Friday, 16 May 2014

Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery Review

Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery is the new brand from Dorset Village Bakery in Stalbridge, Dorset. Formerly known as Fudges, the new Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery brand has revamped and revitalised the gorgeous biscuits the Fudge family have always produced. 

I was lucky enough to try some of the savoury range just before Christmas.

Today, the company is run by the third generation of Fudge, Sue and Steve Fudge who have worked hard to preserve the legacy of their great, great uncle and grandfather. 

It has been a long wait for the sweet biscuits to join the range, a few people commented on my review at the time, but finally they are here. Just in time for tea in the garden and summer nibbles!!

The sumptuous selection of sweet treats are perfect for indulging with friends or hiding away and nibbling in tranquil peace, don't tell me it's just me who does this?

Like the savoury range, the sweet range is attractively packaged. I love the little slogans on the pack sides! The biscuits are in such pretty packaging , you do not need to worry about a plate!

My favourites were the Wondrous White Chocolate Florentines, so chewy and a taste that for me was reminiscent of brandy snaps, with a lovely orangy zing, these are delicate pretty and divinely chewy!

The Florentines are also made with a Mouthwatering Milk chocolate with sweet cranberries and hazelnuts, a Decadent Dark chocolate , gingery, nutty and moreish. 

A nice little suggestion for these is to crumble them over icecream, I am so going to do this, my advice make it a good ice cream!!

The Marvellous Milk chocolate and aptly named Delectable Dark Chocolate flapjacks are perfect, that lovely oaty, soft crumble, half dipped in enough chocolate to give them a creamy taste, both are light, chewy and perfect with a cuppa.

I spent a sunny afternoon with tea and biscuits in the garden, they are actually so good and very filling, I decided to share.

Granny the once master baker in our house, made amazing biscuits, made amazing everything really, looked at the plate I took her. She beamed, as she took a bite of a Florentine she said "You clever thing, making these!" I think this describes how good this sweet selection is, the freshness and taste makes them seem straight from your oven.

Only mine would be misshapen and badly decorated!!

Chris adored the Stem Ginger Blisscuits, the bliss is definitely conjured, crisp, perfectly flavoured and a huge zing of spice with a lovely nugget of stem ginger, perfect with a cup of coffee!

The Roasted Almond Blisscuits another winner, buttery, baked not only made with flaked almonds but a whole roasted almond on top. The little embellishments just add to the nibbling experience.

 I am as impressed as I was with the savoury range, all the descriptive titles left me nodding my head in agreement, Wondrous, Marvellous, Delectable, Decadent, however it left me struggling for my own adjectives, hopefully I have managed a little!!

These are perfect for that special treat, serving friends after dinner, a special picnic for two. A girly gossip over afternoon tea would be made pleasurable with a Florentine.

Thank you Thomas J Fudge, I was waiting in anticipation for these and the wait was worth it!

The fruity Florentines, fabulous Flapjacks and beautiful Blisscuits are all made using the finest Belgian chocolate and luxury ingredients.

Thomas J Fudge’s new selection of Flapjacks, Blisscuits and Florentines are available from selected Waitrose stores nationwide, with RRPs ranging from £2.99 to £3.50.
I was sent the Thomas J Fudge selection in order to bring this feature, my views are my own.


  1. Oh wow...what an amazing range of biscuits that look like home made biscuits. I will have to find out which stores stock them.

  2. What a delicious selection of scrummy products! Thanks so much for the website link - -i will certainly be checking out Thomas J Fudge. x

  3. Love these, especially the Florentines.

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  5. Thomas J Fudge are my favourite biscuits, I like them too much :)

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    Felicity kelly

  8. Wow look amazing

    Felicity kelly

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