Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Haribo for Halloween

Winning an Ultimate HARIBO Party is a real good reason for people to buy Haribo this Halloween. Shoppers picking up a HARIBO Halloween Party Bucket could be in for an extra surprise – the chance of winning an Ultimate HARIBO Party, which includes a guest appearance from Goldbear, games and party food, OR one of 100 HARIBO Party Hampers.

Haribo sent me some of the ghoulish goodies to try
Chris came in and said now that is the sort of parcel I like coming home to see, I mentioned that it would be brilliant for Trick or Treaters at the door, he looked crestfallen. He even offered to try out some tricks,then with a leering look a few 'treats'

Conor said Haribo are the best!! When are we opening them, I can help you with this review, this continued at repeated intervals.

Paige, home for the weekend from Uni said "You better not review when I'm not here, you will need help Mum from a real Haribo expert.

Well with some of the treats being hidden for the visitors and Trick or Treaters the rest have like an old Scooby Doo episode disappeared...yikes!

Also available in the bucket are a selection of terrifying extras that will get any Halloween party started. These include a suggestion of scary games, petrifying glow-in-the-dark stickers and a medley of bloodcurdling invites.

We all love our sour and tangy sweets and I love the name change of Tangtastics for Halloween. Now Fangtastics, very apt, however I am not sure about the 'sharing bag' description, I am definitely being selfish!

The Trick or Treat Mega Box featuring mini bags of Horror Mix are staying for the little ones who come knocking, they are available from Asda, it has 50 individual mini-bags of Horror Mix - spooky themed gums and jellies. Perfect for little ghosts and zombies!!

HARIBO has brewed up something magical for this spooky season; an entire range of themed treats  perfect for every Halloween occasion whether that’s trick or treating, parties or something tasty for you to share with friends. This exciting range now also includes three new delicious items to keep your little beasts at bay.

Winning tickets can be found inside lucky party buckets or you can enter online. Simply visit and follow the party fun link.

You can also look out for HARIBO’s top selling products including Party Mix, which contains mini bags, or the suitably themed Trick or Treat Mini Mix – both great for your trick or treaters.

Visit for a taste of HARIBO’s full range of Halloween treats where you can also download a special HARIBO Halloween kit, featuring decorations, masks and games.
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly sent the hamper of Haribo goodies shown. 


  1. Oh wow that looks like one amazing load of haribo - I have to admit I do love my Haribo <3

    1. Its that tangy sweet taste, I am addicted to them.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed we are having to stock up again as apart from the saved box, w ate it all while watching films. Oops!

  3. I love Haribo and they are gluten free which is fab! Shall look out for their Halloween packets, although I wont be sharing them with anyone......ha ha ha ha (evil Halloween laugh too much?)

  4. oh my days, I LOVE haribo, those fangtastics looks amazinggg.

    meimei xx

  5. Got to love Haribo, they always have brilliant seasonal editions!

  6. I'm hooked on Haribo ever since I tried some that the kids had got. Bought some Halloween ones yesterday.

  7. Haribo packs are always good for a birthday child to give to the class.

  8. What a stash of Haribo. I think a pack of Haribo is a necessity when you go to the cinema.