Thursday, 25 September 2014

Chicken Tikka Rice

This is the second post for the lake District Co new cooking sauces, I received a hamper with all the ingredients to try out the new low fat healthier sauces and of the three this Chicken Tikka Rice was voted our family favourite. 

Its also one of the nation’s favourites – a beautiful blend of herbs and spices for perfect curry dishes with minimal fuss and packing in a great taste but not piling on the calories the 200g pot which served three healthy appetites has 150 calories for the whole pot.

All the sauces are fab for those who are busy and of course the health-conscious, these naturally low fat cooking sauces are a great product to keep in the fridge for the nights you have not the time or inclination to cook from scratch but don't want to resort to a takeaway.

The sauces are made with quark, the natural dairy ‘wonder ingredient’, they boast half the calories and treble the protein of other stir-in dairy sauces.

The dish cooked in minutes, even less than the recipe card states as I used ready cooked rice and this made it a fast warming satisfying meal that pleased everybody. The creamy mild flavoursome sauce I would happily use again. I omitted the raisins and almonds further making the dish with less calories and next time I will add more veggies in to make it even more nutritious

For the full review see here and for the tasty Gnocchi Cheese bake see here 

Contains NO preservatives or artificial flavours.
Nutrition (per 100g):
75kcals, 4.5g Sugar, 2.6g Fat, 0.6g Saturates, 0.74g Salt

The all-new Lake District Dairy Co. Cooking Sauce line-up will be found in the chilled goods dairy cabinets of supermarkets such as Sainsbury's nationwide this Autumn.

For more information please visit - RRP £1.75 per 200g pot.

I received the ingredients in order to recreate the dish above.


  1. Great idea for simplicity and ease.

  2. Love the look of Garlic and Herb, these sauces look great!

  3. these sound nice, adds something a bit different to what can be tastless rice.

  4. Not seen these yet. Looks like a good instant tasty fix.

  5. looks so yummy, will have to look out for this