Thursday, 17 October 2013

Not sortd for E's

Todays post is brought to you with th lttr ___

I hav bn challngd to writ this  post for my radrs. It sort of rminds m of th Frnch Policman in Allo,Allo
A kind bloggr said I could borrow hr vowls. This was said with much frivolity

As you can possibly guag I hav lost a crtain vowl. Why Oh Why Could It Not B a Z.

I do not us that last consonant as oftn.

So until I go to a rpair shop, typing of blog posts ar tmporarily haltd. 

Spllchckrjust startd to sob

Can you guss what I am saying, lt m know. You may win a priz if you can hand out tips or mak  m laugh. Do plas mak m laugh.

Randomly pickd of cours

Disclosur:  Th vowl in th subjct was kindly loand to m by a frind. I rcivd no paymnt ,my viws as always ar my own


  1. Lmao sorry this rEally madE mE chucklE, it's rEally quitE EEriE you not having any E's ohhhhh I forgot you can do capitals it's just the small e's you can't do. I thought you might lie this little poem!
    Alphabet Poem: Letter E
    by Edward Lear

    E was once a little eel,
    Twirly, Tweedy
    Little Eel!

    In all honesty I hope you get it sorted soon xx

    1. Hahahaha vry funny showing off with your vowl. But h who laughs last...... you missd a K :p

  2. Ok now I'm struggling to even type, you've now lost your !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & your capital E's ................. I think .............. sorry I can't think for laughing :-P x

  3. lolz so amazing and vry inovativ I am njoying rading this post.
    wll writtn and avry good rad

  4. hahaha! This post made me laugh....hehehe x

  5. Oh, this is not an easy read... who knew that "E" is so important :-)

  6. *hands you some extra eeeeeeeeeeeee's* I think I have a few to spare ;)

  7. I had to rad that twic as I didn't hav th nrgy aftr a long day in the offic, I'm normally so busy minding my ps and qs that the Es sm to hav disappard from my commnts too!

  8. I think this is payback for playing with the lettered spice jars in Tesco ! The security guard nicked your letter E!!

  9. I tried on my phone to comment, but my phone hates me. Hysterical but also very stressful! hope you get it sorted.

    I had said last night (when i couldn't post) that I attempted to stand in solidarity with you and remove my E's, but for the first time ever, auto correct worked perfectly!

    1. Aww how kind, glad its working for on of us!