Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stellar Touch Contol Induction Hob Review

What is an induction hob? 
How does an induction hob work?
Will I be able to cook successfully on an induction hob?
Does an induction hob make good meals?
Will I break it? (haha, this is the one I worry about)

When I was asked would I like to do a review of the Stellar Touch Control Induction Hob, 2000W, I needed to know the answers to these questions at least. 

I can say after using it, I perhaps did not need to get too scientific, but I like to know how things work.

 I knew roughly, being slightly obsessed with kitchen appliances and gadgets that it would be efficient cooking, but not how.
I decided before I started my review to gain a little info up front, so I could relax and also to share with readers.

 What is an induction hob?
How does it work?

Induction cooking  uses electromagnetism which creates a magnetic field between the pan and a coil beneath the glass top.  

Electricity is passed through the copper coil magnet inside and makes electromagnetic energy. 

The energy passes through pan, inducing  a current which in turn releases heat.

The pan has to be magnetic and an easy way to check is with a fridge magnet. 

Will I be able to cook successfully on an induction hob?

I had a quick read through the instructions and decided the best way to make a meal would be one I was used to cooking, so a simple Thai Pork Curry was first. I know how it cooks and the temperatures I needed more easily, nothing too tricky.

My ingredients in case you want to make this

Virgin oil a small amount.
500g Stir fry lean pork
1/4 jar of green curry paste
1 can of light coconut milk
2 red peppers sliced into strips
150g chestnut mushrooms
1 tablespoon fish sauce.

I really need not have gone to the trouble of researching induction hobs, within seconds I had it sussed.
The temperature I left at its 160C, this is the default setting. I played around with the power settings more.

The pork fried really fast and evenly, way faster than my gas hob. I found 1400W to be just right, higher and it was spitting too much.

I turned to 1000W to fry the paste, further reducing to 600W to add the milk, mushrooms and peppers and them simmer. I reduced to a further 300W when I felt it was cooked through, just to allow the sauce to reduce.

Does an induction hob make good meals?

I am thoroughly impressed with the speed of cooking and result.Casseroles are easily managed.

Bacon is cooked in seconds and steak is a much better result when cooked on the induction hob.

Its a breeze to use for my chicken, bacon and thyme creamy sauce for pasta. 

I have to mention the Stellar Sauté pan, this was provided to use as it is the right material, I am in love with this pan, it is perfect for distributing the heat around the food, ensures even cooking. It looks really attractive and good for a 'straight to the table' family meal.

Will I break it? 

So far so good, initially with all the electronic readings I was sure I would mess something up. But its simplistic, easy to work, its child's play! Talking of child's play, if you have any little ones it has a child lock in case they decide to try cooking without you there.

One more fabulous thing!

The real joy is the hob just wipes clean instantly, no detergents, just a warm soapy damp cloth and all mess is gone. On a Sunday morning this clever hob comes out for frying bacon, the speed to tuck into that traditional weekend breakfast and the speed to clean up, not a scourer in sight, its made for weekends at home.


I can see this travelling to cottage holidays with us. Its a lot easier than trying to work out the dials on a strange cooker, fast and efficient and that easy clean. It sits neatly on any worktop and will be a boon when the kitchen gets a long overdue refit. I will be able to use this with my slow cooker and still make family meals. 

I see this being great for single people living on their own, the elderly, students and definitely camper van users.

When I googled the hob, I found it at Harts of Stur a pretty good online retailer of kitchenware, if like me you have a fondness for cooking and gadgets you will be on there for some time! 

Stellar Touch Control Induction Hob £132.50
Stellar Induction 28cm Sauté Pan, Non-Stick £64.00


  1. I have just bought a table top cooker! Wish I had seen this first, but then again it was my oven that packed in.

    1. I recommend this, I thought it would be something that I used and then it went to the back of the cupboard, but for no mess fast cooking its been a boon.

  2. It looks fab! Very stylish and would be ideal for a student house, so many of them don't have proper cookers!

    Lindsay at Scottish Outlander (

    1. My daughter has so many problems with their cheap cooker in halls, she may be pinching this.

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  4. This looks like a fabulous piece of kit! It is also very sleek and would fit in anyone's kitchen! Great! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Its pretty cool, it has my husband rustling up more meals and doing the bacon sarnies which impresses me even more!!

  5. We have an Aga at home and have to switch off during summer - as it cooks the kitchen (and the whole house). We bought a Stellar double induction hob ( similar to this but with two rings) and I have to say it is brilliant, fast 40% more efficient than gas, and so easy to clean, and so much safer with kids around. There is no going back. I rarely use the hob top of the Aga at winter time now.

  6. This looks so handy. Perfect for a smaller kitchen like mine. I wish I had one when I was a student too. It would have made life in bedsit a lot more appealing.

  7. This looks great, I love the way it looks too. I love that it's easy to clean, that's one thing I don't care for with a conventional stove top, all the scrubbing!

  8. i think i will invest in one of these review has swung it for me!!!

  9. Sounds great - never seen these before!


    1. Several months on and the pan is amazing. The induction hob, helped get us through extra hobs needed at Christmas and for birthdays and I am considering cooking outdoors with it on hot days. We have electricity near our bbq area.

  10. This would be brilliant to take back to university :)