Monday, 16 March 2015

Review Scoff Club Monthly Subscription

You all possibly know the expression 'Like a kid in a sweet shop' well that is what I have been this week, only the sweet shop came to me!
I remember getting the odd money treat and if I was allowed to spend it, the joy of  running straight to our village newsagent, collecting  a white paper bag from the string and then stare at the selection of goodies, shrimps, gobstoppers, blackjacks, flying saucers etc.

 If I was really lucky and had enough money it would be 2 ounces from the vast row of jarred sweet. 
I recall staring at them in awe. I imagined the joy of owning my own sweet shop one day and I could not see how Mrs Gray was not constantly dipping into the jars and how she was so slim!

When we go on holiday, mainly to Cornwall  and get to any seaside resort, we stock up on childhood sweets, the sort I used to buy as a child. I love the chance to choose an assortment, my children love it and the shops are always heaving, so its a popular business.

Sadly these shops are very few now.

There has been a rise in subscription boxes, monthly goodies through the door and I have reviewed a few. 

But this one is sweet and takes me straight back to childhood and holidays!!
No healthy snacks, not a new beauty must have in sight!

Just a scrumptious selection of sweets delivered to the door, each month for as long or as little as required.

The sweets arrive as a mystery, so that adds to the pleasure as you never know what you will receive but Scoff Club say on the site it  a box of delicious retro and classic sweets, anything from Haribo through to Swizzel Matlow sweets. 

Oh and I love the name, Scoff Club, belonging to a club of people who scoff sweets!!

The box is well packaged. I hoped it was all neatly laid out inside and I was not disappointed. A card inside mentions that there is a chance to win a Mega Scoff box in a monthly draw, if you share your box on the Facebook page!

And goodies they were.  Among the selection are Fried eggs, Rainbow drops, Drumstick lollies, Wham bars, flying saucers, a selection of boiled sweets and one of my favourites a Double Dip.

I love the fact the loose sweets are in paper bags, its a real nostalgic trip for me.

I am looking forward to the next subscription, they are delivered monthly and you can choose from two different dates. I imagine some may be themed around holidays, Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, however  as they say its a mystery each month.

I only have one negative!! It was too popular here.

Not anything to do with Scoff Club, more that the whole family wanted to help me scoff. However they did all rate the subscription as the best I have had. Conor wants one for his birthday, Paige wants one at uni, Chris said he could have one delivered to work!  I think it was a hit in our family!

I can imagine this as a fab gift for birthdays, Christmas present, for a student off to uni, a chance to treat them when they are far away from home and need a lovely reminder of Mum or Dad spoiling them. For a relative who may be in a care home. The joy of opening a surprise box of sweets makes it a thoughtful gift from a loved one.

Anybody far away who has a sweet tooth would love to be looking at the yellow tissue hiding a treasure trove of goodies.

Scoff Club offers 3 box subscriptions
500g at £9.99 per month.
750g at £11.99 per month.
and lastly
1kg at £13.99 per month.
Subscriptions are delivered on two different dates every month, the 1st and 17th, each date has a cut-off date for new orders, which are the 19th and the 5th, respectively.

So what do you think? Is this something you would like through the door each month or to send to a loved one. If you want this month's Scoff Club box you only have 3 days!! I also noticed a discount on the Facebook page. 30% of your first box of delicious retro and classic sweets!

I received a subscription to Scoff Box, my views are my own!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I had no idea that anything like this existed. I really miss going to woolworths to get my sweets. Don't know of anywhere around me that does sweets like this anymore. I may have to invest in a subscription. I need to go buy something sweet now so I can try and get rid of the major nostalgia trip I am on :P. Great post.

    1. Such an amazing idea isn't it? Sweet treat each month and no need to travel to find it! Thanks for commenting.

  2. I also didn't know you could get a sweet subscription! I've started getting My Little Box and have been thinking about trying out others and this is definitely top of my list now.

    Thos boiled ball things look delicious and remind me of pear drops which are my favourite!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, they are rosy apples so pretty close and very very good. I love pear drops too.

  3. sweets are my idea of heaven, and the fact they can be delivered to your door is great.

  4. Great subscription. I remember our sweet shop which was so tiny but packed full of sweets in large jars right to the top & weighed out in old fashioned scales. A delightful place to be in!

  5. Ohh I do like the look of this!! Yum x

  6. OMG I used to love going to the local sweet shopw and asking for "a quarter of strawberries and cream" Love the fact that some of the sweet came in traditional paper bags! I am going to investigate the 30% your first box and order myself one! #TriedTested

  7. I was a big fan of the paper bags too - so nostalgic :)

    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  8. Oh this looks brilliant, retro sweets, can't beat them! My hubby (and me!) would love this! #triedtested

  9. Love retro sweets. I use them to bribe the husband. This looks well worth considering as a pressie for him.

  10. What a really brilliant idea. This would be great for movie nights.