Friday, 13 June 2014

Freebie Friday 13th June

Hello! The lovely Jo is having a well deserved and hopefully wonderful rest from her blog - so please forgive Bex (Futures) and I (Life in a Break Down) as we are new to this! But hopefully we can bring you a couple of good freebies - huge thank you to Helen from Mummy To The Max and her bargain hunting ways and a host of competitions!  

You can link up as normal (in the hopefully working linky and I will try and tweet out the competitions across the week)!

This week 
No freebies to be seen, but the lovely Bex has had a few good wins! Go her!

DeliBakie Dog Snacks from Purina
Free Rescue Remedy Pastels

Free Shampoo and Conditioner Set
02 Priority Freebies (Download the App)
Free FIFA World Cup Stickers
Free Hot Drink (Friday Only)
Worth A Go As So Many
 1,000s of Hooch and Keith Lemon Goodies - 21/06

100 Samples per day of PG Tips

200 Samples per day of Olay

500 Silvikrin 2 day Volume and Hold Mousse

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