Friday, 28 November 2014

Barkbeats Christmas giveaway

I have a lovely giveaway to win the Xmas Edition of the Barkbeats subscription box. Forget those beauty ones, pamper your best friend!!

Each month their experts carefully select top-brand toys, treats and seasonal artisan snacks that both you and your doggie will love. 

Boxes are catered to your pooch's size and delivered to your home or office via Royal Mail.

You just tell them the size of your dog, they then tailor the box to your pooch
They create a monthly box with 5 to 6 premium products 
Top quality brands and full size products
The Xmas Box this year includes Kong Jels, a squeeky Raindeer toy from Kaygen, natural holistic treats and an exclusive hand-decorated "gingerbread-hooman" cookie. 

Details of the box, and past boxes can be found here

To enter the giveaway just use the Rafflecopter below


  1. The dogs would love the"gingerbread-hooman" cookie

  2. A great idea for doggies... that gingerbread wouldn't last long as my dogs demolish everything, including Kong's to shreds. Wish there was something stronger.

  3. my dog would be barking mad if i did not enter

  4. doggilicious, for my special pooch.

  5. Brilliant prize for dogs ...what about the cats thought? Xxx