Monday, 10 February 2014

Free BT Wi-fi at Thistle Hotels

There is something most annoying about checking into a room in a hotel, sometimes we have paid for a real luxury room, only to find we have to pay for the wifi and then even more annoyingly faff about trying to register and sign in.

Now don't get me wrong, when I am at a hotel, its mainly for pleasure and I am spending time with my beloved, however we want to maybe just check the local area, touristy venues, times places are open until and maybe a little browsing while one of us is in the shower.

I was asked if I wanted to write about BT who have  now launched a free, fast and unlimited Wi-fi service in partnership with Thistle Hotels who are part of the GLH management group to all guests at their hotels across the country.  BT was the first supplier of public Wi-fi over 10 years ago and was, therefore, the ideal partner for Thistle Hotels in this initiative

This 'one-click' service allows customers to log on to the Internet instantly, without the hassle of singing up and giving all their details.

BT has now launched a free, fast and unlimited Wi-fi service in partnership with glh. to all guests at their hotels across the country. 

A report by BDRC Continental has found that hotel guests believe a good wi-fi service is just as important as a good night’s sleep. I am not alone in my need for free and easy internet connection, my phone is now smarter than I am and so I can use it to log in to see how things are at home, have a sneaky check on my Facebook page while Chris is in the loo.
Wi-Wifi is now crucial to hotel guests, either those there for leisure or business as consumers we want to be able to connect to the Internet anywhere.

I believe wifi should be everywhere now, but especially if you have paid to stay in a good hotel without being charged and without having to spend time registering.

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  1. BT do seem to be making an effort at the moment.

    1. BT do indeed, I do want to see wifi available everywhere and for free.

  2. I think it's high time all hotels and resorts have free wifi, it is the age of the internet after all! :)

    Fiona @

  3. I definitely think that having free wifi in hotel rooms is a must :-)

    Helen X

  4. This is really handy to know, thank you

  5. I can't imagine going anywhere now that wouldn't have wifi as a must have service.

  6. I only book into hotel with free Wi-fi now!

  7. In order to sign up to BT Wi-Fi don't you have to agree to let others use your BT hub as a hotspot? Apparently it uses up a small amount of bandwidth, but what if they're downloading something illegal or something. Or can you log in at a BT Wi-Fi spot without that?

  8. I wish B&Bs would have internet access!

  9. Internet access is hotels is so important - I don't know why more don't make it inclusive.

  10. Great - wifi is so important!