Thursday, 10 April 2014

Vileda Cleaning Cloths Review

Vileda, the homecare partner, has expanded its range of cleaning cloths to include specialist cloths for different aspects of the home.  I was sent some of the cloths to review, its a dirty job, but someone has to do it!!

The rebranded cloths have innovative microfibre design elements to help with the housework and make cleaning that little bit easier.

The new Microfibre Kitchen is an all-in-one cloth, for all surfaces, slightly different from other microfibre cloths I have tried.  

One one side is soft, great for collecting crumbs and removing smears and general cleaning. 

However on the reverse it has a stitched surface, it feels tough and deals with stubborn dried on food stains. 

Both sides easily tackle grease, it just has a lot more power yet gentle on your delicate surfaces. It worked particularly well after a mammoth cooking session, the cooker top was easy to clean. Not a single chemical needed at all, which is good for our environment, for those who like green cleaning or have allergies I would recommend it.

I also liked it for my stainless steel microwave, inside for tough spills and gentle on the finish outside.

I also tried the Active Wave Non Scratch Scourer. This is a product I know well already and use on my precious pans. As a foodie blogger, I have gradually replaced pans and invest in good ones, one for the look in a photo, but mainly as they produce better food. I now read a riot act each time I get new pans so that my family care for them too.

Which ones have to be washed by hand and which scourer can be used. Non scratch scourers are widely available but the Active wave is particularly good for gentle cleaning of non stick, 

Its also very good on bases of pans, the bit my family seem to forget and then I redo and often it takes more effort. 

The Sunsplash All purpose cloth is a general all rounder, great for bathrooms, dusting furniture I find it good for my leather sofas, its for wet use and for soaking up spills. 

I come now to the last product and my favourite, the Microfibre Dust Cloth, I don't mind dusting but my TV is the dust magnet, its the one I won, its like a large mirror in the corner and shows dust up straight away but has to be treated carefully, a soft cloth.

 I dust it daily and it is showing up dust  again within an hour! I have found the Vileda cloth picks up more dust and definitely lessens the time before having to do again.

With two hayfever sufferers in the house, I like to keep on top of the pollen that settles and this duster will help greatly over the summer.

In fact I am buying a few more as I really found it to be so good. Plus as a keen comper, the packs can be sent off for a chance to win a holiday. See below.

The Vileda duster has proved to be valuable, it picks up 40% more dust than an average cloth, so I am finding it more productive.


Win a holiday to Tenerife!

To be entered into the draw to win a trip for yourself and three family members* to experience eco clean living in Tenerife’s 4 star Sandos San Blas Eco Resort, you simply have to  send in your empty Vileda packaging along with a completed entry form. There is a simple question to answer.

Launched on Wednesday 19 March, 2014- 31/10/2014 which is also UK’s first National Cleaning Day - Floor Miles is an eight-month competition where every piece of Vileda packaging equals one entry into the prize draw. 

Quite simply, the more you send, the more chance you have to win. All Vileda products will be accepted.

The prize is for the winner and three family members to experience pure quality and clean living on a luxurious all-inclusive five-night break to the luxury 4 star resort. Set in its own nature reserve, the stunning resort combines sustainable amenities, eco tours and a variety of cultural activities for the whole family to enjoy.
There will also be seven monthly prize draws for £100 worth of travel vouchers and a second grand prize of £500 travel vouchers.

Disclosure: I was provided with the products in order to review, my opinions are my own.


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    1. I like the look of the cloth, the only issue I have with the Scourer is I bought a similar one and as soon as I applied pressure it ripped in two which was really annoying.

    2. Ooh. Never had that happen and my non scourer has a lot of use as I am always cooking with non stick, Vileda would happily exchange I am sure.

  2. As above, I leave the buying of these products to someone who knows better :o) Stephen.

  3. Oooh these look great! Will have to give them a go... seen as I'm the only one who seems to know how to clean in this house lol! xx

  4. I think the duster is probably my favourite - just what I need :)

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  6. I love trialing products and its great to get a great product to show

  7. I love their products and have a few dusters and dish cloths!

  8. These look great.

  9. These do look like a good product, will have to add them to my shopping list