Monday, 2 September 2013

ipulse SmoothSkin Permanent Hair Reduction

Hair removal makes me want to scream (please note for the photo above,the part of Jo was played by an actress)

The average woman will spend 72 days in their life time shaving their legs, I read that this week and I feel I have been above that average.

I have to shave my legs every day, summer as most do, but spring,autumn and winter!!!!! Yes its an affliction.

 Winter is the time whichbugs me most,the time when all my friends are crowing. 'Oh I go au naturel! Nobody can see my hairy legs under socks and trousers!'

If I don't shave I get itchy, it doesn't pass ever and I end up clawing my legs, come spring and people are starting that ritual called 'beach ready legs'  I'm still covering up as I have lots of scratches and spots to hide!! 

Oh and  don't even get me started on hair that seems to flourish in parts I'm sure its not supposed to be, 

I will happily embarrass myself and put off some younger readers,but after childbirth the hair seems to go into overdrive, Facial hair that would look better on the hubby, bikini line make that bermuda shorts line!! OK I am over exaggerating but its still a pain!

So when I discovered ipulse SmoothSkin had brought out a new even safer process for permanent hair reduction  I had to find out more. I have followed them on Facebook for a few years,one of the first pages I liked in fact,so great is my need to remove hair.

 I went to check out their recent webinar. It was a chance to see the new home IPL in action.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, according to my research on the internet its a technology used by beauty studios, home users  to perform various skin treatments including hair removal.

Professor Marc Clement, the founder of ipulse technology chatted at length about the SmoothSkin and how it works. Anita Clarkson, a clinical specialist, demonstrating the new SmoothSkin. At the end of the webinar we were able to ask questions.

Some questions and answers were technical, they need to be its a technical procedure,but its also simplistic to carry out for people like me.

After the session I was asked if I would like to try it out.....erm let me think about that....YES!!

The procedure in a salon over 6 to 12 months can cost between £1,000 and £2,000. I looked it up last year.The average women in the UK spends a staggering £3,618 removing hair over a lifetime.

This system is a lot cheaper now, it costs £299 RRP now that is cheap, seriously its available from Boots, I would seriously ask for this as a Christmas gift, way better than a PS4 etc.If I was at the start of my hair removal and  shaving life,think ofall that time saved too!

Plus at the moment its £249 and there is a 10% off on electricals right now!

Now this will be an ongoing review as its not zap it and the hair is gone. I can expect noticeable hair reduction after four treatments, its recommended to treat for 12 weeks.

So my first task was to thoroughly read the manual. Here are some facts.

Safe and easy to use
-Automatic power setting selects the appropriate setting for your skin tone
-Activator gel soothes skin
Now for darker skin tones
-Including skin tones 1 – 5.
-Skin tone sensor provides customised skin tone reading
For use on body and face
-SmoothSkin can be used to remove unwanted facial hair too.
-Including face, cheek, jaw line, upper lip, neck and chin
-Switch between automatic and manual power to treat facial areas
The most powerful solution on the market
-Compared to alternative home IPL solutions SmoothSkin has the highest power output
-Highest levels of energy in a home use device - 10j per cm2
-Activator Gel ensures energy is transferred in a controlled and effective manner
Includes 100,000 shots
-Based on the recommended regime that represents a lifetime of use.
-No downtime, cartridge replacements or recharging required

Check for my skin tone and do a test patch wait 48 hours and then not treat that area for a week.

I will feature that next and let you know if its pain free.

Please ask questions as I can let you know as I go.

Do you have problem hair,or want to remove hair anywhere, let me know I'm not alone?

 Disclosure I was given a free product. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. I'd be interested to see how pain free it is xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Will let you know shortly as I do my test patch today, it says pain free so I am hopeful.

  2. As someone who has yet to find a hair-removal tecnique I am really happy with I am really interested to see how this goes.

  3. Ooooh good luck! Would love to be hair free but Im stuck with plucking and shaving for the time being :( Looking forward to seeing how you get on!

  4. Good luck Jo! - hope it is not too painful! Must admit I am a bit of a woose when it comes to pain so if you score it above 5/10 I shall run!

  5. Glad it's for darker skin tones too. I'd definitely put it on a list to buy. I don't care as much as I did when I was younger but still do a bit.

  6. I think as we get older us women get like men, hair in all the wrong places! I hope it's pain free can't wait to read your follow up

  7. this is something I would be very interested to look into. Although, it's quite nice to sometimes go to the beauty salon & get de-haired and pampered.

  8. Good luck Jo - i must say that i'm a complete coward when it comes to these things, i'm really curious to read your opinions and comments in the follow up!