Thursday, 29 January 2015

Swap January’ #AldiChallenge

I was recently asked to take part in Swap January’ #AldiChallenge 

I already rate Aldi pretty highly, I shop there and have done a few reviews of things I had not tried. It changed my purchasing habits, so I readily agreed. I was asked to try out the everyday 'Health and Beauty' and have to now admit that this is one section, I do not use apart from the multi vitamins which I highly recommend.

I tend to use branded toiletries, a few bad experiences with cheapy shampoos and hairsprays put me off. So I do not tend to try again as I find that more of a waste of money when I chuck or give a barely used product away.

I opened the box to find lots of goodies and its pretty clear to see what a few of them are alternatives too. One or two I really was interested in trying, the Lacura face creams and the Carino Hairspray. Hoping they would be good.

I decided not to look at the prices first as I felt my first thoughts should be on their effectiveness, benefits etc compared to leading brands or even supermarket brands.

The first try was the hairspray, it looks like a well known brand, my whole family have used for not just years, but generations. Granny recommended it to Mum, to me and Paige and Conor use it too.

I used on my hair, Granny's hair and Con screwed his nose up, but ran out of his hairspray (He is solely responsible for keeping the hair industry's profits  I am sure) so asked to 'borrow' some. Beggars can't be choosers I hear!

I loved it, its not sticky, it sprays well, sometimes cheaper aerosol sprays pack up or do not spray well. This was not the case. I use a light spray as my hair is not overly styled. Granny's having recently been styled but fine needs a good spray and especially at the roots to keep it high. I am happy to say her style remained all day and still looked pretty good on top after a nights sleep.

Con said it was really good but maybe would not use again, but the can has been found in his room several times. When after use I saw the price, I was pretty amazed. 79p!!  Good quality hairspray with great hold at a cheap price! I don't think I have bought hairspray for that price ever.

I usually use a shampoo for coloured hair, I have tried this for the purpose of the review and i am impressed. i was sent the coconut fragrance. its a rich shampoo, cleans beautifully, makes my hair soft and smells delicious, the conditioner detangled my hair well and the rest of the family are using it regularly. Chris smells gorgeous. I was pretty impressed with the very small 65p each.

The shower gel is lovely fresh, foams well, smells lovely. 100% natural and packed with essential oils.  I used the first morning, I was very impressed. It smells great. I tried the tingling mint and tea tree. Its a real wake up morning shower gel, or evening after a tough day and you need a real rejuvenating shower, its incredibly minty. My skin did not dry out as it can do with some gels, it made my skin soft and moisturised. A low priced shower gel that is good for 69p!

Cotton buds, there really is not much to tell you about these, if you use them you cannot really go wrong with this brand, they are useful and as long as they do not leave fluffy particles I will buy, these don't. They are an incredible 35p!! Granny has snaffled these.

The Lacura Roll on deodorants are not something I would use, I tend to use sprays but I did try and again Granny, Paige and Con will use. The clear version is lightly fragranced, dries well for this type of deo and kept me fresh.  I have already bought the spray version and another  roll on Cotton fresh for Granny. These cost 59p.

Lacura Facial cleansing wipes, again in packaging similar to a brand I use already. I am impressed I have been using the 'Normal' variety. Each cloth is very thick, lovely and large. Easily clean my face and I had no stinging or tightening sensation. Now these do not claim to remove waterproof makeup, but they do. I usually have to buy a separate eye make up remover. So these will save me even more money and great for Paige on her uni budget. I noticed they do a Vitality one for maturer skin and am sold on the pack I am using so will be purchasing. 89p for 30 wipes. Brilliant price.

Now with face creams I am a bit of a snob. I use as good as my budget allows, for the benefits I feel they give. However I do use Boots No 7 as well some of their range is fab.
However I had heard Aldi's Lacura Expert  day and Night creams range is good, so have been using for just over a week. The day cream is very thick, it felt heavy as it went on, however it absorbed easily. no greasy residue, I just hate any cream that does that.

I see better results on my neck and on my decolletage, I noticed a real smoothing effect. Its not one of the best fragrances I have used, but the effectiveness of cream makes me like it, maybe Aldi will work on that. The night cream is very pampering and my skin looks fresh and still moisturised in the morning.

OK well this is why I like it, my last pot of day cream was £48, these are £3.99!! Yes really!

I have not tried the Q10 daily face cream as yet as I would not be able to tell you much about its effectiveness as I am using the Expert range.  However going on all the other products I have tried, I am expecting it to be good. The SPF factor is a good benefit and I like the fragrance. Another superb price for a daily face cream at £1.49.

All in all of the items I tried, I will definitely  be swapping my hairspray, shower gel, cotton buds and facial wipes. 

Have you made any swaps for lower priced items in Aldi? I would love to hear about ones I may be missing!

Carino Hairspray (79p)
Lacura 3-in-1 facial cleansing wipes (89p)
Lacura cotton buds (35p)
AquaV Kick Start shower gel (69p)
Carino shampoo and conditioner (65p each)
Lacura roll on deodorant (59p)
Lacura Q10 daily face cream (£1.49)
Lacura Expert Day and Night Cream (£3.99 each)

All at Aldi's


  1. I'm also a snob when it comes to face creams, but I remember reading a few years back about how good these creams were and how the celebs were all using them. They came near the top on a testing panel, so I went out and bought them. I have to say, they are very good.

  2. I've tried the Q10 moisturiser and agree that it's OK, but doesn't smell beautiful.....and that's important to make me feel good.

  3. Pam Francis Gregory3 February 2015 at 13:06

    Very interesting read - Thanks for the food for thought!