Tuesday, 30 September 2014

PG Personali-Tea Quiz

Are you a Strong character, or a bit more Mellow?  The cheeky PG Tips Monkey asked me to discover my Personali- Tea in a quiz running on Facebook and find the best tea that suits my personality.

As you can see from the postcard I was sent I am the 'Strong One' always around to help friends and steer them through a drama.

It certainly is close to the mark and along with the postcard they sent me they sent me the four teas  that make up the different personali-teas and some pampering goodies well because Monkey is a very kind chap

As they explained, "With so many different varieties available, it’s all about providing teas for every taste and finding the perfect tasting cuppa for your personality."

I just have to say when it comes to tea, I have been drinking PG Tips since I was a child I am a tea addict, it is the drink I would choose if I was only ever allowed to choose one drink for life. It would also have to be PG Tips, I have to have a cuppa, after a night out partying (not that this happens these days), I have taken my Pg Tips on every holiday, to every hotel I have ever stayed at. If I could choose one of the blends that suits my taste it would be the Rich one. I love Assam tea.

The Rich One
PG’s best ever blend. A fine mix of African, Ceylon and Assam teas. PG Rich has a bright golden colour, citrusy taste and rich aroma.  maybe it is that citrus flavour that draws me, as you all know this blog is full of lemony recipes, and me rattling on about it. PG Tips describe The Rich One as  like a hug in a mug. It sums it up perfectly.

The Fresh One
You guessed it; this is PG’s fresh tasting blend! This blend is made from 100% Kenyan tea. The unique pressing process, makes this one a tasty well rounded cuppa! It’s fresh & smooth tea flavour, aroma likened to ‘freshly baked bread’ and a deep red colouring, promises to provide an easy to drink cuppa. I love this tea, its the perfect afternoon cuppa, vibrant and very hydrating.

The Mellow One

The most smooth tasting PG Blend. A unique mix of decaffeinated and African teas ensures this PG variant is delicate and easy drinking. The light, bright & aromatic character of this cuppa ensures it has a clean finish, making it perfect for those who prefer tea with a softer tone. This suits those who like a mild, weaker taste to their tea, I like it last thing at night when I need my last cuppa but also need to wind down.

The Strong One
The boldest tasting PG Blend. Combining Kenyan and other African teas,  the perfect tasting cuppa to kick start your day. With a strong, bright red colouring, malty aroma, and thick tea character, PG Strong is definitely not a tea you will forget and this tea at first I felt was too strong, I drink really really well brewed tea, I have a dash of milk, no sugar, I was told by a builder recently " You have your tea so strong, you make builders tea seem like its for ballet dancers! I take this as a compliment!
This tea has grown on me over a few days. Its my go to blend for days when I need 'oomph' and certainly gets me knuckling down with my blogging!
Which tea do you think you would like, you can visit http://www.pgtipspersonalitea.co.uk/ to find out!
Disclosure : I received a box of goodies through the post as a thank you for taking the quiz.


  1. I want that mug it is amazing.. Oh and some PG Tips in it too please ;) x

  2. Same as above, your mug is great! I love tea but health issues have meant that I have to stick to decaf now but I still do have a sneaky caffienated one every now and then (infact right now ...very tired!) and quite fancy trying out these x