Friday, 6 March 2015

Aldi Specialbuys Kitchen Accessories

Retro Sandwich Press
Aldi Specialbuys are launching a  Kitchen Accessories range, in stores 5th March and I am highlighting some of the ones I like and want. Chris has been given a list for on his way home tonight.

Mini Frying Pan £3.49

Whether you’re a beginner or master chef, Aldi has all you need for enjoying delicious home cooked goods without you having to spend a  fortune!

I was sent the Eco Flex Mat to brighten my doorstep, its  a lovely striped fresh green, nice and chunky as well, so it does not slide about, yet still fits under the door. There are a few different styles and colours. The 'Eco' is in the backing as they are made from 100% recycled car tyre rubber! Priced at £6.99

I was also sent two of the latest range of 6 handy kitchen gadgets, a whisk and the garlic press, the prices are £1.49 and the quality is very good, each one is very sturdy, does the job well, these will come in very handy for my meal making.

Asparagus Cooker/Bain Marie

Asparagus Bain Marie £17.99

Electronic Salt/Pepper Mill
As with all Aldi SpecialBuys they are only available while stock lasts, so if you fancy any, don't leave it too long. I have my eye on the salt and pepper mills for £3.99.

I was sent the Eco Flex Mat and two kitchen gadgets by Aldi


  1. I like the doormat colour & pattern.

  2. Some lovely things there, I really like the Eco Flex Mat, such a lovely colour.

  3. I'm not sure why you'd need a light on a pepper mill lol

  4. Wow these look fab! I need to go shopping soon!

  5. Looks great - that mat is nice!

  6. frying pan looks nice I need to buy :)