Friday, 25 October 2013

Great Christmas Gifts for Difficult People

All Wrapped Up – Christmas Gift Ideas For Awkward Aunts, Troublesome Teens And Other Festive Family Treats

Its that time of year, are you are already buying presents, or winging it and having a mad dash the week before the big day?

I find some of my family really easy and I do not even have to think, but most of us have  that relative or friend who is tricky to buy for.  They seem to have everything or are really cryptic if asked outright. Chris is my difficult one, he always says " I have you, I do not need anything else!" Now while this is a lovely thing to hear, it does not help on Christmas morning!

So  for awkward aunts, troublesome teens and other tricky folk, here are some Christmas gift ideas.

For the Troublesome Teen...

I bought this gift for a friends teen, a personalised tote style bag, the one I picked was said Gadget Gear and their name, its ideal for all those earphones, USB cables, chargers and old cases, phones and well any gadgety clutter!

A clever person could make this, basically a shoe bag style, then hand painted with fabric paint!

For the Awkward Aunty...

Now hopefully you know them enough to have shared a cuppa with.  A thoughtful Christmas gift for the lady who has everything is a  tea or coffee selection. You can buy these as a gift set or as I have done, get a small wicker basket, fill it with a tin of tea or coffee, hand wrapped  posh biscuits, a nice mug or china cup and saucer and finish off with a coaster. If you make it yourself, you become the adored niece or nephew.

For The West End wannabe…

This is the present I actually love, we went to see Ghost  The Musical a trip to London is my top wish list prezzie.  I have yet to have the hotel stay included its a little over agreed budgets, but for a special treat why not buy a ticket for the latest West End show, then the recipient gets a nice shopping trip to Harrods, Selfridges and finally an overnight stay at a Regent Street hotel.  This will make for a Christmas present that will stay in the memory.

For the Fussy Father...

Socks are not on the list, step away from the novelty Christmas jumper, its just not fair, he brought you into the world and deserves a little more. 
You must know the TV program he drones on about, try to get something themed on his fave yawn show.
Paige knows Chris loves Family Guy so avoiding the socks, she bought him a Stewie Tshirt. Your difficult dad may like Dr Who, Top Gear, a cooking show, try to match his show to a gift that increases his passion.

For the Foodie...

Now this might sound easy but trust me I am this category, I have enough flavoured oils and herb and spice racks to set up a shop. No more cookbooks needed, certainly no more magazine subscriptions.

I would like a mini breakfast in bed hamper, again this could be made very cheaply, a min bottle of Bucks Fizz, some really good croissant or ready to bake ones, a pot of jam and some good butter! Maybe even  an afternoon tea out, (very cheap on places such as Groupon)

For the gaming geek…

 If they have all the latest games, usually purchased by midnight on launch day, why not consider  gaming headsets  These  can be used to enhance the gamer's experience, hear the enemy's footsteps, be surrounded by enemy fire. It really makes the game more exciting. This is also a gift that gives to the parents and partners too, you don't have to put up with the game noise on Christmas Day while digesting your turkey and sprouts!

For the wildlife watcher…

For those like me who love wildlife and who would enjoy encouraging some of the local animals into their garden, yes even the cheeky squirrels, a feeding station is ideal, a cute bird house, for a smaller gift even wild bird seed is appreciated. The birds in our garden go through seed, fat balls and nuts like they are going out of fashion.

For the Great Grandmother...

When the person who made you dens, read stories to you, cuddled everything better and always had a sweet or a few coins to treat you with, gets a fluffy pair of bed socks, I imagine they want to throw them at you, but they say thank you and put them with the other 50 pairs. 
An ideal gift for Granny is one of her favourite photos added to a nice frame. Personalised of course. If you can get one of you and her together it will be even more personal.
Trust me these take pride of place and can annoy all the cousins!!

For the person who has everything...

can Finally what do I buy for the person who has everything, you may have such a person, they have everything on the DVD, book and well life categories wrapped up.

Well this is the person you can make a great charity gift for! If you know their favourite charities they will love you, if you don't maybe a third world or health charity.

If they are slightly big headed about everything they an 'Adopt a Goat' and you can smile at the similarity on Christmas Day!

For a personalised finish…
Finally add a personal touch to your gifts by using personalised wrapping paper it shows you care just a little more, than the cheap market paper and adds a special touch to what may be a bargain buy!!

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  1. Ohh Family Guy and the mini breakfast in bed hamper for me!!

    1. hehe I want that hamper for me, hoping family read this, Gosh I need a lie in!!

  2. Some great ideas Jo! My son would love the gaming headset and I quite fancy a trip the the theatre :)

  3. I like some ideas, thank you.
    It is so hard sometimes to pick a right gift.
    Every year we are considering a gift cards and later we decide against it due to being to general and so non-personal... almost time for a brain storm again regarding this year gifts

  4. Like the personalised tote bag idea.

  5. i like to buy experiences rather than objects - my family and friends allhave plenty of objects. I have bought days out, membership of organisations like RSPB and Oxfam gifting vouchers

  6. Some great ideas. Can I add the "no idea what to buy for cousin" to your list ? Help !

  7. What a fun idea!!! Even if you didn't send it, I can think of other fun ways to use this idea at home with my kids. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    important gift ideas