Friday, 16 May 2014


Stationery, the word  gives a slight excitement, it may just be a female addiction, Paige is the same. Chris who is a manager of a depot and office, sees it as functional, practical, essential, but he does not lovingly stroke the cover of a notepad. 

He does however draw, he does inspect flat sable brushes with more than a practical eye, we all know it. He also has a gorgeous journal, leather bound that can be added to with extra note pages, diary etc, so we are not fooled.

While Chris is not admitting it, Paige and I drool over notebooks, unusually shaped post it notes, we have a handbag and shoe shaped collection. Quirky pen pots, jotters that are eye catching. Paige's addiction goes slightly further, she has a huge crate full of craft paper, embellishments, stamps and even though she is far too busy these days with Uni, she will not let them go. 

When Viking Direct offered me the chance to try out their service for consumers, I was very pleased, slightly giddy and it brought the family together in squabbling   pondering over what we should choose.

Chris already uses Viking Direct the business site, , I asked him with his company hat on, what it is about this office supplies company that makes them great.

He said, they are reliable, fast and efficient, that may sound a bit dull to me, important but, however its vital for his office to be able to get supplies yesterday!

 I pressed him for more, he told me They have a fantastic range of products at unbeatable prices, but more importantly super fast next day delivery and special order service for for bespoke items. Helpful and knowledgeable staff and pick up for returns.

I also spoke to Chris's office manager Jade, I felt maybe she may have a stationery addiction too, she agreed, she loves the post it notes and goodies especially the 99p store! Great for antibac wipes and cheaper than the supermarket.

Jade said she chooses Viking, for various reasons.
Ease of delivery, she said the workforce is all male and so they tend to say they have run out of something when its actually gone. Viking can get her order the same day if ordered by 10am

They have great bulk offers especially on inks, paper etc.

The other great attraction are the freebies, a free coffee machine and a hoover are some of the wow freebies they have received.

Viking also have a personal touch, often sending freebies out randomly and on Valentine's Day she receives little chocolate hearts and other gifts. Its these extras that all help.

OK so what we ordered in the end, well the practicality won out, Paige needs a chair for studying, one that is comfortable and sturdy. The selection we looked at in stores for her budget seemed flimsy and not great to sit in from reviews we read. The chairs suitable were shockingly priced.

 I was browsing Viking Direct looking at pretty things, ahem!! Then I spotted  Special offers and found the Rio Executive chair, at £26.99 this was a steal!!

Paige is pretty chuffed with it as you can see, it has all the usual height adjustments, ability to lock the wheels and stop the swivel, though I know she likes this as she has been playing, its the holidays after all!! The chair is good quality with leather faced panels and it will be perfect for the long hours when she is hard at work! Its leaving to go to Derby in September but she is going to buy another for home!

Then we chose printer paper! Well you can never have enough.  

It gets used for all our needs, Paige goes through wads with uni work, I still like a paper copy of my recipes, blog officey needs and countless other use.

Then we chose an A-Z  heavy duty expanding file, we so need to have more of these,  family papers, bills and now my two are getting post through that needs saving, they are vital. I love that fab compartment XYZ mostly always empty here!! Its a sturdy beast, though plain, but will be prettied up with post-its, My  little addiction again! 

I did linger over the lovely things on Viking, I love the handbag Post It dispensers, I also have my eye on an office fan, the service for me as a consumer was as good as I imagine the business site to be, the items I chose arrived next day.

All in all I am impressed with what is on offer, the price, quality and delivery of not just office supplies, but gifts, kitchen items, crafting and even sweets, Viking seem to have it nailed!!

I was asked to review Viking Direct and received £40 to spend on my choice of items, my views and those of my family and my husband's office manager are our own.


  1. I love the handbag post it note dispenser! So cute, I need that for work!

  2. Oh my gosh! I need a handbag post it dispenser in my life!!! Amazing.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. Love the handbag post it note dispenser!


  4. I've been looking for an office chair - will have a look at this one. It seems good value.

  5. I have pukka pads and love the,
    Felicity kelly

  6. Its so hard to find a comfortable office chair so will definitely have to look for this one and maybe try it out!