Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bonfire Night with Denhay spoiltpig sausages

I am looking forward to Bonfire night this year, Granny having a huge garden, always took the opportunity each year to save all the leaves and pruning's and have a big bonfire, she wrapped potatoes in foils and cooked them in the fire and we had them with sausages and beans. Sparklers were always provided, I was rather terrified of them, bit of a wuss I think.
The garden has even more to offer up for a bonfire this year, the summer partial makeover has left us with quite a pile. The potatoes will be done the same way, Granny will watch with me from the window. The meal accompaniments will be sausages, spoiltpig and have been provided by the lovely Denhay Farm.

In fact they sent me this lovely Bonfire Bangers Box and its a definite cracker.

If you’re not planning on freezing your bits off this Bonfire Night the contents of your Banger Box can also be used to create a warming winter casserole or an all-day breakfast with a grown up chilli kick.  

I did both, a nice bacon and sausage sarnie was calling. Look at this photo, it is really as good as it looks.

I have been a fan of their bacon and sausages since a Good Food Show visit a couple of years ago. Succulent, meaty, just ooze quality. The bacon is all meat, no yucky white liquid pouring out, it properly cooks and crisps up.

The Eat 17 Chilli jam
is a curious hot, sweet and sour taste, we had mixed opinions here, Conor loves it. Chris said it was good with the hot meal but not so keen on a cold sandwich.
The Tracklements Spiced Honey Mustard was a hit with the lads, I stuck to the spicy tomato ketchup.

The butter beans made my lip curl, I just have never liked them, however my lovely friend at Glug Of Oil persuaded me to have another try.

I added them to a slow cooked chicken and chorizo stew, using a few slices of the smoked Denhay Farms bacon and chopped spoiltpig sausages.. The result was a rich, meaty spicy, dish, I hurriedly scribbled down so I don't forget.

Nothing says Bonfire Night like a delicious hot dog; a fluffy bread roll, caramelised onions and an ever so slightly charred sausage. The question is, how do you make sure you’re serving the best Bonfire Night bangers?  

Start with sausages produced to the highest welfare standards. Denhay spoiltpig sausages are made using outdoor reared pork approved by Freedom Food to strict RSPCA welfare standards, so you can be sure your food is made from animals that have lived a happy, healthy life, making all the difference to the taste.
Add to that some of the finest spicy condiments around, including Eat 17’s Chilli Bacon Jam (sure to add colour to your cheeks!), Tracklements Spiced Honey Mustard and Spicy Tomato Ketchup and you’re onto a winner!

  • spoiltpig is brought to you by Denhay Farms Ltd based in Bridport, Dorset
  • spoiltpig sausages are available to buy in Morrison’s stores nationwide and Ocado for £2.89 for 6 sausages/360g
  • For more information on Freedom Food certification please visit
  • spoiltpig sausages are available in Pork & Herb with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and Pork sausages with black pepper and mixed spices For best results grill for 16 to 18 minutes, turning occasionally and ensuring thee sausages are piping hot throughout before serving.  
  • Eat 17 Chilli Bacon Jam – the ingredients that give this relish its signature sweet, spicy, salty depth are award-winning Denhay smoked bacon, coffee, lemon juice, bourbon, fresh garlic and rosemary – all British ingredients (apart from the bourbon and coffee), and now with Chipotle Chilli.
  • The Eat 17 condiment range is available in Waitrose from July 2013 RRP £3.49, Tesco and many independent retailers
Tracklements Spiced Honey Mustard (RRP £2.15) and Spicy Tomato Ketchup (RRP £2.70) are available nationally in good farm shops, delis and butchers. Find your nearest stockist here

 Disclosure I was given a free producst. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. mmm, those sausages sound amazing and I think I will get some spicy ketchup for Misteright's Christmas stocking! He's a ketchup fiend!

    1. The sauce is yummo, the sausages heavenly!!

  2. Ohhhh my lord the burgers look amazing .x

    1. Haha, they wre just fab, it is so nice to eat good sausages and bacon.!

  3. Bacon and sausage sarnie, they both look delicious... such a wrong time for me to be reading your post - I didn't have a dinner yet!
    Now I am even more hungry!

    1. I came this morning to reply and I so want another one. An hour until the shops open, I wonder....

  4. I agree. good quality bacon and sausage make for a fabulous buttie. These look lovely. succulent and tasty. I really fancy trying the Tracklements spicy honey mustard too!

  5. The burgers look great! good idea.


  6. OMG Jo I'm trying to diet! Saying that I would rather spend money on good quality meat that cheap and cheerless products. The sausages look particularly amazing

    1. oops sorry but these sausages are more healthy anyway as way less fat!!

  7. That slow cooked chicken and chorizo stew sounds awesome. Definitely be trying to make that for bonfire night I think! xx

  8. Perfect warming food for bonfire night. I really like the Spoiltpig brand.

  9. Jo, it is 6.54am and I now want sausages! Should maybe have tried reading this later given the title! Fab post and excellent pictures!

  10. Have to say, those burgers look delicious even at this time in the morning. Yum.

  11. The sauces look so good. I bet they would even spice up one of those bland supermarket vegetarian sausages !



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