Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Glorious Summer

This glorious guest post comes from the equally gorgeous Erika from Eclectic Enchantments who has kindly shared with you and I, a few thoughts and pictures from her garden and days out with her Mum.

I am away visiting a few myself and hope to do a similar post when I return, for now enjoy the view with Erika and take a look at her really pretty jewellery, blog and the new magazine she has just launched with MS Mummy of Two Chelsea.

Glorious Summer

The weather has definitely made a change for the better, the sun is shining and the world seems brighter.  There is something about the summer weather that makes people happy, they smile more, wear brighter clothes and generally seem to be enjoying life much more,

When the summer months arrive our gardens make a wonderful transformation, for bare ground, dirt and shrubbery, to amazingly bright blooms, pretty flowers and a peppering of colour everywhere.  

This in turn brings a multitude of new visitors to our gardens, bumble bees and butterflies go about their days, inspecting the freshly opened buds, that like the butterfly have come out of their 'shell' into a new being.

The summer seems to always bring laughter, it reminds me of friendship and happy times.  I think that the warmer climate encourages us to all venture out more and be more social, holding barbecues and meeting for drinks.  

There is certainly something to be said for the warmth and brightness of the summer.



  1. Loving all the flowers!
    Felicity kelly

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  3. Definitely need to encourage more butterflies in my garden

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous :) i love the summer - wish it would be like it all year round!