Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Best Baked Cheesy Mash Ever!

Mashed potato is is a side dish that is pretty ordinary,  it  fills you up, but I tend to feel its pretty uninspiring, so use additions to liven up our midweek meals. 

My love of cheese comes into play with this recipe which started out as just mash in a baking dish with mature Cheddar cheese on the top, then I just got a bit carried away!

Leftover Parmesan, was added one evening to the topping to increase the cheese flavour, then some bread past its best to give a crunchier topping. No real surprise here its a well known addition and is often just grilled. My love of using up leftovers often transforms mine and others recipes and become a regular bake or make.

This variation is good, but I still felt it was just mash with a nice topping.

So I decided it would taste really good with more cheese,  if you are being extra healthy you may want to look away.

I wanted it to ooze with cheese, but not be drowned by the flavour,  be gloriously melty and tasty at the same time. It worked, the mozzarella does not take away from the potato taste too much. It creates wonderful ribbons of cheesy mash.

I feel the dish is at its best, now a  requested side dish by the family, this request is the top achievement for me as Mum.

I also want to add that mashing potatoes is a bore so when OXO asked me if I wanted to trial one of their gadgets, I asked for a potato ricer. Just as I  hoped for quicker and easier mashing of potatoes.

But now I see why the chefs all use them and this one does more than deal with spuds!!

 I received the OXO 3 in 1 adjustable potato ricer, I have to admit its huge and will not be fitting in your usual kitchen drawer. But after a few uses, we are so happy with it, its not a negative at all. 

It deals with potatoes easily, no scratching of your best pans, it has a handy lip on the side so you can rest it on a bowl or pan.

What is pretty cool, is it is a 3 in 1 ricer, not just for what has to be the smoothest mash we have had at home so far, but it has 3 three settings, easily changed by turning the dial, no need to search for the discs, they are all part of the ricer as you maybe can see above.

The fine setting is perfect for fluffy mashed potatoes, which appear almost like grated cheese, then can be smoothed and used as they are or in any dish.
 The potato just goes through so easily, its comfortable to hold, the handle is as with all OXO gadgets a good grip!

This setting is great for swede, parsnips, carrots, turnips, gnocchi etc. It is a bit harder work with swede but easier than mashing normally.

 I imagine it would be great for making guacamole.

  The medium setting is good for pressing water out of cooked greens and the coarse setting is perfect for chunky apple sauce, egg salad and pressing tomatoes for salsa and sauces.  

I can also see this would be of benefit when I used to puree my own baby food. 

It all comes apart for cleaning, oh plus  a little yippee as its dishwasher proof.

RRP is £30 but I have spotted it cheaper on Amazon.

Back to my cheesy baked mash.


Potatoes enough for your family. (5 in my case)
Salt if you use it, I don't
2 whole mozzarella balls sliced thickly.
Two slices of bread.
About 75g Parmesan
100g of Mature cheddar grated.


Cook the potatoes in boiling water adding salt if you use it until tender, drain and then rice or mash in the ban or a bowl.
While cooking preheat the oven to  Fan 160/ 180 C or Gas mark 4. Grate the Cheddar and crumb your chosen bread, mix in a bowl with the Parmesan and set aside.

Add a layer of mash into a baking dish, add more potato then a layer of mozzarella.

Cover with remaining mash.

Top with the breadcrumb, Parmesan and grated cheese mixture. Then bake in the oven for 30- 40 minutes.

Serve immediately while the mozzarella is still gooey!

What do you think, is it cheese overload, yummy cheese heaven, would you like to try the recipe, even better would you like to try it using the OXO ricer?

Well you are in the right place, OXO have kindly supplied one as a prize for one of my lucky readers.

Just fill in the Rafflecopter, a follow and a comment are the only requirements, if you want to gain extra entries, feel free but they are optional.

The draw will end on the 30th May at 12am.

Good Luck.

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Scoff Box Review Month 2

I am not sure what I expected with the second month of my Scoff Box Subscription, more of the same, little bags of sweets and lollies, just maybe different types.

But wow Scoff  surprised me and I like it!!!

 I opened the box to find three tubs of sweets, glorious pink pearl looking jelly beans, a tub of black jacks and fruit salads,  strawberry and creams  some Drumstick lollies and two humongous squidgy chews.

This was a box to hide from the family and scoff!!

Sadly my conscience always gets the better of me and I do share, but for a few hours I nibbled contentedly alone.

The pearly pink jelly beans just tempted me, so I grazed on a few. Fruit Salads were always in my bag of penny sweets as a child, Black Jacks had to be in there, not so may as I am not a mad fan, but it was always just so cool to have black teeth!! Or is that just my friends and I? The bolied sweet offering, strawberry and cream was again a fab choice. Fab as a sucky sweet as my Granny calls them.

The long chews have a lovely almost sherbety texture inside, please note there were two, one for the picture and one for chew I mean review purposes.

I think the making of a good subscription is in the contents of subsequent boxes and I now am looking forward to my final box.

For info on the Scoff Box  see my first post 


Scoff Club offers 3 box subscriptions
500g at £9.99 per month.
750g at £11.99 per month.
and lastly
1kg at £13.99 per month.
Subscriptions are delivered on two different dates every month, the 1st and 17th, each date has a cut-off date for new orders, which are the 19th and the 5th, respectively.

I received a subscription to Scoff Box, my views are my own!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Freebie Friday 24th April 2015

Hello to all my readers, more and more visitors each week, which is lovely to see. Well its been glorious weather, I have my Telegraph plants on order 144 plants for the post and packing price. 

I think I am going to be busy in a few weeks, all my baskets, a complete border of lavender hedging for 11p a plant, hoping for this effect above! Also got several perennials to plant and give away too.

These were not free, but pounds less than I would pay in a supermarket or garden centre. 
I also received an email to say I have won a box of Pukka tea and a Chicago Town pizza, I fancy the pulled pork one.
Give it a go as its 1000 each week and 4 more weeks left.

Also 14p Um Bongo fever is back, Tesco have it on offer at 64p, and with the 50p off its a bargain!!  The coupon runs out next January, so I expect you can all grab some cartons for very cheap, maybe even free.


Supersavvyme always have some fab competitions, samples and money off, they also have a project area, the Supersavvy Circle. You get the opportunity to put a product through its paces, tell friends and fill in surveys and make reports about the whole experience. Its a really nice way to get hear by the brands, share your opinions with other members and you receive products, samples and money off coupons to help you.

I have done several over the past few years, from cleaning products to beauty.

Right now they need 1000 members for a Viakal project. Why not give it a go!

If you do not get invited, keep an eye out for further projects.



3D Lifting Cream

Free Golf Masters Tickets Sky Customers

Free Cadbury Oat Crunch Bar
At Bargain Booze, just show the FB post 

Free Viktor and Rolf Sample

Free Mad Hatter Tea Samples (SAE needed)

Free GBK Cheeseburger for London Marathon winners 
(Must take your medal)
Free Soreen Sample
Free pack of Delicious Dinos at Keystore

Perfectly Peachy Shower cream samples

Emergen C samples

Free Starbucks Chocolate Coin

For  customers who say 'Touch and Play' and pay with Visa contactless. 

2 free bottles of Coke Zero from Greggs/One Stop 
Get 2 one via your mobile details, one via email.

 O2 Priority Freebies and Offers

Free Green and Blacks Thins (Budgens ends Sunday)
Free Kids Craftbox
2 Handmade Burgers for £10
35% off The Body Shop
25% off Ocado

Mondays Only 
£1 for Lunch
 WH Smith Lunch, Drink, chocolate,sandwich
Dominos - A pizza
Pumpkin - Panini, Toastie/Sandwich, Drink
Caffe Ritazza baguette/Sandwich, Coke, crisps
Upper Crust baguette/Ciabatta/Sandwich, drink, crisps

Tuesdays Only  
Free drink at Cafe Nero

Mon-Thursday Only
  25% off
 Bella Italia, Strada
Cafe Rouge

 Worth A Go As So Many

5000 free Acai Berry Sample pack
Register address then enter CODE LATESTFREESTUFF 
4000 Free Giant Sunflower Seeds

2 free packets of seeds from Wyevale Garden Centre 
(Telegraph Sunday paper needed)
Cosmos Versailles seeds and a packet of Nasturtium Ladybird seeds, worth more than £5.

1000's of Pukka Tea Boxes 
Click the balloon after registering, further comp after!
I got this -Amazing – you've won a special free Pukka organic tea sample box!
220 Kingstone Press Tees, 22  Rugby balls 22 cases of Kingstone Press Cider

126 Prizes Goody bags, giftcards etc
100 Hipp Organic Fruit Pouches

150 pots of Olay Total Effects Day Moisturiser SPF15 (daily)

1000 Aussie Body Wash samples (daily)

5000 Chicago Town Pizzas (100 each week)

Money Off and Clever Combining

Um Bongo Light for 14p 

Usually £1.29. On offer at Tesco for 64p
Further 50p off here http://www.umbongo.com

Shopitize Free Covent Garden soup
Cashback of £1 and on offer for £1 at Morrisons.
See the app for details

Butterkist Popcorn for 39p or 50p

Usually £1.50 On offer at Tesco for £1 Asda for 89p

Further 50p off here http://www.winbutterkist.co.uk/50p-coupon.aspx

Finish Quantum Powerball  Tablets 18 for £3 or 30 for £5 Usually £8 and £12 On offer Tesco £6 and £8Further £1 off here  http://www.finish.co.uk/features/offers/coupons/finish-quantum-coupons/coupon-form/
Colgate 360 Toothbrush (various)  £1.50Usually £4 On Offer for £2 at  Tesco and MorrisonsFurther 50p off here http://forms.colgate.co.uk/page/signup/

Kenco Millicano Wholebean Dark Roast Coffee £1.19

Usually £4.39  On offer at Morrisons for £2.19  *Also £2.24 at the Co Op

Further £1 off here http://www.kenco.co.uk/darkerfairer/877

Pitch Brioche or Choc chip rolls for 60p
Usually £1.70. On offer for £1 at Tesco
Further 40p off here https://www.mymail.co.uk/mycoupons

John West No Drain Tuna for 50p
Usually £2 On offer at Tesco for £1 
Further 50p off here http://www.john-west.co.uk/trawler-fun/nodrain

John West Infusions for 50p
Usually £2 On offer at Tesco and Asda for £1 
Further 50p off here http://www.john-west.co.uk/trawler-fun/nodrain

John West Steam Pots for £1.49.
Usually £2.49 On offer at Morrisons for £1.99

Green Giant Express Sweet corn for 50p
Usually £1 On offer at Tesco for 75p

Flash Liquid Gel All Purpose Cleaner 52p 

Usually £2.05 On Offer at Morrisons for £1.02

Johnson's Baby Oil 500ml for 25p 
Usually £2.50 On offer at Waitrose for £1.25

Johnson's Top To Toe Bath 500ml for 37p 
Usually £2.75 On offer at Tesco for £1.37

Johnson's Shampoo 500ml for 37p 
Usually £2.75 On offer at Tesco for £1.37

Fairy Liquid for £1
Usually £2 On Offer at Morrisons  for £1.50 or Asda 

Plenty Kitchen Towel White 2 for 98p
Usually £1.86  On off at Asda for £1.48
Further 50p off here http://www.plenty.co.uk/Coupons

Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Sleek Shampoo for 75p

Usually £2.75 On offer at Sainsburys for £1.50
Further 75p off here https://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/offers/coupon

Bold 2 in 1 (1.2L) Wash Lavender + Camomile for £2

Usually £6 On offer at Asda for £3Further £1 off here https://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/offers/coupon

Lavender hedge. Gardens in Loire thanks to Shutterstock

Word FREE image made from mosaic thanks to Shutterstock 

Shopping in supermarket. Shopping trolley image thanks to Shutterstock

02 Logo thanks to Shutterstock

Spotlight image thanks to Shutterstock

Free label image thanks to Shutterstock