Wednesday, 12 November 2014



I was talking to the people at Lambrini and having a daughter I asked if I could share this free app as a) I wanted Paige to try it and b) for all you ladies at uni or not.
Paige is studying in Derby, this obviously goes hand in hand with nights out, walking back from uni in the dark and travelling home. Now the nights are darker, I worry. More so if she goes out for the night with uni friends, not just for a drink, but quiz nights, socialising and even to the shops. Paige is not a heavy drinker, she is much more sensible than I was at her age, she will still have a drink, as a parent I see the dangers I never noticed for myself as a teen.

I have been lucky enough to have some sway with her friends at uni, I am named Mumma Jo by a few. So I can moan at them all without the rolling eyes that parents may get. I have heard a few scary stories about nights out and but for pure luck a few girls arrive back in digs unscathed.

The Lambrini Bodyguard App is better than my moaning as it goes with the girls on their nights out. The best feature has to be the ‘I’ve arrived safely’ function sends a message to friends or relatives via text message or social media. 

Paige downloaded the app and is already finding it useful. She loves the fact that she can search for a taxi and a list near to her appears. 

No need to even leave the Bodyguard app it just rings the taxi and then once in it, a little I'm On my way icon appears, this is her message above and it can be edited with any further details.

Finally I got this message on Facebook, I am home safe, the app sends a tweet, text or Facebook status. I am instantly happy, can get on with my evening and everybody is happy.

The bus information, she is finding really good, the app shows bus stops wherever she is, by clicking on one, a list of current services appear with the timetable, again a message will let people know which service she is on. 
Train station location and the next hours trains is very handy as she travels home each week and during the week to her boyfriends uni city and he worries about her too when on the way home.

The alcohol tracker, I believe will do the warning that parents just stuff up when trying to raise awareness, many teens use apps for well everything. The tracker will say you are however many times over safe drinking limits. Done without the whiny Mum or dad voice, no lecture just a fact, clearly will have some effect.

Read the statistics below and it gave me a shiver about how many felt unsafe.

As the evenings draw in and the festive season approaches, a new survey reveals how women in Britain feel about their personal safety.
As the evenings draw in and the festive season approaches, a new survey reveals how female students in Britain feel about their personal safety.
The research by YouGov for drinks brand Lambrini, asked over 1,000 women aged between 18 and 44 across Britain to talk about how safe they feel in the dark when out at night.
89% of those who said they were in full time education admitted they had walked home alone in the dark more than once after an evening out last winter (21% said they did this more than once a week). Of all these female students who had walked home alone in the dark last winter, 84% said they felt they had put their personal safety at risk by doing this on at least one occasion. Yet only 12% of these women said they ever carried a personal safety alarm to make themselves feel safer – 54% hold keys, 76% hold a mobile phone - and 4% even admitted to holding a can of hairspray.
Almost half (44%) of all the female students surveyed said they had considered dressing differently to make themselves feel safer when they knew they’d be walking home alone in the dark.
“At this time of year, it’s important for women to consider their personal safety and take steps to make sure they don’t put themselves in any danger,” said Michelle Raworth, Brand Manager at Lambrini, “This survey shows that it’s very important for women to feel safe too.”

Lambrini has just updated its free personal safety App called ‘Lambrini BodyGuard’. Aimed at women aged 18 to 44, it uses mobile location to offer a ‘get me home’ link to taxi phone numbers and bus and train timetables in the local area. The ‘I’ve arrived safely’ function sends a message to friends or relatives via text message or social media. It also features a unit calculator so women can keep themselves safe by tracking their alcohol intake over the festive season.

Waiting for a cab that doesn’t show, a bus that’s running late or just walking home alone can be a frightening experience if you’re in the dark. Almost all (94%) of all the female students surveyed said they felt afraid of the dark if they were alone at night in the street.
It also seems that those who choose to drive home can feel just as nervous; 95% of all the female students surveyed said they felt afraid if they were alone in a public car park in the dark when out at night.

Michelle said: “Almost half of female students in the online survey (43%) said they have used social media to check that their friends have arrived home safely. 86% used their mobile phone to send a text message so we hope that The Bodyguard App can offer practical information, useful functions and peace of mind so that women can feel more confident about their personal safety.”

Available on both  Apple and Android, this app is free to download.

Winter was defined as the end of October 2013 to February 2014
All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 4,400 adults, 1,030 of which are women aged 18-44. Fieldwork was undertaken between 23rd - 27th October 2014. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).


  1. What a fantastic app. Definitely something that puts my mind at ease. You hear so many horror stories these days, so this is bound to save a lot of distress for a lot of parents x

  2. This is amazing! I feel pretty safe in Sheffield as I've lived here all my life but I always worry how I'm going to get home so this is a really great way of doing that

  3. This is an amazing idea, I wish I had this app when I was at uni x

  4. What a fab app, so many great features for parents and young people - well done Lambrini ! :)

  5. This is a really fantastic app, and as much as I wholeheartedly dont go out clubbing or drinking, if I do I think this is a really great, reassuring addition xxx

  6. Sound like a good app I worry for my girls when they're older

  7. This looks like an amazing app! It keeps young girls safe and any problems you'll know!

  8. this looks great. I will be telling my 3 daughters about it.

  9. Thanks for sharing this Jo xx

  10. Love this app ... I would actually like my son to use this too ... he is off to uni in September 2015 too (Derby hopefully too) ... but I know this would actually be very helpful for me and him ... Might sound stupid being used for a boy but he is not the stand up for himself kind of lad xxx