Friday, 15 May 2015

Freebie Friday 15th May 2015

Happy Friday, I am a little late this week. Hopefully good for you as I found a new men's freebie. Red Anchor make Beard and Shave oil and they are giving away samples, one shave oil and two different beard oils. The shave oil sample arrived today and is a lovely amount, my husband loves it, tried straight away. He suffers at times with irritated skin, oil always helps and he reports its really soothing.

Freebies are a bit scarce this week, but the 'Worth A Go' is well worth a go. I have heard of a few friends winning prizes. Also check out the previous posts as some are still available

Thanks as always to the lovely bloggers who add their giveaways, if you arrive here and it looks sparse, pop back over the week as more get added!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Always feel free to let me know what you have received, won or any freebies and giveaways that are missing


Free Lego (newspaper paper purchase required)
The Daily Mail are doing this again. Is it really a year since the last one?
From Sat 16 May until Sun 24 May,  the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday (60p daily, 90p  for Saturday, £1.50 for Sunday), you'll find a voucher inside for a free Lego toy. You can collect all 9 but as with last year it will be while stocks last, so don't hang on to the vouchers for one shopping trip.
This year more shops will have stock, WHSmith again, plus Morrisons, Toys R Us and Eason.
Nice little freebie and stocking filler if you already subscribe, or have a friend who will let you demolish their paper for the coupon. The toys are worth between £4-£6

Also this Saturday's paper has a coupon for a commemorative plant pot with  a yellow rose (p/p charged) to mark the arrival of Princess Charlotte! Worth £14.99


Have to add this not free but too good not to add.
 8 Salad seeds bundle but p/p applies but worth it, free chives, onions hebs and salad for summer £2.95

Free entry for family into RSPB Reserves 16th May - 28th June
MyWaitrose card members
Free to join

Free Italian Mushroom Stack burgers on Tuesday 19th May from 5pm-8pm
Will need to sign up for email to receive voucher

Free Pregnacare Conception sample

Free Tennis Sessions  (Rackets and balls provided!
May 16-17th, June and August also. Countrywide

Free Clarins Consultation and samples Debenhams

Receive a free consultation and your personalised samples at your nearest Clarins counter!

Free Eve Lom Radiance Moisturiser Ends 17th May
Plus chance to win a set

O2 Priority
35% off £35 spend at Dominos
25% off first Ocado shop

Worth A Go As So Many

100 Jack Daniels glasses Ends Sunday

3000 Caudalie Tinted Moisturiser samples

Toby Carvery £30 voucher free pud20% off your bill or a free ice cream 

100 pair of tickets to the Air Tattoo plus a star Spitfire ride prize 
You will need the Telegraph paper, details this weekend

2000 Purina Mon Chat samples

50 Kind + Caring Infant Dry Skin Moisturisers

40 Guide Dog Goody Bags

1000 tennis balls 5th June

100 Accessorize prizes (daily) 20th May

5 full-size Head and Shoulders set (daily)

 1,000 free samples of Pantene Classic Clean

100 Festival Beauty bundles (daily entry)

Money Off and Clever Combining

Cif Express Direct  Floor Cleaner  Free
Usually £2 On offer for £1 at Tesco
Further £1 off here

Comfort Vaporesse Free
Usually £1.40 On offer at Tesco for £1
Further £1 off here

Danone £2 vouchers each month
Hang on to them until offers appear for occasional free or very low prices.

Free Cadbury Mini Animals (Shopitise cashback on the app)
98p at Asda £1 cashback!

Free Birds Eye Garlic and Herb Cod fillets
(Even more cashback on TMF packs)
(ClickSnap app app needed, £1.50 cashback)
Sainsbury on offer for £1.50
If you spot the Try Me Free packs its money back on top.

Free Schwartz flavour shots - all varieties £1.40 cashback
Clicksnap app needed.
Tesco Online Shoppers Free Phileas Fogg

Danone Oykos for 60p 
If you signed up for the monthly Danone money off above 
Usually £2.20 On offer at Tesco for £1.10

Seabrook Crinkle 6 pack 77p
On offer at Asda for 97p
Further 20p off Clicksnap app as above

2 for 1 tickets to the Foodies Festival
Quote EVENT241

50p off Udi's Artisan Loaf
May be worth bookmarking for an offer

Debbie and Andrews Sauasages 2 packs for £1.50
Usually £5 On offer at Sainsbury for £2 each
Further £1.50 off here

Cif Power and Shine Wipes 50p
Usually £2 Asda stock for for £1.50.
Further £1 off here

Word FREE image made from mosaic thanks to Shutterstock 

Shopping in supermarket. Shopping trolley image thanks to Shutterstock

02 Logo thanks to Shutterstock

Spotlight image thanks to Shutterstock

Free label image thanks to Shutterstock


  1. Love your freebie friday posts!


  2. Thank you so much, its good to hear. Good luck with gaining some nice prizes or a big supply of free samples

  3. Thnks for hosting a great linky, just added my giveaway xx

    1. So lovely of you to say, I hope you get lots of visitors, lovely prize for somebody. :)

  4. Thank you! A few I'd missed during the week again!!

  5. I love your freebie Friday link ups, so many great freebies and opportunities in one place and with the links it makes it super easy!