Thursday, 5 September 2013

SmoothSkin by ipulse Patch Test

I have read the manual for the SmoothSkin by ipulse. I blogged just recently about my hair irritations and if you want a laugh at my expense have a read here

I promised I would let you all know how it goes.

My desire to be hair free and the chance to make it a reality is exciting and I wanted to leap in and start zapping the unwanted hair, but I had to be patient. Its very important to read the manual thoroughly. Not only will it help me carry out the treatments effectively, the system works for most people but there are certain skin tones, times in your life and  people who will not be able to use it.

Ok first things first the patch test,I had to shave the area I wanted to do, I read its important to shave, not pluck wax or epilate,the hair shaft is needed in order for the unit to work.

The area needed to be cleansed and then patted dry. I chose my leg but I will probably work on my underarms first as I want a smaller area to get used to used to it and report my progress.

Intelligent Skin Tone Sensor

I placed the Skin Tone Sensor to  the reading and happily my skin scored 3 which means in future my legs are OK to treat.

The sensor must be used for future sessions on different parts of the body as obviously skin tone varies from place to place.

Next I have to apply the Activator gel, I placed it into the fridge for a cooling effect,and because its a heatwave today! I smoothed it on and got ready to treat!

The handset is then ready to use. I placed the contact bar directly onto the prepared area and it also advises to look away from the handset. 

Job done, no pain, just a 48 hour wait until I can start.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more. Am wondering though about doing a test and then finding out you can't use the gizmo at all. That would be more than disappointing.

  2. Yes agreed I would possibly cry 24 ours and no reaction at all. No redness itching skin look as before. So imagine I am OK

  3. You are brave! I look forward to reading your follow up post with interest. Can you use it on your face?

    1. yes you can,that is the bit i really want to do, but for blogging, I decided to start with underarms. Mellissa read my first post about my hairy confessions.

  4. This post sounds interesting! would love to hear more on how you have got on.


  5. Sounds great. Hope it works.

  6. I have seen an advert for one of these. Good to see how it works. Something else to add to my growing wish list on Amazon.