Monday, 8 December 2014


I have a special fondness for Lily O'Brien chocolates. It reminds me of my Irish family and my Auntie first bought me a small box when i was over in Waterford to visit my family and Dad's grave.

Bit maudlin for the start of a choccy review, but a good chocolate was a highlight of the trip and I was pretty glad when I was able to buy these here. So even more happy when I was asked if I would like to try one of the new Christmas ranges.

I was sent the Chocolate Indulgence Collection, the box is pretty impressive like a fancy hatbox and much larger than I expected for the price of £10

 What I also love is that the tag on the top is also the info for what is in the box. A pet hate when having an evening of sharing chocolates and the selection is on the bottom and you have to take the insert out to look.  They are also in a single layer, all those lovely chocolates laid out to gaze at.

But not for long.

What I love is that the chocolates in this box are a good selection, I was happy to see that a third of the box is not nut and coffee. Not that I have anything against those but I love fruit flavours and caramels, creamy yummy chocolates and this box has it all. Creme Brulee that tastes exactly like a brulee. The chocolate on each is creamy just the right sweetness, I am finding it hard to leave these alone and even harder to share!

Whether you’re looking for festive stocking fillers, gifts for chocoholics or after dinner treats, Lily O’Brien’s has Christmas all wrapped up with its luxurious range of chocolate boxes, all brand new for Christmas 2014.

Treat your loved ones to the Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Treasures Collection, featuring 16 exquisite chocolates, truffles and caramels including White Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Double Chocolate Caramel, Valencian Orange and Lemon Meringue Pie. Presented in a stylish, three-tier jewellery box in festive colours, this is sure to be a welcome gift for chocolate lovers.
Price: £10 (240g / 16 chocolates) Stockist: Waitrose (nationwide).

The Ultimate Chocolate Collection (Keepsake Round) makes a wonderful present or an alternative to Christmas pudding after dinner and contains a scrumptious new selection of delicious recipes including classic Sticky Toffee, Praline Perfection, Le Crunch Chocolat, Lemon Meringue Pie, Death by Chocolate, Zesty Orange Chocolate, Simply Chocolate and Double Chocolate Truffle for an indulgent treat.
Price: £10 (250g / 22 chocolates) Stockists: Waitrose and Debenhams (nationwide).

Lily O’Brien’s festive Petit Indulgence Star collection is a wonderful collection of six of Lily O’Brien’s most delicious milk, dark and white chocolate recipes; Raspberry Compote, Sticky Toffee, Praline Perfection, Chocolate Truffle Surprise, Zesty Orange Truffle and Luscious Chocolate Mousse.
Price: £6 (96g / 10 chocolates) Stockists: Waitrose and Debenhams (nationwide).

The delectable Desserts Collection is inspired by some of the world’s favourite dessert recipes including Passion Fruit Posset, Banoffee Pie, Crème Brûlée, Key Limey Pie, Hazelnut Torte and Raspberry Infusion.
Price: £6 (230g / 18 chocolates) Stockists: Morrisons and Asda (nationwide). 

For a pretty stocking filler or gift for a loved one, choose the Lily O’Brien’s Desserts Collection Gift Bag. This delightful box of chocolates arrives in an elegant chiffon bag and makes the perfect present for chocolate fans. It includes Chocolate Fudge Cake, Lemon Meringue Pie, Crème Brûlée, Banoffee Pie and Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavoured chocolates.
Price £6 (180g / 15 chocolates) Stockist: Debenhams (nationwide)

Perfect for sharing, for an extra treat or for a little indulgence over the holidays, give Lily O’Brien’s Luxury Chocolate Snacking Pouches. The delicious selection of re-sealable chocolate pouches comes in three distinct flavours; Stem Ginger Batons, Creamy Caramels with Sea Salt; and Cocoa Cookie Crunch.

Price £2.50 (120g / Various) Stockists: Waitrose (nationwide)

Or for a fantastic value treat, stock up on Lily O’Brien’s Ultimate Collection Taster Box, a luxurious assortment of some of the most mouth-watering chocolates including Key Limey Pie, Sticky Toffee, Death by Chocolate and Banoffee Pie.

Price £1.50 (46g / four chocolates) Stockist: Waitrose and Tesco (nationwide).

For more information, visit your local retailer or visit .


  1. I've never tried Lily O'Briens chocolates before - it looks like a lovely range. The Chocolate Indulgence collection looks fab for the price!

  2. never tried these, they look lovely though, will have to put them in my letter to santa

  3. Pam Francis Gregory8 December 2014 at 19:15

    Ooh these look lovely!

  4. Oh these look amazing, I never used to be a chocolate fan before how crazy is that, and then I met my bf and became obsessed haha xx

  5. I love these chocolates they taste great and the packaging is pretty too!

  6. The wife love these chocolates.

  7. I love these chocolates - much nicer than those you can get from Hotel Chocolat. Made me smile when you said it reminded you of your visits to Ireland and family there - we foster dogs that come from Ireland before they are rehomed in the UK and last month the person who had been caring for two dogs we are currently fostering whilst they were in Ireland, sent us a box of Irish Truffles from the village where she came from - they were delicious :-)

  8. Pam Francis Gregory17 December 2014 at 10:31

    Love Lily O'Briens chocs!

  9. Yum they look great - love the box with the little drawers :-)


  10. These are beautiful chocolates that come beautifully presented with lovely keepsake boxes x