Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fudge Kitchen Easter Hamper Review

Fudge and cookies. What better way to leave Lent behind than by piling through a 
be-autifully be-ribboned Easter hamper, crammed 
with a selection of Fudge Kitchen favourites.

Fudge kitchen sent me the Cookietastic Jar and the divinely sensuous, heavenly, delicious (they are that good!)  Chocolate Indulgence Gourmet Miniatures, a box of melt in the mouth fudge, all with a chocolate theme.  

This tasty selection is part of the Easter hamper, which also contains 6 Mini Slims selections Peanut Butter, 6 Mini Slims selection Vintage Vanilla and a 230g jar of Chocolate Caramel Fudge Sauce.

Now the fudge is mine!! But I am going to be uber generous and share the cookies!! 

The box of fudge described as miniatures, but I would say a generous mouthful have some gorgeous flavours, a must is the chilli and chocolate, I have heard it is a great combination and now I know it. My favorites were the dark chocolate and sea salt and the white chocolate and raspberry.

The Cookietastic cookie mix comes in a lovely Kilner jar, which will be kept to store my lemon curd in. The cookie mix is very easy to make, just mixing an egg, butter and vanilla essence into the supplied jar contents, cooking for about 10 minutes and decorating with yummy mini eggs. 

Here are mine above, its a really unique Easter present for teens, baking enthusiasts, even for those who do not cook that often. 

For a real Easter treat, I would recommend Fudge Kitchen, they have some lovely gifts online and fudge making courses too. 

Forget  chocolate  eggs - hollow  on every  level - this is  an  inspired  gift  for  the  more  discerning Easter Feaster, Cookietastic produce stunning, layered  cookie  making  jars for  every  occasion, containing  all  the  dry  ingredients  needed  to  make  gorgeous, homemade  cookies  (ordinarily  retailing  at  £8.95 through www.cookietastic.co.uk). 

The Easter hamper joins a growing range of truly decadent Fudge Kitchen hampers, including Chocolate Lover’s  Hamper, Fudge Lover’s Hamper, Afternoon Tea Hamper and the Ultimate Fudge Hamper, ranging from £40 
to £120. 
All available online at 

Orders by 16th April to ensure delivery by 19th
April 2014


  1. This looks amazing and the fudge sounds super yummy


    1. I can personally guarantee the fudge is gorgeous.

  2. This looks so good! I love the mini fudges - adorable! My mum would love something like this for mother's day :)

  3. im not a chochy eater much , i think once a month i have the urge to dive in , but oooh am a sucker for a nice bicky

  4. I love fudge and tend to have it plain if a good quality one, but these chocolate ones are worth every bite, the fudge taste is very evident. Thanks for popping by.

  5. Oh my gosh I could eat fudge until I burst! This looks like my sort of easter gift!

  6. That Easter hamper is amazing, my mouth is watering just looking at that fudge.

  7. This looks amazing I am just drooling a little now.

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  9. What a lush hamper - I love fudge

  10. These little bites... mmmm! I love bitesize things. They're the death of me though as I keep knocking them back - oops!

  11. It looks gorgeous, I'm just wondering how many minutes it would last in my home!

  12. This looks amazing

    Jill cordner

  13. Fudge is very more-ish and this hamper looks fab

  14. Wow looks amazing - would love to try this fudge!


  15. I love fudge. This would be my dream Easter. May point my husband in the direction of your blog post!

  16. This looks really scrummy! I love the cute little Easter Eggs on the cookies and also the fuge looks mouthwateringly delicious.

    A great gift for Easter :)

  17. I love fudge so much!!!
    Felicity kelly