Friday, 30 January 2015

Hotel Chocolat Valentines!

I received a rather lovely email last week 

Your blogger pal has asked me to send you something delicious from the Hotel Chocolat Valentines range to enjoy this Valentine’s Day and it would be my pleasure to do just that.

If you’re dying to know who your Valentine is, don’t worry! All will be revealed when you receive your chocolates.

Well this week all was revealed, sorry for the dark pictures, the weather was dark all week and light is terrible. You can imagine though how lovely this looked.

Opening the card I discovered the lovely blogger and friend who had thought of me. Sarah  from is such a sweetie.

On opening the beautiful ribboned box I was in for such a treat!

Lovely little boxes of heart shaped chocolates, saying Nudge Nudge and Wink Wink. these would be perfect from a secret admirer.
Champagne truffles for those who have not tried them, they are soft, absolutely beautiful flavour. A perfect present if you maybe cannot afford a glass of Moet!

The Passion Fruit Truffles are amazing, white chocolate and passion fruit puree. Heavenly!

The chocolates are all beautifully crafted, as a recipient, it made me feel special and loved. Thank you Sarah and Hotel Chocolat for choosing me to be one of your #HotelChocolatValentines


  1. How lovely. I love Hotel Chocolat. Happy Valentines x

  2. Pam Francis Gregory31 January 2015 at 11:26

    Love Hotel Chocolat! Yum!!

  3. fantastic chocolatiers

  4. These look amazing - would love to try the passionfruit hearts!


  5. I love Hotel Chocolat whatever the occassion!