Monday, 16 June 2014

Barbeque Money Saving Food

In the last Barbecue Money saving I covered the best deals for garden furniture and cheapest BBQ here
Now a few tips for cheap deals for BBQ food and drink, the supermarkets will lure you in with Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF's) and 2 for £3, £4 or £5.  Good, sometimes bargain burgers and cheap ribs, but not always the best deal, its just the loudest. 

If you live in a city, check out the independent shops, local farms, butchers and Asian butchers especially.

For my barbecue recently  I bought 2 Kg of  chicken thighs for £4.50, I chat to the butcher nicely and he bones these for free now the cheapest supermarket price is £3.50 a Kg for bone-in thighs currently,so I saved a whopping £2.50 on my 2 kilos, take that up to boneless thighs and they are currently £6.65 a kilo. 

I shop locally for veg and fruit as well, seasonally its a more economical way to shop.

If you live near farms its always a good idea,to ask if they sell meat,milk, fruit and veg. I have a friend who is a sheep farmer and will often sell a whole lamb for £25.
Pick your own farms are a great way to buy for cheaper, especially as you can chomp on some delicious goodies while you pick. 

Now not having access to these always, I am a fan of Aldi's Super Six,these are 6 veg and fruit items chosen and only 59p - 69p for 2 weeks. Occasionally they are 39p so well worth checking out. 

This fortnight Aldi  have Jersey Royals 750g,  cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers great for some roasted veggies on skewers, grapes for a nice fruit salad too.

Plus if you are a Pimm's O' Clock Fan, try an Austins O' clock, its a third of the price!!

What are your money saving tips for BBQ season? 


  1. I must try and get there more often! Goes in phases!
    Felicity kelly

  2. We are huge fans of Austins, just as nice as Pimms anyway.

    X x

  3. That's a good price on the chicken. Also probably tastes better, not having been mass produced for the supermarkets.

  4. Never had Pimms but my in laws are always raving about it. Will buy a bottle of Austins & see if they notice the difference :) x

  5. love this post, barbecues are always so expensive so always welcome tips to make it cheaper

  6. I always find the supermarket reduced section and a bit of freezer space incredibly handy - I don't buy any meat full price now.

  7. I got married last weekend and we had this made with lemonade and fruit for when the guests arrived x

  8. I use the supermarket reduced section as well and use the freezer

  9. I've bought my meat from aldi today but not sure it's BBQ weather!!

  10. My big tip is to avoid those prepared BBQ meats in marinade in the supermarket. Its so easy to get your own chicken breasts, marinade in Honey, soy sauce and bbq sauce. Much cheaper and tastier.

    1. Thanks great tip, I do the same, its far cheaper as you say. I like marinading chicken with herbs from the garden, garlic which is so cheap and no oil so healthy and costs pence

  11. Some great info, i always try to buy fruit and veg from local green grocer as i find it cheaper and better quality.

  12. Some great ideas, thanks everyone