Monday, 30 June 2014

Win 10 Cadbury Thank You boxes

Win 10 Cadbury Thank You boxes for your child’s teacher
Summer is here and school’s out! Given To Distracting Others has teamed up with Cadbury to bring a little bit of joy to Mums and Teachers around the UK as the end of term approaches.  One lucky winner will receive x10 boxes of Cadbury Thank You chocolates to help take the hassle out of what to buy for your child’s teacher.   

Bored of buying the same old mug and bunch of flowers for an end of year gift? You’re not alone! 

A whopping 73% of Mums and Dads have less than an hour to spend on finding a gift and are stuck for inspiration, with a further one in five admitting to recycling abandoned presents! 

G:\GolinHarris\clients\Consumer\Cadbury\Projects\Always On\2014\ThankYou Teacher\Images\thank you_10290.jpg

Cadbury Thank You boxes are the perfect present to send you straight to the top of the class. Filled with lovely little Cadbury chocolates with hazelnut praline in a flower shaped box, they are the ideal way to say ‘thank you’ to your child’s teachers for their year of hard work.

G:\GolinHarris\clients\Consumer\Cadbury\Projects\Always On\2014\ThankYou Teacher\Images\Thank You_10394.jpg
Available from, and most retailers: RRP £3.99 for 180g, or RRP £1.49 for 48g.
To enter, simply answer this question:

To win answer the question, please add the answer in the Rafflecopter but let me know in 

comments you have entered and it would be nice to hear your thoughts on your child's teachers or schools.
What shaped box does Cadbury Thank You come in?
  • A flower
  • A square
  • A triangle

Friday, 27 June 2014

Freebie Friday 27th June

Well here we are again, I was on my holidays and the lovely Sarah Life In A Break Down, Bex from Futures and Helen from Mummy To The Max helped keep this baby on the road while I was gone, thanks to them I could relax, I was actually gutted I missed so many.

But being away for two weeks did give me a chance to see how useful this weekly post is even for me. Above are the freebies I came home to.  To list a few. Take a look at Alice Megan's weekly linky for more goodies received recently.

Tickets to Chessington from Sun Perks, this more than makes up for the £2 a week membership and I am waiting on more Alton Towers tickets from them.
Two free Star Wars mags,  again from Sun Perks, despite having a huge fan in the house, I deemed him a little too old at nearly 40 and they went off to younger fans.

Mystery Brassica seeds, great for our garden as we are madly trying to fill it so Granny can enjoy the only place she gets too in summer.

 Tesco vouchers giving me fruit and veg for free, £5 to spend in Tesco Home, free meat and fish and much more are from my latest campaign  as a Bzz Agent, I love talking about the goodies I get sent, this time I get to look at the new makeover and try out the products and well just share on Facebook, Twitter, in conversations with friends etc.

Liz Earle face cleanser and face cloth free sample, not bad for a free sample, I would class this as full sized! From Marie Claire a while back.

Jo Malone free pamper session and goodies for 6 people, this was a surprise freebie, I won a voucher to spend instore and they invited me to join uo to the club, this is usually  a discount for purchase on your birthday or a bottle of wine/free starter affair. But this one is rather good, 5 friends and I all get a pamper and goodies to take home!! Sadly I am not able to attend as caring for Granny and nearest store is 35 miles, usually I would have gone like a shot!!

Lots of England car Air Fresheners, we have enough to stock a shop as this was held daily until the start of the World Cup.

Mens Lab Series Serum, with a hope that hubby will try and look after his skin!

Fairy Dishwasher tablets, so glad they arrived as we were out, Super Savvy is a great place to try out all the freebies, check out below for this weeks.

Oral B whitening sample, perfect for Paige to take to Spain next week. SuperSavvy again.

OK back to what you are all waiting for, I apologise for the small list, I may be back at home, but been up to my eyes in caring again for Granny and having workman traipsing through the house as the boiler needed replacing, the dust and mess has been unbeliveable. Anybody seen free dusters??

Bloggers add your giveaways the lovely Mummy To The Max helped me find this weeks freebies and also has a good stash of prizes to celebrate her two years of blogging check them out!!


Free Danio Yogurt

Free Fussy Eaters Shake

Smell like Justin Bieber :/

Free Boots App download for freebies and offers.

Free PowerStrips for Pain Relief

Free Sienna X Self tan sample

Free ring sizer  

Free Aveda Smooth Infusion product (In stores and salons)
Find your nearest Aveda store and ask for a sample. 

Free Tennis Lessons

Armed Forces eat for Free Tomorrow only

£100's worth of free Apps Today and tomorrow only.

Worth A Go As So Many.

25,000 Hoegaarden beer glasses, Answer -18C

20, 000 Purina Delibakie Samples

20,000 Win a Moy Park Fifa World Cup Football

100 Pantene Pro V Dry Oil Samples Try Daily

Free PG Tips fruit tea samples - 100 to give away a day 

Free C G Cuddly Cow and Pregnancy Diary

Try your Luck

Win a pack of bagels Barcode 5020364010113


Free Higgidy Little Quiche

Money Off Coupons

£2 off Innocent Veg Pots

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Cargo Christy Towels

I've just been on my holidays and on the way, we stopped in a lovely hotel, a little bit of luxury, we had a deep bath, robes, and lovely soft towels. I love fluffy towels and when money can allow, I buy luxury ones. There is nothing nicer than wrapping myself up in a soft towel after a long bath, one of my pet hates is line dried scratchy thin towels, I don't imagine I am alone.

Cargo contacted me and told me that they are now selling Christy Revive towels, I know them to be a maker of great towels, always soft and durable. Established for over 150 years, Christy know exactly how to make the most luxurious towels money can buy and with Cargo's reputation who have been around since 1876, its a good partnership.

Available in six stunning fashion inspired shades, great for dressing up bath time and your bathroom! In fact as you can see from above the model is wearing Revive towels, not sure about the wellies unless they are Hunters!!

I was sent the turquoise bath sheet and bath towel and no I won't be modelling for you, either as above or just out of the bath, but I will say, they are so soft to the touch, the sort of towels I was happy snuggling into after a long candlelit bath.  It was nice to have a reason to do this midweek.

Woven with an ultra-low twist and fine nanospun yarns, this would explain the feeling on my skin.

 The towels state maximum absorbency and quick drying after washing, saving time, energy and money.  I popped them in to wash and they definitely feel soft even while wet, I do not tend to line dry towels, so no review for this, they definitely are faster  to dry in the tumble drier, by a good 15 minutes, so I will be investing in a few more as this is definitely a moneysaver!

The prices is not luxury, its actually very reasonable, the Hand Towel, £6, Bath Towel, £13
and Bath Sheet, £19 but until the 30th June have 20% off these prices.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Freebie Friday 20th June

Hello! The lovely Jo is still having some time off from her blog lucky thing - hopefully we are doing an ok job of keeping the linky going. Hopefully Bex (Futures) and I (Life in a Break Down) have a couple of new freebies for you this week!
You can link up as normal (in the hopefully working linky and I will try and tweet out the competitions across the week)!

This week 
We have both had some lovely wins - I can't wait for a voucher to arrive I won and get shopping WOOHOO!

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Chance to get a £5 Toby Carvery Voucher (sign up and you may receive a survey if you do they send you a voucher as a thank you)
Worth A Go As So Many

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tomato Soup with Bagels

Again the lovely Erika from Eclectic Enchantments and co editor of the brand new Erisea Magazine has shared a lovely post with you and I.

It made me put Heinz soup down on my shopping  list, those bagels are such a good idea.

Over to Erika

Tomato Soup with Bagels

I have been known, on occasion, to be a tad impulsive and when I last managed to get to the supermarket I spotted glinting at me in the distance a can of soup like no other, Campbell's Andy Warhol range.  I love the art he produced, it is so interesting and different, leaving a lasting impression on every generation, love him or hate him.  With out thinking I popped the can into my basket and went home.


Isn't it just fantastic?  I love how they have perfectly captured the pop art style with the use of colour and bold text.


Last week my Mum rang me to tell me about some bagels she saw advertised in the latest Coeliac UK magazine.  Called Udi's, they were billed as being like 'normal' bagels, something I miss a great deal, slightly sweeter and with a sticky texture, they were always a great alternative to bread.  The next thing you know my wonderful husband comes home from doing the shopping and pulls a bag of them out for me to try!  This calls for soup & bagels!
So I made up my Campbell's soup, which was tantalisingly teasing me as it's aroma started to fill the kitchen! I popper my bagels into the toaster and waited.


I had the pleasure of trying the bagels for my breakfast and I can only say a huge thank you to Udi's.  There is no difference in gluten or gluten free containing bagels with these.  They have the same texture and slight sweet stickiness that you would associate with any plain bagel out there.  A delight to eat, smothered in a nice bit of Lurpak, I was a happy girl!

Once beautifully toasted and melting the the butter I had spread on it, I started to get the soup poured when I suddenly thought, 'Is Campbell's gluten free?'  The short answer is no.  I was so disappointed, piping hot bagels growing colder by the second and I was short a bowl of soup.  Luckily for me Heinz was straight to the rescue, (via Mick who found the can in the cupboard) and I grabbed a clean saucepan, snapped open the can and started to heat it up.


In no time at all and whilst my bagels were amazingly still warm, the soup was reading and poured into my bowl ready to be devoured, but not until I added three little ingredients.  A sprinkle of salt, a dash of Basil and a grating of Grana Padano, parmesan cheese!


It was, all things considered a really tasty and enjoyable meal, that should have taken a couple of minutes to prepare but in fact took a little longer due to my oversight.


Thanks for having a read, I appreciate your time!  What have you been cooking lately?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Glorious Summer

This glorious guest post comes from the equally gorgeous Erika from Eclectic Enchantments who has kindly shared with you and I, a few thoughts and pictures from her garden and days out with her Mum.

I am away visiting a few myself and hope to do a similar post when I return, for now enjoy the view with Erika and take a look at her really pretty jewellery, blog and the new magazine she has just launched with MS Mummy of Two Chelsea.

Glorious Summer

The weather has definitely made a change for the better, the sun is shining and the world seems brighter.  There is something about the summer weather that makes people happy, they smile more, wear brighter clothes and generally seem to be enjoying life much more,

When the summer months arrive our gardens make a wonderful transformation, for bare ground, dirt and shrubbery, to amazingly bright blooms, pretty flowers and a peppering of colour everywhere.  

This in turn brings a multitude of new visitors to our gardens, bumble bees and butterflies go about their days, inspecting the freshly opened buds, that like the butterfly have come out of their 'shell' into a new being.

The summer seems to always bring laughter, it reminds me of friendship and happy times.  I think that the warmer climate encourages us to all venture out more and be more social, holding barbecues and meeting for drinks.  

There is certainly something to be said for the warmth and brightness of the summer.


Monday, 16 June 2014

Barbeque Money Saving Food

In the last Barbecue Money saving I covered the best deals for garden furniture and cheapest BBQ here
Now a few tips for cheap deals for BBQ food and drink, the supermarkets will lure you in with Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF's) and 2 for £3, £4 or £5.  Good, sometimes bargain burgers and cheap ribs, but not always the best deal, its just the loudest. 

If you live in a city, check out the independent shops, local farms, butchers and Asian butchers especially.

For my barbecue recently  I bought 2 Kg of  chicken thighs for £4.50, I chat to the butcher nicely and he bones these for free now the cheapest supermarket price is £3.50 a Kg for bone-in thighs currently,so I saved a whopping £2.50 on my 2 kilos, take that up to boneless thighs and they are currently £6.65 a kilo. 

I shop locally for veg and fruit as well, seasonally its a more economical way to shop.

If you live near farms its always a good idea,to ask if they sell meat,milk, fruit and veg. I have a friend who is a sheep farmer and will often sell a whole lamb for £25.
Pick your own farms are a great way to buy for cheaper, especially as you can chomp on some delicious goodies while you pick. 

Now not having access to these always, I am a fan of Aldi's Super Six,these are 6 veg and fruit items chosen and only 59p - 69p for 2 weeks. Occasionally they are 39p so well worth checking out. 

This fortnight Aldi  have Jersey Royals 750g,  cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers great for some roasted veggies on skewers, grapes for a nice fruit salad too.

Plus if you are a Pimm's O' Clock Fan, try an Austins O' clock, its a third of the price!!

What are your money saving tips for BBQ season? 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Barbecue and Garden Furniture Moneysaving

I start with a disclaimer, we do not have a charcoal BBQ,  this is believed to be a sin in some gardens, ours is gas, but very money saving. I bought one for Chris, birthday in Homebase in an end of summer sale, reduced from £269 to £179.

I then used my Shop and Scan (a company pay me in a range of high street and hotel vouchers to scan my shopping and upload my till receipts vouchers) The BBQ cost me nothing.

While on the subject of gas, the actual fuel can be expensive, the bottle for a start is horrendously priced.
Again a money saving tip is to use your local freecycle or local Facebook selling groups. We picked bottle up from a kind freecycler, it was even half full of gas, not bad for free! 

When we had charcoal BBQ my best frugal leaning was to stock up on coal, firelighters,tableware, even furniture at the end of the supermarket seasonal time. The table below with chairs cost £32, The posh parasol bought the year after with lights an amazing £21.

For us all with holidays coming up its the height of BBQing, however all the supermarkets go into a mad sell off round about July in order to get the 'Back To School' promo rolling!

Tescos and Sainsbury's  are at the moment on a 50%sale and will drop this to 75%

So you have your cooking means and somewhere to sit hopefully. My next instalment is the food.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Recycle Your Headphones for National Recycling Week.

We have a mountain of headphones in our house, broken, ones deemed not so great, my teens go through them at a rate of knots. Knots being the operative word as the tangled mess of wires really makes me growl.

So to hear about a company that recycle them, is joy!

To further shame me for the ones we have binned did you know

•       The UK produces over a million tons of electronic waste every year

•       That’s the equivalent weight of 2400 jumbo jets
•       All our e-waste goes to landfill – often in poor developing countries

National Recycling Week is almost upon us. (17 to 23 June). is a new campaign by ColourYourWorld by Urbanz to raise awareness of e-waste by calling on people to recycle their old or broken headphones, which will lower the amount of toxic e-waste going into landfill and damaging our precious planet.

Currently there are no schemes for recycling headphones in the UK. However, thanks to, ethical music lovers can now post their headphones to a UK address to be responsibly recycled.

Music lovers can also opt to receive 45% off a new pair of ColourYourWorld by Urbanz headphones priced £15 or more.

Got a minute? Watch a quick video:

Doing your bit has never been so easy

People who would normally chuck their headphones in the bin can now dispose of them with a clear conscience by simply filling out the form on Place an order and you’ll be sent your order (with 45% off) with free P&P and a returns packet to return your broken headphones for recycling.

Why is e-waste such a big problem?

•       E-waste is extremely toxic to humans and the environment contaminating soil, air and sea

•       Global e-waste is set to reach 65.4 million tons by 2017
•       That’s enough to fill a line of 40 ton Lorries all the way from the UK to Australia and back

Every pair of headphones recycled is one less pair of electronic waste going into landfill.   And with over 280 million headphones sold worldwide each year, that’s a lot of headphones.

Making responsible choices for the future of our planet

ColourYourWorld by Urbanz is a registered recycler, which means your old headphones will be responsibly recycled by trustworthy and accredited recycling partners and won’t be contributing to the contamination of our planet.

Other people do their bit, do you?

Just click, send, and let us do the rest.  All you have to do is choose a new pair! Whether you’re sporty, colour crazy, neon obsessed or simply into good music, there’s a pair of headphones to suit everyone. Check out some of the ColourYourWorld by Urbanz range here.

Register your headphones within 30 days and you’ll also qualify for a lifetime warranty against genuine faults.

National Recycling Week

Or help us spread the word on Twitter @CYWbyUrbanz and tell your friends by tweeting

We’re also offering a free pair of G-FIT headphones to the first 100 people to tweet www.recycleyourheadphones with hashtag #RecycleYourHeadphones.