Thursday, 17 April 2014

M&S Eggsperiment Win a Years Supply of Chocolate

Marks and Spencer's told me about a very ‘eggciting’ opportunity for you. They launched The Eggsperiment – a competition inviting people to customise their Easter eggs. 

The competiton is not on for much longer so if you want to prettify  Preston the Penguin, colour Colin the Caterpillar, or any of the other character eggs, dash over to M+S today.

Grab your eggs, some sweets and you could win a years supply of chocolate.

I was sent Percy Pig and some sweets and decided to give him a 70's feel sort of YMCA Disco Pig complete with my laughable version of a disco glitter ball!! I reckon you could do way better


  1. Wow! Nice prize, off to enter.

    p.s. loving the 70s vibe with Percy pig, is he boogieing on down to some disco lol?

  2. I love you Percy Pig, he's so cute haha!

  3. What an eggcellent Idea!! I like the idea of the personalised eggs. M&S should provide the eggs free so more people can take part.