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Kirsty Gallacher, TV mum urges families to make their faces funny for money in a very messy way this Red Nose Day

1To celebrate the launch of the limited edition funny faced Red Nose Day bottle of Persil, TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher has teamed up with the laundry brand to encourage families across the UK to make their faces funny by getting gunged for money.

Not afraid to put on her (silliest) game face and get messy to raise money for an amazing cause, the Sky Sports presenter braved 20 litres of bright blue gunge as she took part in a photo shoot to launch the campaign. To capture each and every facial expression as she got slimed, specialist lightning–quick cameras were used to snap over 100 shots in the less than the one minute, at eight frames per second!

Kirsty Gallacher said: “When Persil asked me if I was game for a gunging, I thought why not?! The shoot was great fun and the photos are hilarious. It’s for a really fantastic cause, so I’m urging the nation to get involved as well. Persil even tackles gunge, and with a donation from every limited edition funny faced bottle going to the charity - there’s no excuse for not having a go too!”

When asked who she’d most like to gunge for Red Nose Day, if she could, she replied: “My close friend and fellow Sky Sports News presenter, Julian Warren. I’d love to see his reaction!”

Bernie Hall, Persil Assistant Brand Manager, added: “Kirsty was such a great sport during the photo shoot to launch the limited edition product; she got thoroughly covered! At Persil, we believe that family fun and messy experiences should be embraced, which is why we’re inspiring the nation to let loose and have fun with gunge. It’s the perfect way for families across the country to get involved – we can’t wait to see the faces people pull as they get slimed.  There are loads of other ways to get involved in Red Nose Day on the Persil website too.”

As part of a £1million donation from Unilever*, Persil has produced a limited edition Persil small and mighty liquid bottle which sees its dosing ball swapped for a unique take on a Red Nose, and funny face.  To get involved, head to for more inspiration on how to make your face funny for money; buy the limited edition bottle; or text [XXXXX] to donate.  And don’t forget to share your funny faces on Twitter/Facebook using #RNDfunnyface. 

Kirsty’s top tips for gunging:
1.       Once the mixture is prepared let it cool for 20-30 minutes before you get messy and why not put your gunge into the fridge for a few minutes for an extra cold surprise!
2.       Be sure to wear goggles during the gunging, and keep your mouth closed; it might help to make your face even funnier!
3.       Remember to have a camera nearby. Your friends and family members are sure to pull funny faces when the gunge is poured over them, so take a picture to remember the event at a later date
4.       Once you have prepared the gunge once, feel free to do it again using different colours, or maybe even some glitter! Go for a bright pink or orange for your child’s favourite colour, or to create a rainbow effect

Check out for more of Kirsty’s top tips!

Kirsty’s recipe to make gunge in the home:
·         350ml of water
·         3 to 4 drops of blue paint powder. Kids powder paint is best for this, and can be bought cheaply on Amazon
·         140g corn flour, available from all good supermarkets

1. Add 350ml of tap water to a small saucepan and heat until the water is warm but not boiling. You do not want to use boiling water as you will have to wait for it to cool before you can use your hands to mix the gunge – and we appreciate that you’ll want to get gunging straightaway!

2. Pour 250 ml of the warm water into a bowl (leaving 100ml to one side). Add three to four drops of the blue powder paint until the water is about a shade darker than you want the gunge to be. When you make the gunge, the colour will become diluted slightly. Mix the water and paint well with a spoon, until fully mixed.

3. Measure 140g of corn flour and place it into a separate large-sized bowl.

4. Pour the coloured water slowly into the bowl with the corn flour. And now for the fun bit… Get stuck in using your fingers to mix the ingredients together until you have a thick paste, and voila – you’re ready to gunge anyone who stands in your way!

Top tip: double the ingredients for double the gunging fun!

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    1. It does look like great fun, good for the family photo albums!!

  2. There's no way blue gunge would go anywhere near our house, let alone make it. But I have bought a red nose bottle though.

    1. haha very brave are the families who are doing this!!

  3. great gunging recipe- might do a bit of gunging myself!!!