Friday, 24 October 2014

Asda Simply Roast In The Tray

Asda have a new Simply Roast In The Tray Beef and sent me some to find out if it was simple.

I did have a few doubts

I spent many Sundays feeling grumpy about the cost of a joint of beef, buying all the trimmings, spending ages in the kitchen to end up with tough string slices of beef, you could actually use for a boot sole. So I cook it a certain way, buying the right meat for the job and would never just put it straight into the oven. 

But last Sunday I did. In fact with this topside joint, you only remove the cardboard sleeve.

You can of course remove all the packaging and put it in a roasting dish, but if time is of the essence and you want a guaranteed nice piece of beef, then it really works. Plus no washing up or a greasy tin. 

The bag and tray do not burn. 

 It does indeed cook the perfect beef joint – no mess, no fuss, slices so well and plenty to go around for 4 and a few slices over for a sandwich the next day.

Oh and the taste is really really good, no gristle, no chewing for ages, no grumpiness, the texture, melt in the mouth. I will definitely be trying out the rest of the range. There are briskets, silverside, garlic and herb and many more in the range. I will be trying the Peppercorn beef joint this week.

I am happy that I can put together a roast dinner easily as with Granny, I cannot always guarantee the time for a Sunday dinner. For me the beef joints are brilliant.

Try it with the recipe for The Best Ever Yorkshire Puddings (Apparently)

I received the Simply Roast in the Tray joints from Asda in order to post this review, my opinions are my own.


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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Looks great! So much simpler than doing it completely by yourself and probably cheaper!

  2. Oh yum this looks absolutely delicious - I know a man who would love to try this out and how easy to have it ready to bake! x

  3. I can not believe how lovely this looks. Love a good old roast on a Sunday, will have to try this meat one Sunday when I do not have bags of time to prepare a roast. x

  4. I've got one of these in the oven right now. First time I've tried it, so fingers crossed.

  5. Love the sound of how easy this is and no washing up!

  6. I was always sceptical about these too, but since reading your post, I'll have to give it a try.

  7. Definitely worth a try! Anything that cuts down the work ... and the washing up! :)

  8. looks tasty, I love anything that requires little effort, I hate cooking

  9. Was there plenty of juices to make a gravy with?

  10. looks a great result and doesn't take that long