Friday, 14 February 2014

Freebie Friday 14th February

#FreebieFriday is here again, slim pickings on the free samples this week. The giveways will be filling up all week though so keep popping back, and you can look at last weeks #FreebieFriday too 
Remember to add your blog deals and giveaways in the linky.


Half Term Fun

Check out Missie Lizzies Free Barbie Swim session on the blog giveaways below 

Struggling for things to do with the kids this half-term? Head to your local Asda store on 19th February where the kids will be able to create their own Lego Minifigures and take home an exclusive to Asda  free Robo DJ Lego Minfigure. Only their superstores, supercentres and  Living stores tomorrow between 10am and 4pm,

Still going for those who missed it last week
Free personalised razor 17/02

Free Activia Creamy or Shape Dessert at Asda (with coupon)
Sign up to the danone mailing list or if you are already go to your months coupons, choose £1 off Activia or Shape if you would like the free one,

FREE* 5ml Plantscription™ Powerful lifting cream worth £5! 
While stocks last, T&Cs apply. Closes 17/02

BareMinerals Makeunder sample

Free Veg Box for Kent 

Free Finish Quantam Power and Pure sample

Suhana Ready To Cook Spice
To receive a free sample enter your details on our contact form here

Worth a shot as so many

100 Jordan's Honey and Almond Cereal Bars,
 E-mail quoting ‘Send me some Crunchy Bars’ in the subject line.

Free personalised Nuttella Jar  and 5000 gifts!!

 Nutella is delighted to be celebrating its 50th anniversary!  Share your Nutella story at our 50th anniversary website We'd love to hear all about the fun times and memorable experiences you've had with Nutella. Simply upload your photo, video or story of a time inspired by our tasty little spread (not forgetting to confirm your participation by ticking the box) and you could win 1 of over 5000 great gifts we're giving away. 

Please add the prize and close dates to the prize giveaways in the linky where it asks for name.


  1. Ooooohhhh lots to choose from! Lots of free food! It won't do my diet any good but THANK YOU for sharing them

  2. Happy to be linking up again this week, such a marvellous idea! Thank you for hosting, Jo :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. I like all the Freebies! Looking forward to the Suhana spice sample.

  4. What an extensive list of freebies. Thanks for sharing Jo!

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