Sunday, 15 June 2014

Barbecue and Garden Furniture Moneysaving

I start with a disclaimer, we do not have a charcoal BBQ,  this is believed to be a sin in some gardens, ours is gas, but very money saving. I bought one for Chris, birthday in Homebase in an end of summer sale, reduced from £269 to £179.

I then used my Shop and Scan (a company pay me in a range of high street and hotel vouchers to scan my shopping and upload my till receipts vouchers) The BBQ cost me nothing.

While on the subject of gas, the actual fuel can be expensive, the bottle for a start is horrendously priced.
Again a money saving tip is to use your local freecycle or local Facebook selling groups. We picked bottle up from a kind freecycler, it was even half full of gas, not bad for free! 

When we had charcoal BBQ my best frugal leaning was to stock up on coal, firelighters,tableware, even furniture at the end of the supermarket seasonal time. The table below with chairs cost £32, The posh parasol bought the year after with lights an amazing £21.

For us all with holidays coming up its the height of BBQing, however all the supermarkets go into a mad sell off round about July in order to get the 'Back To School' promo rolling!

Tescos and Sainsbury's  are at the moment on a 50%sale and will drop this to 75%

So you have your cooking means and somewhere to sit hopefully. My next instalment is the food.


  1. I really like the picture with the candles on the table. Lovely setting.

  2. A great look and idea of saving money. I like it so much. I think, it can be very enjoyable moment for dinner. We can arrange the party in this way that can be nice.

  3. Freecycle is such a brilliant idea, deserves more publicity!