Monday, 28 October 2013

Asda Spooktacular Halloween Buys

Ooh I love this time of year, Halloween and the ingenious pumpkin carvings, great costumes and yummy scary treats.
This year Asda  asked me to take a look at their range. Our Asda was brimming with ghoulish delights! 

We love what they have done with the store. Pumpkins in abundance really let you know Halloween is here. First item into the trolley!

The store is well decorated, to really get you in the party mood, with fab prices keeps you in that mood too. There is something for everybody, prices start from 50p for a pumpkin pail.

A great array of masks and costumes.

Some spooky reflective stickers that ensure on the night you will be seen.

My Halloween Picks this year are the ones I brought home with me and as you have guessed mostly are foodie treats for my horrors!

Love this £2.50 Asda skull with flashing blue eyes. Great for the hall when the Trick or Treaters come!

Asda really has come up with some scary eats for your party.

My faves are the £1 Asda Scary Slime Tarts, which are luckily not filled with anything untoward, but lime jam, they are really tasty little treats.

We love the £1 Asda Gruesome Gooballs, fuzzy marshmallow mouthfuls with a gooey orange centre.

My absolute fave is the Mummy Cake, its scary looking fab for Halloween night and very tasty. A  Madeira cake filled with plum and raspberry jam, covered with a thick vanilla frosting and sweets for eyes.

I bought the cake for £5 and its a big cake!

For more Halloween treats you can buy online or instore check out   

Disclosure: I was provided with a giftcard to buy my Asda Halloween picks. I have not been given any other payment or incentive. My views are my own.


  1. I am quite impressed with the Asda selection, even the blackbird with the bright red eyes is pretty cool x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I really am impressed, great prices and good quality. Easy to buy if on a budget.

  2. The reflective stickers are so good! All I want from Asda though is a Toffee Apple and no where by me has them :( Woe is me, I won't give up my search lol.

    Kate UK Bloggers

    1. Aww they are 75p in My Asda, 2 for a £1 you can get them online if you need other shopping.

  3. I always like Asda's selection and Halloween aisle.

    1. Really colourful and gets you in the party mood!

  4. The displays get bigger year on year! I like the green tarts.

  5. Love those scary slime tarts!!!

  6. I think the Scream masks are just horrid.