Monday, 21 October 2013

SodaStream Source Review plus Recipes

I have the latest SodaStream Source to try and nearly did not take it, I have the Pure it was three years ago 

It caused much excitement then for the family. I had  longed for one as a child and was mightily jealous of the friends who had one. I think then as now the idea of making your own fizzy and the loud noise as it reach fizz was exciting.

Conor recently forgot that you fizz the water first, the ceiling still bears the coke marks where the SodaStream exploded fizzy sticky drink all over the kitchen.

 It had to be one of the dark drinks that he was using, we laugh now but I certainly didn't at the time.That was the only time I regretted having a SodaStream as the mess took quite some time to clean up.

 Paige is still rather timid of our older model, knowing that big noise is coming but never quite sure when. 

It also is a saving not only of cash but the wasting of plastic bottles are a thing of the past. 

By opting to use SodaStream it is estimated you will save the environment from around 1,000 bottles and cans over 1 year, so you can help to rid the world of plastic bottles.

Combined with the natural syrup range a whole lot healthier too. I was sent the new Pink Grapefruit from the Stevia Range, it is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


The Source is not just a pretty updated look for the brand, but that does help, the sleek black model I was sent looks great in the kitchen, however  its a whole lot more intelligent. Now I hate flat pop, I will probably have one or two glasses from a new bottle, my two like it flat...ewww! 
For me the Source is a dream machine as it has three levels of fizz, easily seen on the LED feature! As you can guess I went all the way!
Great for just a fizzy water too!

We now have an extra bottle from the new Source so less arguing about flavours. Conor loves the Elderflower Soda as do I but he likes it flatter, so we can have a bottle each!
Paige is still getting us to use it for her, she would prefer a gentle kitten mewing noise I suspect but us...we love that fizzy noise!

With all the seasonal fun coming up its a great time to invest lots of cocktail ideas below.

Oh and if you have one of the older models you can trade it in for the new Source and have a machine for £59.99, even better you get to keep the old one.

See here!

The retail price for Source is £79.99 (plastic) and £129.99 (Aluminium), available at John Lewis, Argos, The Range, Lakeland, Robert Dyas, Currys Megastores, Dunelm Mill, Ocado, Amazon, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, The Conran Shop, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, House of Fraser and Planet Organic.

SodaStream Cocktails for the Festive Season

It’s time to get ready for the festive season with SodaStream. Whether you’re throwing an office party, tree trimming party, girls-night-in Christmas drinks or a New Years’ house party, these quick, easy and refreshing bubbly cocktail recipes will be a hit.
Using just a SodaStream, some key ingredients and a dash of imagination you can easily recreate your favourite cocktail bar at home; a fun way to get friends and family together to celebrate the holidays.

Cocktail Recipes

* All recipes are fitted to 35 cl highball glass
* Method: shake, strain over ice, top up

VODKA - Dutch & Bubbly

Set the mood and welcome your guests with a delicious aperitif to stimulate the appetite with a Dutch & Bubbly
30ml                  Vodka
10ml                  Apricot brandy 
10ml                  Fresh lime juice
20ml                  Ginger syrup

To finish top up with extra fizzy SodaStream Passion fruit & Mango soda

Garnish: lemon peel and half a passion fruit

GIN – Mint & Red Berry Fizz
The Mint & Red Berry Fizz is made with Gin, the come-back spirit, and creates the perfect festive SodaStream cocktail for those with a more fruity-pallet
40ml                    Gin
20ml                    Lime juice
20ml                    Raspberry puree
20ml                    Sugar syrup

To finish top up with extra fizzy SodaStream Cranberry & Raspberry soda

Garnish: mint sprig

WHISKY - Coffee Cooler

Finally, when the holiday stress becomes overwhelming, take three minutes to create a Coffee Cooler; the ultimate liquid luxury pick-me-up

40ml                  Whisky
20ml                  Kahlua

To finish top up with extra fizzy SodaStream sparkling water

Garnish: grapefruit peel and coffee beans

Top Tips

1.           Make sure you use ice-cold waterwhen carbonating with your SodaStream and serve your festive cocktails over fresh ice cubes; this will significantly enhance the refreshing taste of your cocktails! (For cocktail parties allow ½ kg of ice per guest)

2.           Chill your glasses – not just to create an aesthetic Christmas ‘frost’ appearance but to also keep your drinks cooler-for-longer. Pop them in your freezer for 10-15 minutes or if you don't have space, fill with ice until chilled.

3.           Get the most out of your limes – by placing them under warm water and massaging them for a couple seconds before slicing and squeezing!

4.           Shake to the beat of your favourite festive tune – place 5-6 ice cubes per drink in a shaker. Shake vigorously on a slow count for 10 seconds and stop when the frost appears on the cocktail shaker.

5.           Don't overlook the garnish! Whether you are entertaining for an intimate evening at home or festive party make the drinks look as appetizing as they taste; presentation is key and actually enhances the flavours.

 Disclosure I was given a free product. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. Blimey I remember when these first appeared way back in my youth! Ha! Still going strong I see.

    1. Very strong, I loved the old style ones, but these look pretty stylish.

  2. I remember these when I was young too! I haven't heard of them again until now. Those cocktails sound delicious, by the way! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I really like the sound of Dutch & Bubbly!
    I think m going to give it a try!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I really want one of these! The amount of pop we go through and I think having one of these would save us a fortune as, like you, I hate flat pop and chuck loads away

    1. It does save money I buy the flavours from the Range and Asda.

  5. I have this and totally love it, I am like a child everytime I use it x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Yes they do bring out happy childhood memories it seems, its also a talking point in the kitchen.

  6. Useful and environmentally friendly! Will see if they are available here in Singapore!

    1. Hi Michelle they are available in Singapore Thanks for coming all this way!

  7. I had a Soda Stream as a kid, can't afford one now but boy do they look as much fun as they were when I was younger! Obviously, it hadn't occurred to me to use one for cocktails, being a kid when I had it.

    I am very jealous but at the same time over the moon that you shared this post!

    1. They are pretty cool. So many more uses than just a glass of pop now!

  8. I remember these. Looks very delicious and brings back memories. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  9. I always wanted one of those. Maybe an earlier Christmas gift? :-) Would be lovely

    1. Hope you get one. Great for drinks at Christmas.

  10. We once tried to carbonate orange juice when we were kids - it didn't end well!! hehe

  11. Wow! This is a blast from the past ;)

    1. Its been around for a few years again now.

  12. Ohh some of those cocktail recipes look amazing!!

    Helen XX

  13. I saw something interesting on TV from one of the celebrity chefs (I can't remember which as it was a while ago). Apparently if you put Blue Nun in a soda stream it becomes exactly like a decent Champagne, I haven't actually tried it yet as I don't own one but hopefully it's true & of use to somebody else. :)

  14. Cheers to that! I'd love to try the pink grapefruit one, not to mention all the cocktails!