuminator treatment is for that once or twice a week treatment and no its not a 15 minute job, so if you are a busy on the go person it will suit you too as the treatment can be applied for only 1/2 minutes and happily it works so well like this. 

Back to the treatment, so its fast to use, smells scrummy but is it any good?

I  have used for 4 weeks now. It is super fast to apply and rinse,  it gives a superb instant and I mean instant finish to a shampoo and conditioner routine.  In fact if I have been really rushed it is great if I have skipped the conditioner and it still gives a good feel.

The colour of my hair and this I did look at very closely at,  as I had my highlights done one week through the trial, are as good as when they were first applied.

The blondes are still blonde, no blue grey tones which can happen with cheaper hair brands, the caramels are still rich and I still have the shine and depth.

So the result for me is as Garnier promises Coloured hair is nourished and it has protected and illuminated the  shine.

I think for those who cannot get to a salon and or afford to have a treatment at £4.49 (Boots) this is a nice little pamper.

I received the Garnier in order to carry out a review, my opinions are not affected and my own.


  1. That sounds like something I could try out. I like to think I will give my coloured hair the occasional treatment, but the reality is that I never have time. I'll add this to my shopping list now that I know it's quick to use and works well :)

  2. Have to keep this in mind for when I next shop for shampoo and conditioner.. always looking out for things to keep my bleached hair looking nice.. especially after it's been bleached - it tends to be extremely dry for a bit.