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Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier

So how are the hay fever and asthma sufferers doing, the warm weather is still about and the grass pollen still affecting lots of people?  45% of people said someone in their household suffers from airborne allergies. This problem effects almost half of the population

We are very happy to report an immense drop in symptoms thanks to the Fellowes AeraMax Filter I have been reviewing and some other good benefits that I was not told about. It has been endorsed with the Seal of Approval from Allergy UK for 

For Paige it has been the usual nightmare, she has been to see a consultant regarding her symptoms, the nosebleeds have been horrific and he recommended a nasal op to widen the passage, but we seem to feel more pollen may get up, haha.

We had got together some useful ways to keep her suffering to a minimum, minimum  read as we are not even curing it, just lessening to very bad from horrendous. 

Enter the AeraMax Filter from Fellowes. I have had experience with dismal electrical pollen trappers that collected some but left greasy yellow stains on walls and surfaces where they were placed. I was a little apprehensive, my walls are cream, Paige's allergy far out weighs this though.

It arrived and was smaller than I imagined, think mini narrow radiator. Its a sleek modern looking appliance so for those who want it to fit in with a rooms decor it is pleasing to the eye. Another plus for me, being small its it is incredibly light in weight, as this filter is suitable for rooms of up to 18m²

OK it looks very technical but the instructions are literally a quarter of a page long. You remove the air filter from the bag, slot back into the machine,  turn on, the air filter senses the air quality and then if its polluted, its starts to filter the air.

The lights are blue for clean, amber denotes the air quality is poor and as we all suspect red for high levels of pollutants. Research shows that the air inside your home or office can contain up to five times more air pollution than the outdoors, therefore purifying the air can help reduce allergens and therefore hopefully help to manage allergy symptoms.

The Fellowes range use odour/gas sensors which are better for identifying the airborne pollutants that we can’t see ourselves. 
This can include various odours, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), gases, aerosols, fumes, outdoor airborne pollution and much more. 

The other type of sensor sometimes found in other brands of  air purifiers are optical, so they will detect larger particles and often need cleaning (at least every 3 months).

Four-stage purification system captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen and other allergens, dust mites, mould spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke

The unit goes into auto mode when turned on, the blue auto logo flashing for  around 4-5 minutes. The flashing auto light means it is calibrating.
The lights are blue for clean, amber denotes the air quality is poor and as we all suspect red for high levels of pollutants.

So after 4 minutes, we had an amber light, denoting poor air quality, we suspected this, recent new windows, the pollen at the first time we tried was particularly high.

So we sat watching for a while, but there really is not much to see, the fan foes into action, which you can hear 

Red was only achieved when I have sprayed polish or Paige has used hairspray when it has been on.

The good thing about the AeraMax apart from the filtering is being so lightweight we can move from room to room. I know you may think Paige would have this permanently installed in her room, however she was in Estonia for a couple of weeks, so we got to use it in other rooms to improve air quality  I felt that would be a good benefit and I found some known and possibly unknown benefits.

Cooking smells are dealt with, we have been using the Philips Air Fryer to make food and used it to cook lamb, this when put to high for the last few minutes of cooking, really let off odour, a nice yummy odour mind you. The Aeramax kicked straight in and the cooking odours are gone a lot quicker.

I have noticed less dust, again in an old house, and over the last two years we have had work done, so dust has been a pain, I have noticed less especially on the bane of my life glass shelf under the TV and the TV itself.

But the biggest bestest, I know  sorry a bit silly however this is my excited sentence!!!

It lessens snoring!!!!!

We used it it in our bedroom, to start,I feel I am sleeping better, the air I can only describe it as cleaner, fresher. But Chris is not waking me up with loud snores, maybe its a pollen thing, but then he snores in winter? I only know its quieter, I get up in the night with Granny. I know he is quieter as that is usually when I get back to bed and cannot get back off as his snoring is too loud and I get very grumpy.

I was not expecting this benefit, I am not sure Fellowes would use this as a selling feature, I only know that when its been out of use, after two nights the snoring worsens, bring back the AeraMax.

I am hard pressed to find anything wrong with it, the fan on low is silent so sits in the background and we have found you can sleep with it running on the lowest setting if you do want to run it all night, for people who have real trouble breathing, its quiet enough to use.

I read up on some of the benefits for other allergy sufferers and the info seems relevant for those. I have in the past used a dust mite spray, Chris had bad eczema and asthma when we first met and when we set up home, I knew the dust mites were a factor, they are small enough but its their poop that does the damage according to the Environment Protection Agency!!!

 437 grains of dust in our home contain nearly 42,000 living dust mites – with each mite expelling 20 fecal pellets every day.


Each of the three machines in the AeraMax™ range features a True HEPA filter. This is an EU certified level of ‘High Efficiency Particulate Absorption’, which removes 99.97% of airborne impurities as small as 0.3microns.

That’s small enough to remove airborne particles including dust mites faeces (a common cause of allergies and poor health).

For us we have had a change. The air feels fresh, Chris is sleeping better, I am able to get back off if I do have to get up in the night.

Paige seems greatly better, I can only say that we hope to be looking forward to the start of spring and for maybe the first year in a while, she will be able to enjoy the new buds on the trees as a pretty sight, not with dread!

The Fellowes range of AeraMax™ air purifiers are available from Amazon from £149.99.

Disclosure. I was sent the Fellowes AeraMax D55 for the purpose of this review, I received no other incentive.

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  1. I might need to look into it, as my sinus is getting worse and worse. I have an old air purifier somewhere, which I stopped using as it was quite noisy.

    1. This is great, on maximum I still find I zone out from it and I like quiet, I have had on at night on the lowest and I am a real light sleeper and I found it fine. Last night a car pulled up near the house and it kicked into action, the window was open. I did think about turning it off, however I prefer it to the pollution that must have entered the bedroom, I was gone in seconds!

  2. This sounds like such a great air filter we have a very cheap one but it is nothing like this - perhaps it is time to upgrade! x

    1. We love it!! Great for making the house smell good! Sleep is better, worth the money and I will buy another when I need to.

  3. This sounds great I am so paranoid as my flat hasn't had it's cavity filled in above me and there is so much dust I have had a lot of problems with sinuses and blocked noses, truly great help in the most unexpected of places thank you xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

    1. This would definitely help, it makes a great difference in the atmosphere in all rooms.

  4. It does sound really good! Especially as it can stop snoring!!! Seriously, my daughter uses a battery operated prong which goes in the nostrils for a few minutes every morning and evening (I have to make her do it). It claims to desensitize the nose. It seems to help her and she says it does. I got it from Boots.

    1. OOh I am interested in this prong, sounds a bit gross but if it works, some nights previously I would stick anything up the husbands nose, he may object though!! I think the AeraMax has a dual benefit, my sleep is sounder as the room is not stuffy, and he breathes and sleeps easier so snoring is minimal. I am not sure how but its happening!

  5. I have never thought of using an air filter for hayfever, what a great idea! An absolute bonus that it lessens snoring too, you are right that is a definite selling point. It must be nice just to know that your air is cleaner and it does look very compact and easy to use. #triedtested

    1. It gets rid off all the tiny pollens in the air, its nice as we can have the windows open and not make Paige suffer!!

  6. My husband and my 2 boys have eczema, hayfever and asthma, so I think this would be just perfect for them! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  7. we have this one and its amazing on the less dust front isnt it! x

  8. This sounds genius! Mr D has slight asthma but also snores and keeps me and baby up! May just need to invest! Would love it if you shared your review on #britmumsreviews as well

  9. This looks great, and reduces snoring you say, i'm sold! We luckily don't have any asthma in the family but the benefits of this machine are really enticing, with the snoring aspect the cherry on the cake! :) #TriedTested

  10. As someone who is hugely asthmatic and allergic to dust this sort of thing is really interesting. I have a huge air purifier but aside from taking up a lot of room in my house I don't think it really does anything useful.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  11. My hubby suffers from asthma and it gets worse this time of year. This looks great.

  12. Thank you so much.

  13. Thank you so much.

  14. I have never known this machine the before times.
    Thanks for sharing this post.