Wednesday, 30 October 2013

So Betty Review

Go Downton
With Along Came Betty,  exclusively at Tesco

I could not imagine looking this flawless, the gorgeous ladies do have great make up artists, clever lighting and direction to look this perfect. However with some great advice from Abby Ireland and Along Came Betty products, I can achieve a great look.

I was sent the Double Whammy Lipstick and gloss, perfect for different lip looks. I like the advice to dab on and then blot the lipstick I find it makes for a less 'in your face' look. The gloss is my fave of the duo, and I have been wearing it alone, it gives a nice burst of colour and sheen, its a lovely ruby colour, for night time its nice to have both.

The Dare to Define Jumbo Eye Liner is an instant hit for me, I wear eyeliner everyday, this one is bold, as it has a carbon pen its easy to apply and lasts really well, my tip is use a good eye cream if you have mature skin, allow it to absorb, then apply.

The Quick Fix Mattifier is the one I wil be buying, I really need that flawless look perfecting.

With rosy cheeks and flawless skin, you can recreate their natural beauty with these top tips from make-up artist Abby Ireland and Along Came Betty, exclusively at Tesco.

For beautiful candlelit opaque skin

For your first step create a fine film of Prime of Your Life (£6.99) over your face. Next apply a smooth layer of Absolutely Flawless Foundation (£8.99) over the primer avoiding the eye area, using your fingertips. Finish with All Concealed Concealer (£5.99) to diminish any dark shadows and blemishes, set the areas with a dusting of finishing powder for a flawless finish.

For stunning smoky eyes

The 1920s turned a corner for glamour and smoky eye make-up and natural tones became the way to be seen. To achieve this look try It’s Eye Time Eye Palette in Glamour Eyes (£6.99), with a hint of aubergine and navy. Finish with Dare to Define Jumbo Eye Liner (£4.99) for added drama.

For luscious red lips
Red lips are a must for this decade and the Double Whammy in So Betty (£4.66) sheer texture lip colour is the one to wear. The truly timeless look is perfect for the Autumn season to bring some colour to grey days. The red lipstick and gloss combo is ideal to pop into handbags or evening clutches, simply dab on and blot! For a matte look, use solely the stick or team with the gloss to be sure to steal the show.

To finish and perfect the look, apply a small amount of Fix Me Quick Mattifier (£6.99) directly to the T-zone and gently blend with the fingertips for a flawless matte look.

The Along Came Betty cosmetics, skincare and bathing ranges are available exclusively at Tesco, both online and in store. To view the full range of fabulous products, visit or head to your local store.


  1. Wow these products sound great and are all very reasonably price, going to have to check them out for sure. Thanks so much for sharing :)

    Laura x

    1. Th ones I have are really good quality for the price, plus Clubcard points too!

  2. can't see the photos! x

  3. Love the packaging, very similar to Soap and Glory though x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. I love the Downton look - so neat, tidy, groomed but even if I bought all these things I'd never look like that, sadly.

  5. The packaging is really stylish.

  6. I'm loving the look of these, especially the mattifier, as I have super-oily skin. Does the lipstick come in other colours as well, such as dusty rose?
    My Beauty Junction

  7. I'd never heard of these - thanks for writing about them.