Monday, 23 September 2013

NEW Ariel 3in1 Pods Review

I had high hopes for the New Ariel 3in1 Pods and being sent some it was a chance to put them to the test. Ariel is one of the brands used by four generations of women in my family. The latest launch does away with messy hands,no powder spillage,no liquid drips down the side of a bottle. Just a nice fat little pod...I love that word.

Like many other people I want a washing detergent to clean everything, not fade my clothes and take out any stubborn stains. Long gone are the days we spent scrubbing marks and researching books to find out what ingredient will remove a stubborn stain.
There are three compartments in these jelly like pods, provide deep down cleaning, stain-removal AND maintain the brightness of clothes for an exceptional clean

I have a house full of people determined to make me tackle many a stain,blood,tomato sauce,grass,grease, you name it they attack with it. I pride myself in beating them at their little game with my weapons of clean!!

So I took two common stains in our house and put the pods through their paces.

Firstly pasta sauce,we eat a lot of home made pasta dishes, tomato based and messy. 

Then chocolate as you know chocolate gets reviewed quite a bit and some people seem to drop it as much as eat it! what a waste. A quick wipe up is better than stained furniture though.

A pod in my machine, they need to be handled with dry hands as they dissolve quickly,great for the wash, not on hands.

Also a little different to tablets the pod needs to be placed in the drum before the washing.

I put my wash on 30 degrees, to really put the pod through its paces.

The result, stain free clothes, all the other washing was clean,smells pretty good and the brightness test will have to wait for some new clothes to trial, an even better result as I can legitimately go shopping for test pieces!!

Available at all supermarkets and the RRP is  £7.00 (for 19 washes

Disclosure I received the Ariel Pods for free,I received no other payment, my views are my own.


  1. Ooh I definitely need something like this! Don't think my usual products are quite cutting it recently x

    1. I love it,great not to have to check the washing. Just removed tea stains from a tea towel that had previously not come clean.

  2. I am looking forward to these coming out xx
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Stained cloths and tea-towels are definately a bug-bear of mine. Will give these a try.

    1. I hate them, I was boil washing white tea towels,this will be a real time saver!

  4. I do prefer gentler choices for clothes, as my family have sensitive skins, but tea towels etc really do need something heavy duy - I hate pegging them out for all to see if they are still stained lol.

  5. LOL saw this in Sainsburys yesterday and thought of you! You should get commission Jo as I bought three packs! I even told the checkout assistant that I had read a great review on a blog!

  6. I've just spent ages putting stain remover on loads of things. I'm definitely going to give this a try.