Thursday, 29 May 2014

Freebie Friday 30th May

Hello bargain hunters, this week as we come to the end of the month the freebies start to dwindle. But that means a whole heap next week. Did you get anything great this month.

I have already posted lots on previous weeks and they are still running, including the free England Car fresheners  its been upped to 200 every day and I have a pile. I have given away to my friends who are footie mad for their cars. Don't miss it, find out more here

This week I received the Nourish face shimmer, 

Two freebies, that were good from Sun Perks, a Mars ice cream bar  and a can of WD40, the membership of under £2 a week always pays for itself as I also have a meal out at 50% off, 25% off WH Smith and for those who travel a bit further there is a £1 deal for a ferry to Calais and free tickets to see Chef!

Next week it looks like there will be a free book.

O2 are giving free hot drinks at Cafe Nero today, free lunches on Mondays and free cokes on Wednesday, if you work in town, this is some real good savings for 02 customers.

Plus 2 for 1 to see Postman Pat at Odeon cinemas and lots more meal deals!!

Last chance to get your dog microchipped ends on Saturday
It will be compulsory soon that all dogs are chipped, save some money now!!!


Free Watersaving products, just choose your water area

Boots freebies, makeovers and more 31st May - 1st June

Free Milk Friday today only!!!!

Free Frappe or Smoothie with the McDonald's app

Free Brazilian WKD at Yates

Free 2 pints Kozel at participating pubs (Need a smartphone)

*Last Chance* Free Fairy Platinum Dishwasher tablets 31/05

*Last Chance* Flash Liquid gel 31/05

Last Chance Free Pantene Age Defy Shampoo 31/05

Free Battlefield 3 on the PC 03/06

Sweet Freedom Samples when you sign up

Dylon Colour Catcher

Free Disney Frozen Activity pack and other Disney faves
To celebrate the release of Frozen on Blu-ray and DVD, they're giving you the chance to download a free Frozen activity pack today! 14 activity sheets

Worth A Go as So Many

100's prizes in The Malibu Summer giveaway every week 30/9
Monthly draw, prize details here

350 Accessorize Charm Ankle Bracelets (Try every day) 20/06

500 Ella's Kitchen Toddler packs 01/06

Legends Rugby Festival Giveaway

Legends Rugby is back this summer even bigger and better, with its South London festival, combining high quality sport with fantastic music. Taking place at Wimbledon RFC on 12th July tickets are already selling fast.

To help you out I have been given a readers discount you simply need to enter LR2014LONDON when booking on

Some of the biggest names in world rugby will be competing in a fun, and no doubt competitive, day of rugby. Rugby fans get the chance to rub shoulders with sporting heroes including ex-France international Serge Betsen and ex-England international Phil Greening.  Tim Stimpson and UB40 were there last year!

As well as mini rugby for children, teams from over half of the top Premiership clubs including Leicester Tigers, Harlequins, Worcester, London Welsh, London Wasps  and Saracens have entered a tens tournament to reignite long standing rivalries. 2013 champions Saracens will be looking to hold on to their crown!

Off the pitch there’s a host of entertainment including DJ’s and a concert with covers band favourites Me and Mr Brown ( and mash-up masters JellyHammer ( DJ Marie Claire, who has played for artists including Rihanna and Kanye West will be entertaining crowds in the VIP area. Last year saw over 3,000 fans enjoying the day, with UB40 ending the day on a high. It really is the ultimate rugby festival.

Tickets available from £20 (adults)

Check out last year’s festival:-

I am also offering a family ticket (two adults, two children) to the festival.

Ends 29th June

Please note I can only allow 3 days for winner to respond as Rugby Legends will need to be able to get the tickets sent in time.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

BRITA's #PourOClock Giveaway

It's the launch of BRITA's Pour O'Clock campaign today and I will  be taking part in  this hydration initiative.

Pour O'Clock launched at 4pm, the time which BRITA research found that most people need an energy boost to get them through the rest of the day.  

I know I do, I watched my routine yesterday up until 4pm, I had had very little sleep, Monday night, as up with  Granny.

Morning, up at 6.30 am to give Granny her breakfast, polished, hoovered, ran her bath,  given a full clean of her room,  cleaned her bathroom, sat with her twice in all this time  to keep her feeling special, made lunch, ironed, written for my blog, trialled a few products, planned dinner 

4pm yesterday I was  beat,  grabbed a biscuit as I started to get ready for teatime and evening, I still had blogging, dinner for Granny, then another one for the rest of us.  I went to bed exhausted, today I will be pouring water and tweeting.

So today at 4pm along with hopefully some of my readers I will be trying a glass of water and update this post to let you know if the sugar swap worked!!

Instead of eating something sugary BRITA are urging people to have healthier workplace habits and reach for a drink of water instead  - trying to get people to pour at four!

As well as giving you an energy boost, staying hydrated aids concentration levels. Renowned London dietician and nutritionist, Jo Travers commented, "People spend a large amount of time at work so integrating healthy habits into their day is crucial.  Hydration is important as it has an impact on our productivity and concentration."

You can join in with the 'pour at four' conversation today on Twitter with the hashtag #PourOClock.

I  hope you feel energised after pouring at four and I will also be giving away a 
FillandGo Brita bottle to celebrate the initiative!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Brabantia The Secret Life of Laundry

Brabantia asked me if I and my readers are loving the 'Laundry season?'
For me, the warmer weather means I feel slightly happier about the laundry, I can put out a line of washing and the most detested of my household chores, ironing is far easier.
The breeze blows a lot of the creases out, fresh from the line, the job is easier and I am less grumpy.
My family give me a wide berth when ironing, I can then grumble and curse away to myself.
Brabantia have made this dreaded chore slightly easier by sending me the an amusing infographic about our laundry habits and one of the new Geometric ironing board range to help out, they like me, they really do!!

Have you seen our new Love the Season infographic? Over 1,600 people took part in ‘The Secret Life of Laundry’ survey. Click the link to see the infographic and find out more about the ironing, laundry and clothes washing habits of the Europeans!

In actual fact the infographic, is rather interesting and for me, quite revealing to read the secret laundry habits of British, Dutch, French and Belgian fans.
You’ll certainly be amused at some of the laundry secrets  it revealed!”

90% of all people surveyed across all four countries revealed that laundry was their most important household task.
So exactly who irons what and why? 

Brabantia’s research showed that Brits love soft, freshly ironed bed linen, while French ladies prefer to iron their skirts and the Dutch always insist on crisp shirts! The Belgians however love their underwear and proudly press their pants!

The UK spend the most time drying their laundry compared to other countries but spend the least time ironing out of all four countries!

3/4 of laundry is washed and folded by the female of the house.
For me this is self explanatory, have you seen a male fold washing, if you can even use the term fold, my teen son I would call it 'dumping' as opposed to ironing! My husband is rather domesticated but his folding, usually has the same effect as the dumping!

A family running a tumble dryer on average 200 times a year can create the equivalent CO2 of an airplane flying from Aberdeen to Amsterdam!* * Which Magazine

A typical family can save £139 on tumble drying costs by drying laundry in the great outdoors, so maybe it’s time to get greener and save money and the environment too

The Brits love fresh bed linen, 

I agree totally, nothing nicer than freshly ironed  sheets and duvet covers, but boy do I struggle with a king size, being small I have found it a real chore. Hmm pressed pants for the is too short for me!! The Dutch and French certainly have the right idea too, I don't mind ironing shirts but have struggled with my cruddy board.

British blokes can handle an iron!! 

Well mine certainly can , my teens too now. Paige had to as going to uni and I felt it time to make Conor do his own as well! Apart from the French it seems the men have got the knack.

My new Brabantia board has so many cool features that all help remove the irritation. One that stands out and is not mentioned on the packaging or website but I think makes life easier is the size of cover is clearly on a neat little label on the top, it won't fad like it does on the daft little nylon labels. I hate not knowing what size cover I need and my board was an odd shape, never fit a universal. Then the brand decided not to stock anywhere. 

Easy height adjustment the board raises without notches, just adjusts to what I like. Chris was pleased that it suits his tall height. If you are the only one who irons, this can be set permanently. I have also discovered its suited to sitting, I like this idea, I may invest in a seat. 

If you were wondering about the red dangly, its a child lock, so safety is guaranteed if a you are ironing with little ones about. Or teens in my house who have a tendency to hurtle past you at any given moment!!

This is just a fab idea, a heatproof mat for resting the iron on, it can be positioned anywhere on the board. Again stops the teens or children knocking the iron.

There is cord binder and stretch system, another handy feature for ensuring the cover is on flat and well fitted. The cover itself is a Geometric pattern, great for this years trend and is made of 100% cotton, this really has a good effect when ironing as the clothes don't stick to the cover, allowing easy movement. The viscose underlay is nicely padded and also adds to ease of ironing.

I have ironed a few mounds of clothes,  I never really thought the experience could be improved by the board, I mean I like a board that is height adjustable, but the material of the cover and the size and shape are really good, there is room for a large duvet which when you are small in height is fab, no fighting to keep it off the floor and faster with the amount of area I can iron.

For shirts, most boards I have bought, have a narrower end, but the Brabantia has a special 'narrow shoulder shape' which gives real good results, a shirt fits perfectly all or the yoke, front and back!!

I have no real love of ironing as I mentioned before, but the right ironing board, certainly makes my life easier.
The Brabantia is such a board.

Freebie Friday 23rd May

Hi again, the weeks just fly by, I have had a lovely collection of freebies from the last few weeks.
I have missed a few as well, they are pretty fast in running out.

I received the Nivea Creme, several car air fresheners from the daily freebie I posted last week, check out my post here as it runs until July.

I also had a packet of 1,750 herb seeds arrive,  rocket, dill,chives, sage, thyme, oregano and basil and many more, should keep me busy sowing those.

Let me know if you have received or won anything from the giveaways I have been posting, or managed to nab any free goodies!

**Bloggers** Important, a few links for giveaways have been added that just lead to the blog not the direct link to the competition post. I don't want you to miss out on those entries or my tweeting them, if you could please add a date if you have time in with the prize you are giving away would be a help for both entrants and for me to tweet any ending at the beginning!


Continental Tyres have a great freebie from now until 31st July  are running a special promotion to celebrate the introduction of the new Grand Sport Race tyre. They want keen cyclists to try these tyres out for free! All they ask in return is that you hand over your old tyres (any non Continental brand) and that you also provide them with some feedback on your experiences with the new tyres, via the feedback form on the website.
They're offering both the 700x23 & 700x25 sizes of the tyre, plus two inner tubes, with a total market value of £71.88.
Lots of cycle shops taking part, check out the link


Free McDonalds Frappe or Smoothie
Need a smartphone

Free Fathers Day Super Dad Personalised Printed Photo Asda Stores 7th June

Free Milk Friday

Free Morrisons Salad Dressing Refund after Purchase 22/07
I have just done this, I buy regularly so for me a nice treat. 
Enter code on neck collar for full refund straight to bank or use for other treats

Ghost Eclipse sample

Salters Dog food (Puppy, Maintenance,Energy or Senior)

Free Toddler Milk

Free Paco Rabanne Million or Lady Million
02 Priority
Emergency poncho from Halfords
Check the app

Worth A Go As So Many

Origins Touch of Youth Mini Facial

1000 Full size  Heinz BBQ sauces 27/05


Free Tape Measure and guide from Brasense

Deals and Discounts
50p off Yoomoo Frozen yogurt and only £1 at sainsbury and Tesco

02 Priority members
Lunch for a £1  every Monday

Double Velvet Tissue 50p off and on offer at Morrisons
9 rolls for £3.15 with coupon

Shreddies for 69p
The Shreddies £1 off is back on the Facebook Page and Tescos have them for £1.69

20% off e-cloths 
e-cloth have offered my readers 20% off every product on,  The code is ETP20 and you simply input the code at the checkout. It’s valid until the end of the month – enjoy!

Ones you May have Missed

Wonderwood perfume Sample

Friday, 16 May 2014


Stationery, the word  gives a slight excitement, it may just be a female addiction, Paige is the same. Chris who is a manager of a depot and office, sees it as functional, practical, essential, but he does not lovingly stroke the cover of a notepad. 

He does however draw, he does inspect flat sable brushes with more than a practical eye, we all know it. He also has a gorgeous journal, leather bound that can be added to with extra note pages, diary etc, so we are not fooled.

While Chris is not admitting it, Paige and I drool over notebooks, unusually shaped post it notes, we have a handbag and shoe shaped collection. Quirky pen pots, jotters that are eye catching. Paige's addiction goes slightly further, she has a huge crate full of craft paper, embellishments, stamps and even though she is far too busy these days with Uni, she will not let them go. 

When Viking Direct offered me the chance to try out their service for consumers, I was very pleased, slightly giddy and it brought the family together in squabbling   pondering over what we should choose.

Chris already uses Viking Direct the business site, , I asked him with his company hat on, what it is about this office supplies company that makes them great.

He said, they are reliable, fast and efficient, that may sound a bit dull to me, important but, however its vital for his office to be able to get supplies yesterday!

 I pressed him for more, he told me They have a fantastic range of products at unbeatable prices, but more importantly super fast next day delivery and special order service for for bespoke items. Helpful and knowledgeable staff and pick up for returns.

I also spoke to Chris's office manager Jade, I felt maybe she may have a stationery addiction too, she agreed, she loves the post it notes and goodies especially the 99p store! Great for antibac wipes and cheaper than the supermarket.

Jade said she chooses Viking, for various reasons.
Ease of delivery, she said the workforce is all male and so they tend to say they have run out of something when its actually gone. Viking can get her order the same day if ordered by 10am

They have great bulk offers especially on inks, paper etc.

The other great attraction are the freebies, a free coffee machine and a hoover are some of the wow freebies they have received.

Viking also have a personal touch, often sending freebies out randomly and on Valentine's Day she receives little chocolate hearts and other gifts. Its these extras that all help.

OK so what we ordered in the end, well the practicality won out, Paige needs a chair for studying, one that is comfortable and sturdy. The selection we looked at in stores for her budget seemed flimsy and not great to sit in from reviews we read. The chairs suitable were shockingly priced.

 I was browsing Viking Direct looking at pretty things, ahem!! Then I spotted  Special offers and found the Rio Executive chair, at £26.99 this was a steal!!

Paige is pretty chuffed with it as you can see, it has all the usual height adjustments, ability to lock the wheels and stop the swivel, though I know she likes this as she has been playing, its the holidays after all!! The chair is good quality with leather faced panels and it will be perfect for the long hours when she is hard at work! Its leaving to go to Derby in September but she is going to buy another for home!

Then we chose printer paper! Well you can never have enough.  

It gets used for all our needs, Paige goes through wads with uni work, I still like a paper copy of my recipes, blog officey needs and countless other use.

Then we chose an A-Z  heavy duty expanding file, we so need to have more of these,  family papers, bills and now my two are getting post through that needs saving, they are vital. I love that fab compartment XYZ mostly always empty here!! Its a sturdy beast, though plain, but will be prettied up with post-its, My  little addiction again! 

I did linger over the lovely things on Viking, I love the handbag Post It dispensers, I also have my eye on an office fan, the service for me as a consumer was as good as I imagine the business site to be, the items I chose arrived next day.

All in all I am impressed with what is on offer, the price, quality and delivery of not just office supplies, but gifts, kitchen items, crafting and even sweets, Viking seem to have it nailed!!

I was asked to review Viking Direct and received £40 to spend on my choice of items, my views and those of my family and my husband's office manager are our own.

Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery Review

Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery is the new brand from Dorset Village Bakery in Stalbridge, Dorset. Formerly known as Fudges, the new Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery brand has revamped and revitalised the gorgeous biscuits the Fudge family have always produced. 

I was lucky enough to try some of the savoury range just before Christmas.

Today, the company is run by the third generation of Fudge, Sue and Steve Fudge who have worked hard to preserve the legacy of their great, great uncle and grandfather. 

It has been a long wait for the sweet biscuits to join the range, a few people commented on my review at the time, but finally they are here. Just in time for tea in the garden and summer nibbles!!

The sumptuous selection of sweet treats are perfect for indulging with friends or hiding away and nibbling in tranquil peace, don't tell me it's just me who does this?

Like the savoury range, the sweet range is attractively packaged. I love the little slogans on the pack sides! The biscuits are in such pretty packaging , you do not need to worry about a plate!

My favourites were the Wondrous White Chocolate Florentines, so chewy and a taste that for me was reminiscent of brandy snaps, with a lovely orangy zing, these are delicate pretty and divinely chewy!

The Florentines are also made with a Mouthwatering Milk chocolate with sweet cranberries and hazelnuts, a Decadent Dark chocolate , gingery, nutty and moreish. 

A nice little suggestion for these is to crumble them over icecream, I am so going to do this, my advice make it a good ice cream!!

The Marvellous Milk chocolate and aptly named Delectable Dark Chocolate flapjacks are perfect, that lovely oaty, soft crumble, half dipped in enough chocolate to give them a creamy taste, both are light, chewy and perfect with a cuppa.

I spent a sunny afternoon with tea and biscuits in the garden, they are actually so good and very filling, I decided to share.

Granny the once master baker in our house, made amazing biscuits, made amazing everything really, looked at the plate I took her. She beamed, as she took a bite of a Florentine she said "You clever thing, making these!" I think this describes how good this sweet selection is, the freshness and taste makes them seem straight from your oven.

Only mine would be misshapen and badly decorated!!

Chris adored the Stem Ginger Blisscuits, the bliss is definitely conjured, crisp, perfectly flavoured and a huge zing of spice with a lovely nugget of stem ginger, perfect with a cup of coffee!

The Roasted Almond Blisscuits another winner, buttery, baked not only made with flaked almonds but a whole roasted almond on top. The little embellishments just add to the nibbling experience.

 I am as impressed as I was with the savoury range, all the descriptive titles left me nodding my head in agreement, Wondrous, Marvellous, Delectable, Decadent, however it left me struggling for my own adjectives, hopefully I have managed a little!!

These are perfect for that special treat, serving friends after dinner, a special picnic for two. A girly gossip over afternoon tea would be made pleasurable with a Florentine.

Thank you Thomas J Fudge, I was waiting in anticipation for these and the wait was worth it!

The fruity Florentines, fabulous Flapjacks and beautiful Blisscuits are all made using the finest Belgian chocolate and luxury ingredients.

Thomas J Fudge’s new selection of Flapjacks, Blisscuits and Florentines are available from selected Waitrose stores nationwide, with RRPs ranging from £2.99 to £3.50.
I was sent the Thomas J Fudge selection in order to bring this feature, my views are my own.