Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Asda Christmas Baking Kits

Asda have gathered an irresistible selection of sweet goodies this Christmas and fun ideas for creating festive treats to share with family and friends (or keep to yourself).

Now you may not be that keen on baking or really have no time with all the other chores, so Asda have a few DIY baking kits that are simple yet still special.

I was sent the Rocky Road House Kit, a nice spin on the classic gingerbread house.

Also the Decorate Your own Christmas heart. Which is so well priced at £2. Great for a gift.

As you can see from above I am not overly artistic. But a simple message can be added, its easy for even your children to use and would make a lovely Merry Christmas for the teacher. If you are using it for a gift it is simple. 

Place on a flat, clean surface and using the icing pen write your own message on the heart. Leave to dry for 1 hour. Attach the ribbon by threading through the 2 holes at the back and secure with a knot. Return to the clear bag and reseal with the tag provided. 

 Mine seemed to make an early Christmas treat for my not so little son!! 
It has the holes so you can hang it if desired, but to be honest I think you would probably just want to tuck straight in.

The Rocky Road House baking kit is another really cute idea, great for children to make, with adult supervision I would suggest as it could get very sticky and you do need to use a pan of warm water to melt the chocolate.

I split the chocolate coating and the biscuit pieces into two piles and the marshmallows into three piles. 

The first chocolate sachet is melted over a pan of warm water.  This is for the trees, so I dipped the wafer cones into the chocolate coating one at a time, letting the excess run back into the bowl and stand on a plate to set. 

Once set, I carefully snipped the end of the piping bag and decorated the cones with icing. 

Next was 1 set of biscuit and 1 set of marshmallows into the coating. 

Tip the mixture into the moulds provided, push to the edges of each shape. 

Sprinkle mallows onto the roof panel panel part . Place in the fridge to set for approx. 20 mins. 

Once set, place shapes onto some grease proof paper, and repeated  this step.

Then I carefully assembled the house using the icing to stick the panels together. 

 Once really well set I decorate the house with the remaining icing. Adding  the finishing touches to it with cone trees, candy canes and chocolate beans.

It was great fun to do, looked better than I imagined and this kit costs £3, I think this was my biggest surprise, more than it coming together for the photos!!

Then everybody sat staring at it, then came the badgering. 

"Ok its set now, it looks pretty when can we eat it?"  No not the kids, the husband!!

 They all dived in. Its very very sweet and I only managed a few nibbles.  Con has the sweetest toot and was happy to keep on going til my poor little house was a few sad crumbs and a smidgeon of icing. 

Another has been bought already as Con and Paige want to have a go at making it.

You can buy these right now in Asda along with many other clever Christmas goodies.

I received the two kits for the purpose of this review. My opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh wow I love the heart idea, reminds me of the millies cookies ones I send my bf, these are very reasonably priced and look like great fun xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. I love baking kits but hate gingerbread, so the rocky road kit sounds perfect! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. This is fab! I do love making homemade gingerbread houses but doing it with a toddler is not very appealing this is much better option! #triedtested

  4. Oh damn I went to Asda this morning - wish I had seen this earlier as I would have looked out for one #triedandtested

  5. The house kit sounds great for the price. A shame it's over sweet though, but it's a nice fun christmassy craft project for the little 'uns.

  6. Now that looks christmassy delicious! #Tried&Tested

  7. these look great, the rocky road house looks so yummy

  8. Great ideas, with great pictures.

  9. This is lovely!! We made a black and orange one for halloween x

  10. For how cheap they are, I wouldn't expect them to look like they do on the packet. I'm really impressed. They look great and yummy.

  11. What a great Kit! my daughter loves baking and this would be great fun

  12. Very very clever

  13. Pam Francis Gregory9 December 2014 at 21:12

    Looks very good for the price!

  14. The other half "I wanty, I wanty".

  15. oh the rocky road house looks great, we have a gingerbread one to build this year