Thursday, 3 October 2013

LOGO on the GO - GO

LOGO on the GO-GO!
‘Official’ LOGO board game app

Ooh I so want to play this I am  hoping this appears for android really soon.

I love the Logo board game version. To play it on my phone will be so cool,I have already told all my iphone using friends,and I will get a go when they come round for a visit,they may find they don't get to talk to me too much!!!.

I know many people have entered to win a copy of the game on my blog in the past, so I imagine those among you who can will be downloading it soon.

Plus I will be adding a nice giveaway shortly for the newest game in the LOGO range.
LOGO Billionaire!! 
This time you get to play business and see if you are a true high flyer or a losing businessman!

Following the huge success of the LOGO series of family picture board games, the in-house creative team at Drumond Park has now come up with a brilliant, free LOGO app!  Designed for the iPhone and the iPad, with further versions in the pipeline, it neatly and cleverly transfers – and enhances - the highly popular LOGO board game concept to the social media platform.  Now LOGO fans old and new can have their favourite brand of game fun at their fingertips, wherever they may be!

With unrivalled access to the logos of large numbers of much loved national UK brands and products, huge creativity and technical skill has gone into producing an entertaining, exciting app with superb, authentic graphics for the smoothest of super fun gaming.  It’s a mesmerising mix of hundreds of our favourite, everyday brands - Birds Eye, Hovis, Marmite, Tetley and Wagon Wheels to Argos, British Gas, Churchill, National Express, Tesco and Vauxhall – cleverly combined with some ingeniously tantalising gameplay.

The LOGO app is broken down into seven convenient, bite-sized question types – Reveal, Blur, Tilt, Grid, Shape, Trivia and Colour – and twelve increasingly challenging levels of play.  Each level contains 20 ‘questions’ which must be completed within a particular time, and once complete the next level is then unlocked.  Each level uses a mix of the question types, involving more than 1,100 questions with almost 300 images in total


As you work your way through each level of the games you can check progress on the levels screen, where successfully completed levels are highlighted in green alongside your best recorded time.  Incomplete levels are in red – and you can also go back and try already completed levels again to improve your scores, at any time.

The seven question types offer an exciting array of challenges with each round – and in every case, you type the answer from the letters appearing at the bottom of the screen before the timer runs out. For  Reveal (left), you rub the screen with a finger to gradually expose the image hidden beneath; you watch the screen with Blur as a well-known image slowly comes into focus; and in Tilt it’s a simple tilt of the screen to move the circle around - to reveal an image hidden beneath.

Grid (right) allows you to select a square from the grid to reveal part of an image.  Extra squares can be revealed, but there is a 10 second penalty for each.  With Shape you try to guess an image from just its outline before the timer runs out; Trivia allows you to select the correct answer from the multiple choices given; and finally, Colour presents you with a black and white image of a well-known logo or packaging, with part of the design flashing grey.  Here, you need to correctly identify the colour of the flashing part from the palette below.

The one and only ‘Official’ LOGO app from Drumond Park is an ingenious (and should we say ‘addictive’?) spin-off from the original LOGO board game series - a fresh and potent mix of exhilarating gameplay.  It provides fantastic, absorbing fun with enormous play value for gamers of all ages and abilities.  ‘The official LOGO board game app’, for both iPhone and iPad devices, is on the iTunes App Store list, completely FREE until 31st December 2013.

It is available to download from 1st October.


  1. Oh dear it is a sure sign that I am getting older when I not only remember the origional logo game but earlier games that were very similar :/

  2. Oo not sure I'd be very good at this!! But it looks great!

  3. Ohh this looks like great fun - I love all the things you can get on the iPad now - I was sceptical at first but it's great for when you are out and about x

  4. This looks good - great for journeys!

  5. This looks good for train journeys

  6. Great reviews - looks good fun!