Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Comfort Creations Review and Giveaway

Comfort has teamed up with celebrity mum Coleen Rooney to celebrate the launch of new, luxurious fabric conditioners - blended by perfume experts.
Doesn't she look amazing in that dress?

Now I certainly do not look like that when doing the laundry, but I do like to have scent in my washing, am I alone in going into shops and sniffing the latest fragrance? Please say you do too! 

 Comfort have introduced three new luxurious fabric conditioners, called Comfort Creations. 

To create these, there was  no messing about, Comfort went to the top and worked with top international perfume houses Firmenich and  International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) to bring a luxurious scent and a long lasting fragrance. Each blend has been expertly developed by fragrance specialists and includes cutting edge technology to give a fragrance boost and 100% more longer lasting fragrance**.

The 3  new fragrances:

Honeysuckle and Sandalwood
A unique oriental creation which opens with a radiant top of citrus notes and frangipani before unveiling a rich and elegant floral heart of white flowers. Fruity facets combined with a mouth-watering blend of vanilla, brown sugar and amber provide an addictive signature.

Indian Rose and Musk
With top notes of citrus, peach, apple, pear and a woody background of sandalwood, patchouli, musk, balsamic and vanilla, the fragrance has been expertly blended around a natural rose accord for an extra sensorial and romantic experience.

Snapdragon and Patchouli*
A very sensual and sophisticated white floral signature fragrance with top notes of bergamot, mandarin and apple, Snapdragon and Patchouli is sure to give you an uplifting boost.

 My favourite softener from Comfort is the blue skies but always happy to try another.
I went onto the Facebook Comfort Zone to see which fragrance suited  me and maybe win a trip to Paris and I was pleased to see it was the Snapdragon and Patchouli, pleased because Comfort sent me a bottle to try.

My fragrance personality result



The Fragrance quiz certainly got the fragrance right, its beautifully flowery, smells exotic, my home was filled with a lovely new aroma and its certainly long lasting, Granny loves it on her towels and bedding and I hope to get to those distant shores with my freshly laundered swimming cozzies one day!! 

So fancy having a go at winning the trip to Paris and finding out which fragrance suits you, give it a go, I expect the competition will be popular and I am hoping my mini giveaway will be too.

Comfort have kindly offered a bottle of the new creations to five winners. The fragrance will be randomly picked and sent or should that be scent!!

Just fill in the easy peasy Rafflecopter below.

Comfort Creations has an RRP £3.30 for 1.16L bottles (33 washes) and is available from all major supermarkets 
 * Snapdragon and Patchouli is exclusive to Asda stores
** Vs. Comfort Jojoba Oil
For more information visit

I received a bottle of Comfort Creations in order to try the fragrance on my laundry, my views are my own and I was given no other payment to review.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Like Love Loathe # 22

LIKE I like my daughter going off on adventures, she has just gone to Tallinn, Estonia well just outside the city into the woods, she is a camp supervisor with children learning English, aged 8-14. She has never flown alone before, stopping in Frankfurt on the way and she had a few wobbles with nerves. Food, homesickness and just being so far away, I must admit I had a few nerves about her going, the signal we knew would be bad and wifi non existent and she is a home bird so pushing right out of her comfort zone

I did not expect to hear much, a text to say she was on the ground after the flight, was the expectation so when I got the above glorious picture via Instagram She took her group, who are Russian girls aged 13/14, who adore her she said because she is English to the local beach, the photo above somewhere on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. My worry has lifted, I know she is OK, a moan about the food was mentioned but its not bad.
I like that my teen daughter is becoming self assured, independent and making her own way, to be honest I am a teeny bit jealous!

LOVE I love The Hunger Games, OK, OK I am very late to the party!!

 I was told by an array of people that it was a 'must see' I resisted this message,  I felt it would be futuristic, teen drivel, with lots of fighting. But the voices got louder, more people were saying it. So Chris recorded a few months ago, to watch at some point ( we always watch films together or not at all.) 

Last week.I scrolled through the list already having turned it down several times and he settled on it, saying I really want us to watch it. I folded my arms with a ' I am not going to enjoy this,' bottom lip out and it started to play. The film is so very very good, its long and I never noticed, it involves you from the minute it begins, something for everybody, the teens, women and men, the storyline is superb. I will not describe the plot or scenes......'You must watch it!'

 Dragonfly because I love them, they do not bite me.

LOATHE  This week I loathe bitey things, mosquitoes, gnats etc. I always get bitten by mozzys, if you have read my reviews you will see a number of my moans about not the bite, but my reaction to it! Huge swelling around the bite site, to the point, I have had to go to the Drs. A whole leg can be painful just from a bite on my toe. I loathe stinking of mozziguard, instead of a nice perfume, the fact that I need to keep the windows closed in the heat, they even have the cheek to bite through my clothes if I have sprayed visible parts.

So OK, I know mosquitoes do this, its in their blood, or should I say mine! But I object to other insects taking a nag of me, I have been chomped on by ladybirds, I do know its a nip, but it hurts. 

A beetle a while back, several unknown critters that have a bite and clear off, but this week I felt its too much, I am not a eat as much as you want buffet!! I have no fear of any insect even spiders, but I am wary when something lands on me now.

I felt a not so bad but slightly 'Ooh something is biting me' effect. I looked at my arm and there was a green fly, yes that teeny little greenfly who devastates my tender buds in the garden, was dining out on me. Is this possible, do green fly bite or was the tiny pinch feeling my imagination?

Chris and Granny both said I must be sweet, Chris has said tasty with that husbandly leer, but this does not make me feel happy. I loathe being bitten!

Premiere of The Hunger Games Catching Fire thanks to Shutterstock

Greenfly on rose leaf in springtime thanks to Shutterstock

Friday, 25 July 2014

Chorizo and Chicken Egg Fried Rice

Its hot out there, I am trying to keep hob and oven cooking to the barest minimum, you may remember my  summerslowcooking chorizo and chicken last year,so when Veetee asked me if I wanted to conjure up a new recipe using their new Dine In rice selection, my body temperature and me said yes please very gratefully. They take 2 minutes in the microwave.

I received a  mini hamper to set me going.
Some peppers, chorizo, coconut milk, fresh chilli,  lovely serving dishes, a spoon peppers a handy little timer, great to keep me out of the kitchen and cooling down. 

Plus of course the Veetee Dine In Rice. These are new to the range an Egg Fried rice and a Wholegrain Brown, having not eaten any of the range at all, I was most keen to try one and maybe add a new store cupboard favourite.

The Veetee wholegrain rice was put to one side as my ingredients did not really fit but I am definitely giving it a go, brown rice in 2 minutes appeals very much,  they use Jasmine Brown rice which is slightly sticky with that nutty taste that you may have experienced. As its a low GI food, so it keeps energy levels up, stops sugar cravings after a meal and keeps you fuller for longer.

Update 29/07 to add a picture of the tasty Veetee wholegrain rice, my lovely neighbours were celebrating Eid and brought round fish curry and lamb, and some homemade bhajis. I whipped up a quick chilli salsa and was about to boil rice, but remembered the Veetee Dine In takes just two minutes, as the food they gave us was hot, we were able to eat straight away.
Its got a lovely flavour, lighter than boiled brown rice, I loved the sticky texture and have already bought more.

I already use Veetee easy cook rice,  if cooking Jambalaya, slow cooker recipes and just plain rice to accompany  a dish, I highly recommend

It occurred to me I have never devised a rice dish using ready cooked rice. So here goes.  

I had left over cooked chicken, spring onions that needed cooking up not fresh enough for salads, so these were all added to the ingredients Veetee provided.

Sorry the ingredients are a bit lacking, measurement wise, so go with more or less of the ingredients than advised. Mine served two generous portions.

Oh and the Dine In egg fried rice was very good, soft plump rice and I will definitely use again when in a rush or for hot days!

Chorizo and Chicken Egg fried Rice

*Please note the coconut milk was not used, I decided it was not needed.*
4 spring onions chopped
250g Chorizo cut into thick coins.
1/2 a red pepper diced
1/4 red chilli, finely chopped, remove seeds for less fire.
 150g cooked chicken
2 Veetee Dine In Egg fried rice portions
Soy sauce to flavour.
Sweet chilli sauce as a condiment!


Heat a large frying pan or wok on a medium-high heat. Add the sliced chorizo slices  and cook until the lovely red oil starts to ooze out and they begin to crisp at the edges.

Add the spring onion, red chilli, peppers and a few dashes of soy in to the wok and fry for a few minutes until cooked.

Add the chicken to heat through and finally tip the rice into the mixture, stirring until warmed through and all combined, a few more shakes of soy sauce if you like. 

Serve with a little fresh spring onion for texture and colour.

Freebie Friday 25th July - 31st July 2014

Its been a hot week, I certainly have been trying to cool down, I hope a few of this freebies are as hot though. 

Those of you with children on school holidays, have a great sunny few weeks.
Check out the Boots free photos below and capture those happy moments together.

Bloggers and compers don't forget to add any giveaways, freebies or discounts into the linky at the end.


Well its a freebie and its me!! 

No you don't get me for free, you get coffee, but you can  see my name in the same sentence as Nigella Lawson. I am a little bit excited by this!!

Add your own coffee creation for a free jar of coffee.

Diet Coke have hidden 24,000 limited edition  'Hunk' bottles in Boots stores. Find one and it's yours, for free.
Available from 23rd July - 19th August.

Calling all parents and grandparents of children 0-24 Months
Take 5 minutes to answer a few questions on your opinions on App toys. As a thank you we will send your child or grandchild a sma
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Seabrook free bag of Lattice Hand Cooked Crisps (Expired thanks Maya Russell)

Prima July Mag spot, Free Hair Cut and finish
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Money Off Coupons

£1 off Goodfellas Smiler Pizza
Sounds nommy, deep pan baked base, spicy sausage, pan fried onion and Jalapeno peppers.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Courvoisier Punch

As Prince George prepares to mark his first year as the nation’s favourite baby, there’s no doubt Great Britain seized the opportunity to celebrate the joyous occasion yesterday 22nd July.

To celebrate the greatest of British institutions – the royal family – Courvoisier, the UK’s number one cognac, has a delicious signature punch which offers the perfect sharing drink to relive the Jubilee spirit and raise a toast to the young Prince! 

They offered me a few miniatures to join in the celebrations, well how could I say no!
Courvoisier is a cognac that as Chris says needs no words, no mixers, no introductions and no words, he says this last remark with a look of, shall we say warning at Christmas times, but hey ho, that is my job here!!

I on the other hand like it with a little extra and this recipe is perfect, I also add it to steamed pudding, please do not take me off to the tower and chop off my head!

The recipe is super easy to make, meaning you can spend more time rejoicing with friends and family…

Courvoisier Punch (makes one glass)
50ml Courvoisier VS
150ml lemonade
Four dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters

Courvoisier Punch (makes one punch bowl)
250ml Courvoisier VS
750ml lemonade
20 dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters

Method: Combine all the ingredients. Serve with ice and wheels of lemon and orange in a punch vessel (the more majestic, the better).

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Karcher Window Vac Review

Who loves cleaning windows?

In summer the job is pleasant and if you can get on them before the sun is out, they look shiny and sparkly! Its a bind as it always wants doing more than the colder days. Winter is the time when we hate it, its bitter, windy and Chris and I often put it off. We share a lot of chores, so the banter starts about who gets put out in the cold!

I explain to him each year, I am messier than he, shorter so cannot reach, shh, he doesn't notice I manage in summer quite well, with a step.

However with our busy schedule and our temperamental weather even in summer, we cannot pick and choose the times and often find we are either dashing out with a bucket of soapy water, dodging rain, or trying clear those smears when the sun is shining. 

Its a time consuming job, we have large patio doors, these are the first area I see needing attention, coupled with the fact, the birds which seem to all have found our garden and often fly up at the windows.

I have over the years found that most of the window cleaning products and I just do not get along with, I use hot water, a bit of washing up liquid, occasionally a spot of vinegar and a pile of cloths to get a good shine.

So when Karcher offered me the latest WV60, I for one was interested, I had seen the ads for it and it looked quicker, giving great results, cleaned mirrors etc, but also knowing that it may just be another gadget abandoned to the  cupboard, deemed OK, but not worth the effort of assembling and using.

Chris aka Mr Gadget man who has a shed full of weird objects 'man tools'  'apparently' amazing, for once was not sold on the idea. He grumbled in a Victor Meldrewesque voice, it won't be as good as a bucket, hot soapy water and a chamois!

So I got to play with the WV60 first.  

Its very easy to assemble, you basically have a micro fibre pad which attaches to the head then to the bottle, this becomes your cleaning tool. This was filled with a  recommended Karcher Window cleaner, more about that later . Then after a charge you are good to go! 

The spray is applied to the windows, a good wipe all over, so far not much in difference between ordinary spray and cloth. Its  a lightweight head and bottle, easy to apply the solution and then you just need to wipe over. The pad can be rinsed out between application and finally can be machine washed.

The cleaning fluid provided is pretty awesome, as I said before I do not hold with store bought cleaners and my initial concerns were great window vacuum, but was it going to cost a fortune to buy the fluid?

A quick google found that Tesco, Amazon as well as Karcher provide the spray. I found it for £4.95, for a 500 ml bottle, when cleaning you use 20 ml of concentrate (1 x 20
ml) with 250 ml of clear water.  So  25 washes per £4.95 with my maths makes just under 20p a bottle.

Or to add to this can any window cleaner be used in the Karcher Window vac? 

Well the manual states 'Only use this appliance with conventional window cleaners
(no spirit, or foam cleaners' so yes other cleaners can be used. 

Not sure I want to though having used it as bearing in mind I was stingy with the spray but this easily cleaned  one large double patio door with four windows above and two to the side, a large bay window, large kitchen window, two doors, two windows inside and out. 

A further four windows upstairs, inside only, three large mirrors,  double kitchen cupboard leaded glass doors, a shower screen, oh and my cooker hob lid, yes its brilliant on that also.

I still had liquid in the bottle but for dirtier areas  note you may need more.

So I am sold on the outlay for the Karcher Window Cleaner.

Ok onto the vacuum part, here is where the difference is really obvious over usual cleaning methods. The  genius is that the hand held cordless operated vacuum, hoovers up all the excess dirty water and the squeegee head, gives  the finish you want with no other cloths needed. 

The charge lasted well for me, it easily coped with all of the above list of windows, just because its so fast to do, my subsequent window cleaning sessions have turned me into a whizz and I am able to do vacuum liquid and dirt more seamlessly. 

I really cannot go on and on anymore about this part, it just works so well.

Windows are gleaming after minutes work. Its my new baby!!  I have been trialling for 5 weeks now and am still impressed.

For my other baby, he deemed hit better than his bucket and chamois for pure speed and faster shine.  Chris told me I had missed bits, just so he could have a go, then went round looking for glass to attack. Hence we found that it is fab on the cooker lid. 

Chris Meldrew was won over!!

Now I know come the cold I will feel less inclined to be out their with my new gadget, but I know a man who can!!

Oh and the picture below, well its a shot taken of the garden from one of the clean windows, not bad hey?

To find out more about Karcher, I certainly will be, pop to their site here

I received the Karcher Window Vac WV60 for the purposes of this review, my opinions are my own and may not be those of others. I received no other incentive to feature.
Family Fever

Like Love Loathe

I am making a pledge to try to join in with Sarah Life In a Break Down and Bex from Futures for their LIKE, LOVE, LOATHE linky. As I often am raving about something good or ranting about some minor or major hatred. (Boy can I list lots of those)

So here goes

LIKE I like my new plants bought yesterday at a village that opened up five of the owners gardens to the public. I am still filling the huge expanse of ground and determined that Granny gets to sit in a paradise of colour and scent, its one of the few places she can get to now, so it is  important I get it filled. I got some great bargains and plants that will grow big and also self seed. 

Also while in one of the gardens I was remarking on all the low growing plants the lady had, I said these would be great to stop the weeds, she bent down and dug up huge portions for me to take home and said, " Pop back another day when its not so busy and I will give you some more plants"  Another total stranger, being generous, really made my day!

LOVE I love love love my new necklace bought by my friend for my birthday, I adore dragonflies, the real ones and decorative ones. 

The pendant is so detailed, very big which I like in a necklace and the comments are already coming in, I have been stopped and asked a few times about it. 

Its perfect for me, I will  wear it lots, I will not be bothered if it matches my clothes, I tend to wear what makes me happy and is treasured and this fits both criteria!

LOATHE  This week I have been loathing the press again, the plane crash over Ukraine, has shocked us all, in fact Chris works with a man who sons friend was on board. I have stayed away from anything other than the barest facts.

Yes we need to know what happened, at times we need to call out in condemnation at atrocity, but showing images of bodies and the wreckage, (I have not seen but have been told) is unnecessary, causes more heartache for those who know the victims.  If it was my child there, this would add to my grief. I feel this because of two tragedies that touched my life. The 7/7 bombing was one, a good neighbour James was one of the last casualties to be found and the night he never came home was a one of growing concern, turning to horror, the coming weeks were filled with press stirring up hatred in communities and more grief. 

At the funeral, I saw a photographer up a tree trying to capture a shot of the grieving family, similar happened at another funeral I attended for a boy who had been murdered. I made the front page that day and it brought home to me how it feels to be gawped at when its a private time to mourn. 

Do we need to see the grief of the families and mourners, yes we can feel it, but in trying to capture that breaking news and gain the first shot, I think its loathsome how its obtained.

News photo thanks to Shutterstock
Papparazzi hiding in bin thanks to Shutterstock

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Brabantia Ironing Board Giveaway

Ironing, not the best of words to start a post with, however  as Miranda says "Bear with"

Those who follow my reviews will have read recently of a  love for my new Brabantia ironing board, despite the fact I really do not like ironing. I am too short, I overheat and I get 'apparently' violent when ironing. This an overexaggeration on my husbands part! I like to think I am grumpy.

Now my grumps may remain, but the Brabantia board has dealt with a few of the niggly grievances, since the review and mentioning those benefits, eg, 

Height fits my mini stature and the Daddy Long legs aka Chris as well. 
Includes a brilliant cover made of 100% cotton, that makes the the iron glide so well.
 the board cover being a certain material to get faster results. 
The viscose underlay is nicely padded and also adds to ease of ironing.

The pure size of the board, is a noticed further benefit, its mammoth, I did at first hink it was going to be trickier to fit clothes on, yokes, sleeves etc, but its really well shaped to make it all so easier. For a shortie I actually prefer this, previously I always bought narrow, light boards. Plus I can have a nice lean on it when the heat gets too much, it is so firm and sturdy.

Hope you are convinced this ironing board rocks, Brabantia also rock as they are giving you a chance to see my review is pretty spot on.

Dunes is the ironing board you will receive as above. It was featured in The Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine in April, if you cannot wait to win or do not like giveaways the ironing board can be purchased here RRP £93

Brabantia TW link -