Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Erisea Magazine Has Launched

I don't know about you, but I love a good read of a magazine, paper and more lately digital copies.

I need chat, humour, a touch of celeb gossip, parenting, as a foodie I love new recipes and my glam side craves makeup, jewellery, fashion and pretty pictures.

Then as readers know, I love a good competition, running them here on the blog and dabbling online trying to win.

Erisea has just been launched and it ticks all my boxes and more.

There is even an agony aunt, slightly more eccentric than most, think Claire Rayner crossed with the hilarious Mother Nature on the Tampax ads. You can email her your woes ans she will give her pearls of wisdom.

The friendship and beautiful things seem to be the key to the mag, I had a good browse and find I keep dipping in and out as unlike a paper version, new articles keep popping up. 

Erisea Magazine was born from the idea that the world is at your fingertips, you just need to reach out and grab it.

Started by two friends who met through blogging, they realised instantly the connection they had and joint passion for writing.  Erika and Chelsea decided that regardless of the challenges life throws at them, life is to be lived and if you have a love of something you should embrace it with both arms and squeeze.

The name Erisea will hopefully become to be known as one that not only represents the magazine itself, but friendship and loyalty.  Made from three letters of their names, Erika and Chelsea want Erisea to be more than a magazine, to be a symbol to people everywhere that no matter the cards you are dealt, your dreams can always be achieved.

So my top picks are:

Behind The Brush A delve into the world of a beauty make up artist Gemma Aldous who has worked with Alice Cooper, Sheridan Smith, Pixie Lott and the late great Larry Hagman. Plus you get a chance to nose into her makeup bag!!

Strawberry and Elderflower Swiss Roll Recipe drooling so much, this will be an easy summer treat for my family.

Busty Beryl gives advice to a blogger with confidence in  her appearance and writing in the beauty world.

Things That Remind You, You Are A Mum Of Two a hilarious read that will have Mums laughing and nodding their heads in agreement

Five top ways to save money, now we all could do with that!

Finally win a bottle of FLEURrouge perfume, check out the giveaways!!

I am hoping that Erisea goes from strength to strength, only just launched, its already looking like a good place to stop and while away a few hours!!


  1. This sounds like a great magazine, I love the sound of the strawberry and elderflower Swiss roll, must check it out :)

  2. It's a great idea! Haven't had chance to stop by and check it out yet but I will definitely have a look when I get a spare evening this week!

  3. Your support in this whole thing has been amazing. Love you Jo xxxx

  4. This sounds a great magazine. I've been in hospital the last few weeks and it's amazing how quick you can go through magazines, so I'm definitely going to go check this out, especially the mum of 2 as I've just had my 2nd baby.

  5. Sounds fab, I will have to pop over and take a look.

    X x

  6. This does sound fab! Thanks for the review, going to have a look at it tonight :) x

  7. I'm going to read 'Behind the Brush'. Sounds interesting.

  8. Hmm food for thought, will have a look x

  9. Have never heard of it but I love magazines so I may take a look :)