Saturday, 7 February 2015

Vileda Windomatic Review

Please note this is not a photo of me above, housework rarely makes me look that happy. But a new appliance that makes the chores go more quickly will lift the corners of my mouth.

My pet hates, are cleaning the oven and cleaning windows. Ironing comes up as a third, but the kind hubby does it for me. I do get huge satisfaction after I have resigned myself to the task and completed.  I like a shiny cooker and smear free clean windows are something to feel pride over. 
With the latter its often hard to achieve, I know never to try to do my windows on a sunny day. The smears as you step back to admire taunt me and I often keep going over them again and again.

So this time of year with it being dull, cloudy and rainy, is a good time to do my windows, except it is too cold and I do not want to be outside for very long, so my windows stay a little longer without a clean. I am no domestic goddess.

Vileda sent me their latest gadget, the Windomatic and this instantly cut down on my time outside and indeed inside.

Vileda are famous for their expertise in home cleaning, however this is a new step, launching into the electrical market with a range of innovative new products designed to make lives easier. Its a cordless handheld cleaner with a chargeable battery

What I like about the Windomatic, is its basically a hoover for liquid, with a handy squeegee to give a perfect finish. Vileda put it better than me below.

I like the width of the head, it moves across a wide area to make for fast cleaning, plus the bendy head means it goes right to the edge. 

I used my usual detergent, sprayed on, then just moved the Windomatic over the suds, no rinsing needed. It gives a really good finish and so fast!

No buckets needed, no mess on the floor from slopped water or is that just me?
It is also handy for the bathroom window for steamy windows, so for any hones with condensation this would be useful. Also vacuuming up spills on the side, I knocked some water from a vase when trialling, so a bonus to have it.

Its a handy tool, speeds up a task that I usually will put off and anything that saves me time gets a thumbs up.

If you nip over to the Vileda Twitter page, they have a competition running to win one.

Vileda Windomatic Facts:
o   Ideal for windows, sills, spills, shower screens and mirrors
o   Flexible head and complete suction power along the blade for a streak-free finish
o   Up to 60m² of cleaning area per charge
o   Vileda Windomatic RRP £49.99
The Vileda Windomatic Window Vacuum Cleaner sucks up dirt and water from your window into its integrated water tank, leaving your surfaces with a streak-free shine, and no droplets on your window sill or on your floor.
How It Works
After you have washed your window with your preferred window cleaning solution the windomatic works like a hand vacuum with the addition of a rubber lip that squeegees your window, leaving a perfect streak-free finish. Its unique flexible neck reaches even corners and edges--no need for additional polishing.
Making Your Life Easier
Windomatic is cordless with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It's also lightweight and the tank can be removed easily to ensure your maximum convenience.


  1. Ooooh, this looks like it makes life so much easier!!!
    Also lifts the corners of my mouth!

    1. Haha almost....... it certainly is fast, so if like me its a chore, it really helps.

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  3. I can't believe you hate cleaning ovens and windows! It's just so satisfying once you're done!
    There's something like this advertised on the TV but you don't need to spray anything on :S I'm not sure I like that. I think I'd rather purchase something like this Vileda one so I know cleaning action is actually being done!

    <3 Jon

  4. Rachael Cunliffe7 February 2015 at 19:03

    The attachment on my steam cleaner is a bit like this but this seems much better *chants "does not need another gadget"* ;-)

    1. Its lightweight to use and no set up required, just wash and go as they say!

  5. Since buying a steamer, this has been my next dream purchase! It's staggering how much easier gadgets like this make housework! I would almost look forward to it with one of these! (Don't worry, I said almost!)

    1. Ooh my turn to be jealous, I would love a good steamer!

  6. OOO This looks amazing, I am rubbish at cleaning my windows. It's so difficult to get a streak free finish. I wonder if I can drop some hints for Valentines day lol?

  7. I *so* need on of these. I hate house work and anything that makes it easier is a dream come to me! Xx

  8. oh wow I so need one of these in my life!

  9. Sounds brilliant

  10. Could do with a nice window washing gadget.

  11. This looks really good would be great for our patio doors

  12. I'd love one of these. Window cleaning is generally such a chore!

  13. Looks good - have been thinking about buying something like this for a while!


  14. I've got the Karcher window Vac & this looks very similar, we find it so useful, not just for the windows but for the bathroom tiles after morning showers, stops a lot of the condensation in the house