Thursday, 23 October 2014

#RealJuice with Philips Viva

 'Juicing for health' week has been a great discovery.

To give you a little background on me, I was the fussiest child on the planet. If you have toddlers who are hard to feed veggies to, then do not despair, there is hope they will become a lover as they grow. Just keep trying and try not to battle too much.

I point blank refused to eat vegetables,  so far as if any food had onion in, I refused it. Somebody told me potatoes were a vegetable and for a while I refused those too. Baked beans were also shunned, fussy was my middle name.

My poor Mum probably tore her hair out trying to cater to me, we had so many food battles, I won most and even the school who back in my day, made you sit all afternoon in the hall with cold congealed stew with the warning, I could not leave until I ate lost against my stubbornness. I won that battle too.

I now eat everything, bar kidneys, not a veg I know and I am not keen on sweet and sour. But I still am not what you would call a lover of vegetables. 

I eat them, I love them in a casserole and curried but mainly I do eat them for the obvious health benefits.

So when Philips asked me to try the juicing, I did hesitate. Lots 5 a day veg juiced is not my cup of tea, sorry to mix metaphors.

However I have drank every single one and surprisingly raw and juiced I actually loved. I think I can say love. 

The Philips Juicer has been brilliant, easy to set up, super easy to clean, nice and compact,  for the full review see here.

The only problem I had was forgetting to put a glass under the Melon cooler. Do not do this, it was possibly the worst fruit to do it with, it splashed everywhere mainly on me.

Day One

I wanted to hold my nose for the first Classic Cleanse juice, beetroot I really never go near. Added to carrot, celery and apple I actually while not relishing it, was surprised it was drinkable. In hindsight i would add an extra apple to make it not so much sweet, but tastier for my liking. Conor who said he would try liked this one.

Day Two 

Glowing Greens Juice. Including cucumber which contains silica to help keep the skin elastic and pear to fight free radical damage to your skin. Pear, spinach, lemon celery and parsley. This was the one that I loved, Conor who has done the juice program with me did not like the lemon, but as most of you know it made the drink for me. I added two apples. I actually got a comment from asking had I changed my foundation, I had none on, so I think this one worked.

Day Three

The 4pm Pick Me Up. Wow this one was  super green. Added cinnamon as this regulates blood sugar levels. Not my fave so far,  I am not a lover of cinnamon but downed it fast as I know its super healthy. My slump time hits at this time as for most people, I steadily get worse, Granny needs seeing to a bit at this time of day, then the family descend, dinner, tidying up. I found I was bubbly. A friend online asked me if I had been drinking as I was so bubbly. Haha.

Day Four

 The Fat Buster, Melon and mint cooler. Yummy despite me not being overly keen on mint. I loved this , I will definitely be drinking, despite not needed a fat buster until holiday times.

Day Five

Stir and Purr juice. This was the bedtime drink, maybe the light and mix of fruit, makes it the strangest looking juice, however a lovely flavour. Pineapple have melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. This is the drink that is staying as I need it, getting up with Granny in the night, I do not get off easily after, with this I did and as a bonus, Chris switched my alarm off and I had a lay in until 9am.The cucumber as mentioned above are great for the skin as before so this is a winner for me. Cherries and Tomatoes are also good sleep aids. Oh and it is really really tasty.

Day Six

Beat the bloat. Pineapple, lime, apples and mint. The inclusion of mint aids digestion and stops the bloat. Gorgeous drink, this one is brilliant for those meals which leave you having to loosen the buttons on your clothes. I did have way more than this but I forgot and slurped some, not a nice look for a photo.


Day Seven
Super Skin Juice I picked this out of the list as I felt the Glowing Greens juice already helped my skin, with the addition of lime which makes the skin glow.Lime is a bit of a magical fruit as it rejuvenates skin, protects skin from infection and is an anti oxidant.


For one week, I have been amazed how easy it is to juice and start to like vegetables more. In the raw state and mixed with a natural sweetener like apple or pear, it is so easy to incorporate them into my diet.

I had a headache for the first three days, I think it was the juice and  feel maybe it was my body getting rid of other toxins, I did get incredibly hungry for the first three days too. 

I can say my bowel is way better, this very evident without going into detail.

Skin is certainly looking good and I am most impressed with this, at my age, my skin needs help!! 

I did feel a bit tired at the beginning of juicing , energised after the drinks but tired all round, however I have had a lot more home life stress so not sure it was the juice. This has changed and with a real lot of stress on the last few days I actually felt the juice has finally helped.

Sleep is way better and I wake more easily. I feel better all round at the end of 7 days.

I will be continuing and looking at which, fruits, vegetables and herbs do what for my body more and combining to keep me going. As a carer I need this and I also am going to juice for Granny after looking up advice for elderly people.


  1. I love juicing, my only issue is the mess!

    1. Apart from peeling the limes and lemons, there was none for me. Well apart from my forgetting to put a glass under the spout haha.

  2. That's really interesting to read, the benefits sound amazing!

  3. wow these all look very interesting, im not sure about putting veg in juice - just the thought of it puts me off

  4. I love using our juicer, i love the sound of your 4pm pick me up i may give that a try myself.

  5. I love fresh juice and believe it has lots of benefits. I do find however, that if I juice a lot of green stuff, I do get a bad headache. I think this might be due to high levels of oxalates in some plants - not well tolerated by everyone.

  6. I'm hearing more and more about this juicing fad, really need to get myself a nice juicer!!

  7. Sounds really good - i need to do it and keep doing it - with things like this i always do it loads for a short while then stop!

  8. I must try juicing again. My last juicer I had was about 20 years ago and it was useless and put me off big time.

  9. I'm rubbish at putting together combinations for juices, but you've put some lovely ones together. I'll have to try them x

  10. Thanks to this post, I've started to make juice again and I'm really enjoying it.